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Shea Terra Organics – Facial Spritz w/Ester C Moroccan Rose Water – 4 oz.

99.5% Natural. Give your collagen a natural workout with slow releasing Ester-C in anti-aging Moroccan Rose Water. Are you getting the full benefits of your vitamin C products? Once added to water vitamin C quickly degrades and instead of getting the benefits of vitamin C, you could be getting damage. Patented Ester-C is scientifically proven to slowly release into skin encouraging healthy collagen synthesis. In a fragrant water of pure Moroccan roses, this hydrating, anti-aging treat will improve your inner beauty as much as your outer one. Ingredients: Contains only: pure Moroccan rose water, Patented Ester-C, potassium sorbate

Key features

  • 99.5% Natural.
  • Patented Ester-C is scientifically proven to slowly release into skin encouraging healthy collagen synthesis.
  • Our mist immerses you in beautifully fragrant Moroccan rose water distilled from the best damask roses, to heal and tone while improving circulation.
  • Ester C stimulates cell renewal, promotes collagen, improves skin tone and elasticity, as well as lightens dark spots.
  • 4-oz. bottle

Honest reviews


came in glass container

I couldn’t wait to open it up, it was a bubble wrapped and came in an amazon box. The product itself sits in a glass bottle and to me only great products come in glass bottle. I sprayed a little on my neck, the smell wasn’t that impressive and since I just used it once I don’t know how well it’ll work yet. I just thought Id mention about the glass container.

Jana Antelope, OR

Fantastic Face Tightener/Lifter

This is my third Shea Terra purchase and I believe that hands-down, these are the best of the best in “natural/organic” skincare. I don’t know how or why the ingredients seem to be at a different level of “active”, but they are. You see results the first time you use them, and this product is no different. I’ve used topical C off and on for many years now, but this seems to be like those products on steroids. The lifting and tightening effect for me is almost immediate. It probably helps that I use the black soap products, but this is an extraordinary product. I use it right after I cleanse my skin morning and night, then let it dry, then apply my other products as usual. Instead of toner, I’d highly recommend this product. I like the smell…it is delicate and faint. The active ester C in the product is the icing on the cake. Try it ladies, especially if you are in your 40s, to jump start any other products you are using, and to tone and tighten your skin. I tried to grab my skin to test the elasticity (because my skin was that tight), and I could barely grab any…that’s how tight and lifted my skin had become after useage. Not in a dry, tight, way, but in a firm, lifted, “young skin” way. I don’t think you’d regret this purchase.

Natalia Water Valley, TX

amazing mist if u love roses

I do love roses, so when I spray my face and neck im smothered in rose petals. I also love the force of the spray…two sprays and my whole face and neck r covered. my face has started clearing up now that im using this instead of Aveda along with the black soap.

Faith Agua Dulce, TX

this unfortunately burns my skin normal rose water doesn’t so …

this unfortunately burns my skinnormal rose water doesn’tso it must be the ester c in it? not surebut it has worked for othersi have rosacea so fro those with rosacea be warned

Nona Williamsfield, OH

Great product

Started using this about 9months ago after reading reviews on amazon. This product has brightened my skin, helped with fine lines and smells wonderful. I use this along with other products for my skin I have discovered on amazon reviews. I’m 67 and I have people always commenting that I look much younger, can’t beat that when all I wanted was to brighten my skin and help dark age spots…it works. I bought 2 bottles this last time, I do not want to be without this product! Just spraying it on gives a person a breath of fresh air in the morning…I would buy for the fragrance and that outdoor feeling it eludes. I am allergic to long term rose fragrance, but this product is very light and I am able to tolerate it without a reaction. Watch the price, sometimes you can get a really good deal….Love AMAZON…Love this product.

Nettie Dadeville, AL

Fantastic toner

I have tried several Shea Tera products and haven’t been disappointed with any of them. They are gentle and effective!

John Oakton, VA

Great for my skin!

I was looking for a way to get Vitamin C delivered to my skin in liguid form. This not only makes my skin look healthy it soothes the dryness after I was with my acne soap. I get a healthy glow after spritzing this product. I would recommend to anyone who wants a facial mist with Vitamin C. I don’t enjoy the slight weird smell though but I cover it up with a moisturizer that eliminates the odor.

Margret Ballston Spa, NY

Great Hydrator

I have purchased this product several times. It smells wonderful and natural. It will not give you a headache. It is refreshing, cooling and hydrating to the skin. I have very dry skin so I love this product. Highly recommend.

Tasha Jackson, NE

Awesome product

I will never be without this product, helps to nourish the skin and smells like a rose. 5 STARS all the way!

Candice Bayonne, NJ