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Shellac Remover Wraps 100 Count

What is this product? Equally revolutionary is how gently and easily Shellac comes off. Shellac Remover Wraps feature an integrated cotton pad that limits fingers and skin exposure to acetone by keeping it pinpointed on just the nail. More info: Built-in adhesive tabs secure them perfectly in place every time. Don?t soak, file or drill. Just WRAP!

Key features

  • Custom-designed nail wraps promote fast, gentle removal of the Shellac UV Color Coat System
  • No more SOAK, just WRAP!

Honest reviews


Don’t waste your money.

While it is a neat concept, they don’t really work. Even after soaking the pad in pure acetone and wrapping them on my fingers (which is almost impossible to do yourself) the polish is still pretty much intact after 10 minutes. You would be better off just soaking your fingernails in a manicure bowl with acetone which works every time. Don’t waste your money on these wraps, as even the salon that I go to won’t use them.

Serena Wurtsboro, NY

Prefer these wraps over soaking

I tested these wraps by using them on one hand and soaking my other hand in a small bowl of acetone. After applying the 100% acetone to the pads on the wraps (no need to soak the entire wrap), I wrapped them on each finger and after ten minutes applied some pressure as I pulled them off and there was NOTHING left on my nails. I didn’t need to use the orange wood stick at all and ALL the polish was left in the wrap. My fingers weren’t pruny from the acetone and I had nothing to clean up but to toss the wraps in the trash. On my other hand I soaked for 10 minutes and still needed to push off some persistent pieces of polish with the orange wood stick, even needed to stick my finger back in the acetone. My finger tips were pruny at the end and I had a little mess of flaked polish to clean up. While both method’s work, I will continue to use the wraps since I find them to be more convienent, cleaner, better for my fingertips and it doesn’t waste as much acetone. Perhaps you can get the same result from foil and cotton but I just like the no muss, no fuss of these wraps.

Kate Penryn, PA

Less Mess

I read most of the reviews before deciding to purchase. However, it was taking way too long to remove my gel nails with the foil and cotton method. I have since found that I was applying my foundation layer too thick and that I did not need the ph layer. That being corrected, it takes less time to remove my polish.I have compared both methods and found the wraps to be worth the price. The wraps take less prep time. You just apply the remover and wrap the finger, no more aluminum foil and cotton cutting.A word to the wise, the longer your nails are, the harder the wraps are to apply. You will need to wrap the cotton part over the end of the nail as to ensure a proper seal. The tape should be over the cotton area as close to the end as possible. You ultimately want to make a cup at the end of your fingers. If you can see in the holes on the side of the nails your removal will take a lot longer.And do not forget to buff all the shine off of you gelish top coat!

Anna Grampian, PA

Waste of money

These were very hard to use. They did not stay in place well and my shellac took much longer to remove than when I used some aluminum foil and part of a piece of cotton ball.

Jocelyn Fullerton, LA


These were more of a hassle for me than a benefit. Glad I tried them, but will likely go back to old fashioned soaking the nail the next.

Maureen Warm Springs, OR


Work well but difficult to manage when you are doing this on your own nails. Acetone soaked cotton wrapped in aluminum foil works just as well.

Fern Kanarraville, UT

Good product

These wraps do work well for removing gel polish. But to be honest, they are not the easiest to use on yourself. I have started doing gel polish for myself. I find that trying to apply these wraps with one hand is a bit awkward. Would work better in a salon setting with someone else applying.

Erin Zolfo Springs, FL

Not for small fingers.

Since I was new to the Shellac process I wanted to have all the little things to make doing my nails at home easier and help them look professionally done. Although there are mixed reviews I decided to try these just to see. They are well made and the idea is great if it worked. I really think if they came in different sizes that would make it more practical. They have to be saturated with acetone which isn’t a problem and then placed on your nails. The problem I had was that they are HUGE on my nails. The portion of the wrap that is the pad is as large as my entire first knuckle. The ends do not wrap around tight enough to hold it on my finger due to the bulkiness of the pad and the excess ends. I am not a petite person and have average size nails but these were totally too big for my fingers.

Aida Enid, MS

Great product

.makes removing the gel shellac easy. Wish they were alittle less expensive. Why do I have to use so many words just to tell you I love it?

Sonia Ball, LA

These Wraps Are Easy To Use

I use these remover wraps, to remove CND Shellac Power Polish from my nails. I find them easy to use, and they do an excellent job of removing the shellac polish, without damaging my nail. You soak the remover pad with acetone, then wrap it on your nail, and leave it on for 10 minutes. You can see how to use the wraps, by watching the following YouTube video: […]It takes a bit of practice, to wrap the nails on both hands, at the same time. You can start by wrapping one hand, soaking off the shellac, and removing the wraps. Then start over, and do the same thing on your other hand. This is easier to do, but it takes longer. If you practice doing each hand by itself, you will be able to wrap both hands at once, in no time.

Dona Rushville, PA

Difficult to Use Yourself – Tips For Foil Method

I find that the CND nail wraps are very difficult to get on when doing my own nails, though they’re great when working on someone else. There are a number of comments here about how bad for your skin the cotton ball and foil method is and how difficult it is to use the foil. Here are some tips to alleviate any problems you might have.1) Use small pieces of foil.-Tear off several 5 inch pieces of foil from the roll.-Cut them in four equal pieces so you have 5″x3″ foil pieces.*Use a Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter to cut the foil – works great!*If you have very long nails, you may more than 3 inches, so cut the foil in two or three pieces instead of four.2) Use small cotton balls.-Buy small to medium sized cotton balls and tear them in half or thirds.3) Use a small amount of acetone.-Dampen the cotton ball, don’t soak it.*Invest in one of those pump top nail polish remover bottles – it makes getting the right amount of acetone on the cotton ball much easier.Place one of the 3″x5″ foil pieces on the working surface. Dampen the cotton ball and place on the nail. Place finger near the middle of the foil strip, nail down, and press lightly to keep the cotton ball in place. Wrap one side of foil around your finger and tuck it under your finger to keep it snug. Wrap the other side of the foil around tightly, squeeze the bottom to the base of your finger, twist the top and bend it over to hold the foil in place. Start your 10 minute timer, and continue on with the rest of your nails!

Leonor Ames, IA

Hate foil, love these!

To all of those out there that are assuming these come pre-soaked with acetone, THEY DON’T. You need to get your own acetone to soak the cotton pads on these which is no big deal since it’s so cheap to buy anyways.Lets start with the pro’s: Very easy to use for fingers and toes, concentrates the acetone on the nail not the surrounding skin, lets your fingers breathe while wrapped which decreases the “hot” feeling foil wrapping cause, quick to apply (all 10 fingers in less than 3 minutes), doesn’t leave fuzz behind like using cotton balls will, and allows you to still pick things up and do basic things without having to worry about the wraps coming off.Here are a few cons: They are pricy (about $20 to do your nails 10x). Really that’s the only con I can think of.I really love these things. I hate using foil and cotton so these really work great for me.

Molly Soperton, GA

Works great!

Lining it up can be a bit tricky, but once you got it, its very effective and easy to use.

Minerva Kirklin, IN

remover wraps

Use this shellac weekly on my nails, love it. works great as I am allergic to acrylic and no problems with this product. Easy to use and works fast to wrap your nails.

Jeri Dillsboro, NC

The pads are good

The wraps are good quality but I don’t like that I have to use acetone with it because when I wrap my fingers with the acetone on the pads my skin around the nail is like on fire, all the 10 minutes! But I guess it’s the only way to remove the gel.

Reba Woodbine, KS

If You Have Gel at Home, Get These

My sisters-in-law are both beauticians, and they showed me this trick of using cotton balls soaked in acetone wrapped in foil around each nail. I tried that. It worked, but it took longer, was pretty messy for me, and was not worth the headache of saving money on these wraps.These are decent wraps. They’re not expensive, and they’re not messy. If you use gel at home, you can reuse them. (You obviously can’t do that in a shop.) Unlike a cotton ball, the pad you wet with acetone does not leave little cotton fiber strands all over your fingertips. Often, you need a minimal amount of nail scraping, and the Shellac comes off like well-stripped paint.I do my nails now so infrequently a 100 count bag will last over a year. If you don’t want to reuse them from application to application, you can do one hand at a time. Then, you only need five. Transfer the wraps to the respective fingers on the opposite hands, and when you’re done, you can trash them.

Celeste Stevenson Ranch, CA

Love these wraps

I would hate to do shellac without these wraps. Yes, they are not too cheap, but soaking is disgusting. These wraps work great. No smells ( the fumes of acetone are really bad for you long-term), acetone is only on your nails, not all over your hands as with soaking. It takes some getting used to putting them on if you are doing it on yourself ( like me), but I love them now.

Roxanne Rocky Ridge, OH

perfect for removing shellac

I really like the CND shellac wraps. I do my own shellac at home. It took a little practice to be able to wrap my fingers myself but they work great.

Shirley Esmond, ND

a little awkward to use

I find these hard to get on tight and once you have a few fingers done it really gets challenging. I doubt if I will get these again. Using a cotton ball and foil is just as good.

Angeline Clarkston, MI

The best

I love this product. I works great for me and I have not problem removing the shellac from my nails.

Justina Bargersville, IN


These are very convenient but in all honesty just using aluminum foil and cotton pads work just as well and are a lot cheaper.

Katelyn Pigeon, MI

Not so hot about these pads.

I knew when I was ordering them that they are coming w/o the acetone which was fine with me. The reason why I’m giving them 2 stars is b/c I find them very hard to put on your nails. The first 2-3 fingers are ok, but after that it is nearly impossible to do it by yourself. I love the shellac system, but am not so hot about these CND wraps. Will probably only use them when I have someone to help me put them on, otherwise I have to stick to cotton balls. So 2 stars for the fact that they are working if you have help, however I would not recommend them and I definitely wont buy them again!

Dessie North Hoosick, NY

No necessary.

If you are a manicurist and want to look professional, buy these.If you are doing your nails at home, don’t waste your money. Just buy one of those nail polish remover tubs with the sponge inside and soak a few nails at a time. Try putting these on all your nails at once by yourself – nearly impossible. They are only partially effective, leaving the corners of your nails virtually untouched by the acetone. Beside the aforementioned alternative, buy this tool to assist in removal of gel/shellac polishBody Toolz Cuticle PusherI will probably throw these things away when I can come to terms with wasting $21.19

Irma Loxley, AL

good idea but waste of money

I like how this will take off the CND shellac, but the product is big and bulky and to me a waste of money. A cotton ball and aluminum foil will do the same. But, if you don’t mind paying for it, it’s a great idea.

Janette Stonewall, OK

Easy to use, Well made, Hold up wonderful.

I personally think these are a wonderful asset to use in removing your shellac polish. I had very little problem using them, and had husband help me with my BaD hand. I highly recommend them, due to the less mess, and ease in getting off the polish. Just take some time, and really learn how to use them proper. All good things are worth the extra little few seconds to get the right effect. I think they are great for removing the shellac polish.

Louise Mohave Valley, AZ

difficult to use

I found them to be difficult to put on by myself, and it only took off about half the polish – probably in part because I was unable to apply them tightly enough on myself. I will probably have to have someone else apply them until the bag is gone, but will not be repurchasing.

Tracey Floris, IA

Effective and easy

I use these for Gelish removal and find that they work as quickly as the cotton ball and tin-foil method. It takes me 20-25 minutes of soaking to get the Gelish to remove easily and I do not file the shine off the top as I have found that it takes the same amount of time either way. For me the remover wraps stay on my fingers more securely so that I can perform light activities (i.e. use the remote of the TV) while soaking both hands.Others have complained of several things:- they do not hold enough remover – I have not found this to be a problem.- they are difficult to put on – the pointer finger and thumbs are the trickiest but I am able to put them on all of my fingers myself and with about the same difficulty as foil. I put them on starting with both pinkies, then both ring fingers, both middle fingers, then the thumbs and then the pointer fingers – this allows me to preserve the most dexterity.- they are expensive – to me they are worth it but obviously are a lot more expensive than cotton balls and foil.I do not like to remove gelish without these and will continue to buy them as long as I use gel polish.

Lou Leeton, MO

Too hard to put on and dont fit securely

Dont bother with these remover wraps because they are far to difficult to get a snug fit on them therefore they do not make contact with the nail well enough to do a good job removing the gel. I even tried putting them on and then wrapping my nails with masking tape. I will be replacing them with the kind that have the stretchy sticky bandage wrap similar to the ones OPI sells. Those work much better, particularly when used with plastic gloves. As a further tip, someone suggested roughing up the gel nail before soaking to allow more of the remover to soak in. That seems to make sense and I will try that next time. Good luck.

Jerry Oneida, KY