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Shea Touch – Revitalizing Face Cream

Our rich and refreshing moisturizer contains the purest Chadian Shea butter available, perfectly blended with other precious natural extracts to restore youthful glow, rejuvenate at the cellular level, and maintain moisture; all with a natural SPF. Shea Touch Facial Revitalizing Cream is free of PEG, paraben, carbomer, alcohol mineral oil, and silicones. Role of key ingredients in this product: Unrefined shea butter: Natural emollient, nourishing skin moisturizer, protector, and healer due to its high content in unsaponifiable fats and other fine natural compounds such as: phytosterols (called karitesterols – anti-inflammatory), alpha and beta amyrine (resin esters – anti-inflammatory), parkeol (helps cicatrisation), lupeol (germicidal effect), butyrospermol (UV protection) and multiple vitamins (A, D, E and F). Apricot Kernel Oil: This natural oil has a high content of vitamin A, which helps in slowing down skin aging. Cocoa butter: Natural emollient that contributes to moisture retention in the skin. Mango butter: Restores skin flexibility and reduces degeneration of skin cells. Vitamin E oil: Natural vitamin E oil is a well known antioxidant; it contributes to slowing down skin aging process, and protects skin against harmful effects of harsh sun rays. ***Packaging may vary***

Key features

  • Natural shea butter facial moisturizer
  • All natural face cream
  • Skin tone unifier
  • Skin smoother
  • With natural SPF

Honest reviews


“Iffy” packaging

The moisturizer itself is pretty much standard. Not too greasy or heavy, and quickly absorbed; actually requires more than one application. However, it came with absolutely ZERO anti-tamper/safety/freshness seals, the cream was all plastered to the lid, and it took a gigantic leap of faith to actually put my fingers into the cream and use it. For all I know, it could have been used by someone else before it got to my house. If this is the normal state for this product to be sold, I would not recommend it. But this is largely because of the packaging. Packaging doesn’t seem safe, and I won’t order again. The actual cream seems OK.

Sharon New Summerfield, TX

Creamy Revitalizing Facial Moisterizer with Shea

I have a lot of problems with chemicals, but at the same time my skin is now so dry and itchy! After my shower, I put a dab of this on my palm, then a pump of my oatmeal moisturizer, mix it together, then put it on my face, arms and shoulders; It is wonderfully creamy, and has a very mild pleasant fragrance. I also can’t tolerate anything that leaves a greasy residue on my skin or holds in the heat (which a lot of oils do!) This melts right into my skin and feels like I don’t have anything on my face; It moisturizes well, however since we have lately had unseasonably cold weather, I need to slather it on more than usual, whereas before I was washing/moisturizing my face 1x a day, after my shower, I am now applying throughout the day just before applying Burt’s Bees lip balm. I skipped putting it on my hands for one day, and now they are cracking and sore, so obviously it was doing a good job before and is helping them to heal now. I sure won’t skip it again!The container says it “contains the purest Chadian Shea butter available, perfectly blended with other precious natural extracts to restore youthful glow, rejuvenate at the cellular level, and maintain moisture; all with a natural SPF. Our Facial Revitalizing Cream is free of PEG, paraben, carboner, alcohol mineral oil and silicones.”Ingredients: Acqua (water), Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Vegetable glycerin, Prunus ameniaca (apricot kernal oil), Glyceryl stearate citrate (plant derived), Glyceryl stearate (plant derived), Glyceryl stearate SE(plant derived), Theobroma nucifera (cocoa butter), Mangifera indica (mango butter), xanthane gum, Natural frangrances (essential oils blend), Tocopherol (Vitamin E Oil), Phenoxyethonol, Chlophenesin, Capryly glycolEco-citizen – No Testing on animals – Fair – Made in USA” I’m not sure Fair what, since it just says Fair.

Denice North Chatham, MA

a really wonderful cream

Honestly, I couldn’t believe that no one else has reviewed this cream. I got it several weeks ago. Bought it to soothe my very dry skin. Have used it every morning and night since. It is great stuff! It is creamy and goes on so silky you won’t believe it. I first thought it wouldn’t sink into my skin over my other lotions. and creams I use, but it did, and made my skin so moisturized! I do exfoliate so maybe that helps it sink in, if you have dry skin, you would probably love it like I do. I have only used it on my face, but bet it would be great on any area like elbows, knees and hands!I will certainly buy it again when I get to the bottom of the jar. A little goes a very long way so it is economical too. can’t beat that in this day and age.Update: I can’t believe it has been almost two years since I ordered this cream. My hubby tried it a few weeks after I got it. He has very sensitive skin and when he is in the sun, as he is a lot, his skin gets very inflamed, I like that it has a natural spf in it. He loves this stuff, as much as I do. He uses it morning and night, I use it in the daytime when my skin feels very dry and at night on my face and elbows.I do see the package is changed, but hopefully the ingredients will be the same as when we got it two years ago. We are reordering it today, May 2012, because it is now almost all gone. We can’t believe how long it has lasted, like I said before a small amount goes a long way, just pat it into the skin, so it is well worth the price. His skin and mine drink it in. We hope this company keeps making it. Wish it came in a larger size.Love this stuff.

Jo Livonia, LA

Love it!

I love the scent of this moisturizer. I’ve been using this for a month now and I love how this made my skin smooth and pimple free.

Roberta Dow City, IA

Not for sensitive skin

This product is okay but if you have sensitive or oily skin, I do not recommend this. I use it on my hands, legs, feet, elbows and knees instead.

Ashleigh Vega Baja, PR

high quality ibgredients for the money

The ingredients are all natural and very high quality. The 3oz quantity is a lot compared to what you would get in a department store for the same quality. It adsorbs easily and makes my skin feel soft. great<

Lilly Bronson, TX

It’s ok

I got this lotion because it has a low toxicity rating on the EWG website. However, I do not like that it makes my face feel waxy after I put it on. Whenever I put my make up on over top of it, the make up did not spread around well and it appeared as if I was putting too much make up on. I stopped using this product and started using coconut oil instead, much better results with that. I’ll keep this stuff around and use it up, but I won’t be purchasing it again.

Cecilia Paulina, LA

Great Face Cream

Great natural moisturizer. I love that it its very rich and goes on great. There is a lot of product in the jar so it will last a long time. I love the ingredients used in this face cream, very natural and simple. This face cream overall is an excellent cream to use. This is a great face moisturizer to use everyday, a very nice product!

Dorothea Brant, NY