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SheerTan Starter Set Sunless Tanning Wand and CLEAR Tanning Spray – Self-Tanning at home for your perfect indoor tan

SheerTan presents our Updated CLEAR formula spray tan. This formula sprays on Clear, dries super fast and is much darker than our previous tanner. We are thrilled with the results! SheerTan Extended Length Wand allows just enough length to reach over your shoulder, around your torso and down the back of the legs to solve that nagging problem! Simply insert the aerosol into the wand and you are ready to spray. The perfect tan is now within your reach! Our aerosol is dispensed with compressed air so our can weighs less (4.5 oz). SheerTan doesn’t have the weight of liquid chemical propellants mixed with the tanning solution like most. The solution is bagged inside the can so you dispense solution only. This eliminates skipping and the possibility of dispensing more propellant than tanning solution. Our tanning coverage is the same as 5-plus oz cans. We all should be aware of the UV dangers of extended exposure to the sun’s rays. This increases skin cancer risks and premature ageing of the skin. With SheerTan, you can have an awesome tan without the sun. Our CLEAR formula helps eliminate staining on sheets and towels. SheerTan does not protect against sunburn.

Key features

  • Spray on Tanning – When and Where YOU want. Tan in the privacy of your home without the help of a second person
  • Our Ultra-soft airbrush continuous mist sprays at any angle and you can tan ANYWHERE, ANYTIME – it folds for compact travel.Spray on Tanning – When and Where YOU want. Tan in the privacy of your home without the help of a second person
  • Relax knowing SheerTan uses compressed air as its only propellant so you’re not breathing chemical propellants – environmentally for you and the atmosphere.
  • Target those hard-to-reach back body tanning areas with the extended length SheerTan Wand.

Honest reviews


Could not believe it worked this well!!!

I have tried everything on the market from FakeBake, St.Tropaz, jergens, copperton, xentan, you name it! I put this on and did NOT think it would work. It took hours to develop (as the directions said) but then BOOM…I get this natural looking tan. I am 43 and my husband said I look 25 WOW! It really gets every area you need to get and without the embarrassment of having to have someone see you bare! If you want a super dark tan, then one application will not do it. But if you want an even, natural looking tan, this is it!!! Make sure to apply the lotion afterwards, and do it with good ventilation. I wore a mask because the fumes were a little strong. Excellent product!!!

Miranda Point Reyes Station, CA

Best consumer tanning product on the market

I am very fair-skinned so it’s been especially tough trying to find sunless tanners that don’t streak — and no lie, I’ve tried just about every sunless tanner product on the market — from the drugstore tubes to the super-pricey bottles from the Nordstrom cosmetic counter. SheerTan is far and away the best thing I’ve ever used. In fact, I got a professional airbrush tan a year ago and the results I got with SheerTan are just as nice — only for the price of one airbrush tan, you can buy this product and get multiple spray tans out of it — all you need to buy after the starter kit are refills.Lastly, (and this cannot be underestimated) their customer service is terrific (and no, I don’t work there). I had a question and they got back to me immediately with a comprehensive answer.Love it and completely recommend it!

Colleen Bathgate, ND

Good selftan.

I use selftan all the time and this time I was attracted by the wand. It`s really useful, I can finally apply selftan to my back without help or doing gymnastics. Here`s what I like:- the wand is awesome and easy to use,- the spray is great; very light and clear,- tan came out even and really natural (for more dramatic results I can reapply the next day), last long and fades gradually,- the fragrance is not overpowering, although next day in the morning I recognized this specific selftan smell (not strong, it`s shower time anyway).One can last about 4 full body applications.When I compare the whole experience to mystic tan SheerTan wins-it doesn`t smell, leaves clothes clean, not expensive, I don`t have to drive to tan salon.For airplane travelling, when I take carry on only I love Tan Towel Toweletts, another winner! For beautiful glow and instant results I love Lancome self bronzer Medium Colour Oil-Free Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion for Face (all Lancomes selftan products are great). For one application dark color, no strikes and smooth skin I adore L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gel Medium-Deep. Those my top products after few years of trying and searching.Overall I like SheerTan a lot, but I`m gonna also use other products, depends what results I need, how much time I have etc.

Regina Martinsburg, NY

not so great

for the price I must say it was a disappointment. The spray is definitely on the high end, you get just the average 4 times max, if that out of one bottle. The nozzle sprays inconcistently, you end up with some blotches.My first bottle was broken, the seller was really nice, she send a replacement product. but with that also was, oh we have a NEW version of it. The bottle looked the same etc. So I am not sure why I was send the old one to begin with?The new kind is similar to the Fake Bake spray you apply in the shower only. Wow super messy!The wand is useless unless you spray your back , and even then it puts it all at an aweward angle, you might as well just use the spray wihtout the wand.Also if you think of using any other kind of spray with the wand, unless the size fits and it is an aerosol spray can , it won’t workOverall this did not work for me, and I been using self tanners for 10 years, will go back to the fake bake spray (in the purple box) amazing product, not sure why I even looked elsewhere

Nora East Millsboro, PA

pretty good!

The wand is pretty nifty. I really like to use it on my face. I tried to do my whole body but won’t be trying that again.I will be ordering more of the product, it’s not sticky and as self tanners go, it not too stinky either.

Juliana Tonopah, AZ

Great, goof proof self tanner

I have used numerous self tanning products. My favorite has been the Fake Bake products until now! Sheer tan is wonderful. The spray is light, does not stain your bathroom or clothes, has little smell and the wand makes application super easy. The bottle of spray goes quick though! I got about 5 full-body applications from 1 can. I will be ordering more. Follow the directions closely. Be careful when spraying your feet, go very light or else you will look a little strange. Overall, a wonderful product that I would recommend!!

Dolly Demorest, GA