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Shea Terra Organics Cold Pressed Namibian Marula Oil, 2 oz

Shea Terra Organics Marula Oil – 2 oz. Lack lustre skin gets an anti-oxidant boost from wild harvested marula oil. Known to be one of the most oxidant stable oils in the world, marula oil is highly recommended to soften skin and balance moisture levels. Ideally used after a spritz of distillate water, daily usage plumps skin cells and drastically slows down damage to collagen. Growing wild throughout southern Africa, this emollient oil is collected from intoxicatingly sweet marula fruits. Craved by monkeys, elephants and humans alike, these fruits are often made into jams and juices. But as sweet as the fruit is, the real prize for many lies inside. The tough shell of marula’s seed protects the precious oil making those who can’t wait to indulge themselves work very hard for it. Each shell must be crushed by hand using a heavy rock. Once winnowed away, the seeds are sun dried while our Namibian collectors await transport of the seeds to the mill. Once pressed, this precious oil is flown off to Shea Terra Organics in its most desired virgin state. Description: 100% Pure, Natural & Virgin. Skin dying for a boost of anti-oxidants? Bring it back to life with one of the most anti-oxidant rich oils in the world. Put lustre into dull, dry skin while balancing oily skin. Apply to cuticles to get rid of cracking.

Key features

  • 100% pure & natural, nothing added, nothing taken away
  • It is cold pressed & virgin, offers more protection & healthy glow than refined marula
  • The original marula oil from Shea Terra since 2003
  • Absolutely no perfumes added, 100% anti-aging goodness
  • Flown in fresh from Namibia

Honest reviews


Cashew nut allergy beware!!

Bought this for my daughter’s eczema upon recommendation by a Sephora clerk. I tried the version they sell at Sephora and thought I better find a cheaper alternative.Applied all over dry patches as soon as this arrived – and immediately her skin became very itchy, red and broke out in hives all over. My daughter is severely allergic to cashew and turns out marula nut is from the same cashew family. My husband as Ted to get rid of any marula at home asap.Why didn’t she get the same reaction from the Sephora brand? It turns out not to be 100% marula oil but blended with essential oils. I’m gong back to argan!

Lucy Fairview, WY

Not sure

Not sure if this product is helping or not. Have to use it a little longer to see the effects on my skin.

Marcia Montesano, WA

Great Price. Good Product.

I’m a product junkie. I noticed a new product on one of my favorite websites, and just had to try it. However, it was $78 for less than 2-oz. plus it contained a perfumed essence. I decided to give this a try and am glad I did. It’s 100% natural marula oil. I use it on my face, hands and hair. It’s not too heavy, absorbs quickly. There’s no unpleasant odor. I apply it to my face at bedtime. When I wake up, my face is still soft and supple. Since it’s not greasy or shiny once absorbed, I sometimes use it in the morning as a moisturizer under my sunscreen. The order arrived in great shape within two days!

Melody Elgin, IA


Absorbs quickly. Doesn’t leave skin feeling sticky. Very moisturizing. I like it so far and it’s definitely a much better value than some of the other expensive brands, which are not even 100% marula oil. I’ve been trying out face oils and having some success with them. I have dry skin and don’t want to get wrinkly early!

Michael Kinsale, VA

Wonderful facial oil!

I use this every night under my moisturizer. It has helped my dry skin tremendously. I also use it on my hands during the winter months when my skin is at the absolute driest. One application at night and my skin is like new in the morning.This doesn’t have any real scent to it. I’m not sure how anyone could be put off by it…I’ve used other products that had overpowering scents. Compared to other expensive facial oils, this is a great deal, I love that it is 100% pure.

Ava Sparland, IL

Shea Terra Organics Marula Face & Body Oil

I was told Marula oil is a wonder, but I did not see much of a difference in my hair than Argain oil.For the face and body is probably comparable to shea butter, but way refined.I will add a bit to my moisturizer for longer effect.

Clarice Calpine, CA

Love this oil

Love this oil ..Made my face soft and supple plus softened my tiny fine lines im 63 and if your consistant with the product you will see a difference Use it faithfully before bed and the product just absorbs right into my skin. People have told me that they thought i was in my early 40S. So take that compliment to the bank.Even though i have an olive completion the oil itself is great ladies.But you have to use it daily before bed to get good results.Give it about 3-4 months.

Kristine Sycamore Valley, OH

An okay oil.

This is not a bad oil, or a good one. I don’t like it better than argon or almond oil, so will not buy again.

Miriam Mound City, MO