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Shea Terra Eau de Rose du Maroc Distillate Water 4 oz.

100% Natural. Leave your skin silky soft as you tone and hydrate with true rose water. Add to your favorite masks for added anti-aging benefits. Size: 4 oz. No where else in the world do damascene roses grow so fragantly sweet. In the sun drenched oasis valley of Kelaat M’Gouna, Morocco, millions of roses are turned into fragrant, soothing and anti-aging rose water. The water is so sweet smelling that just a sniff of the water makes you feel years younger. Imparting its silky feel to the skin, pure Moroccan Rose Water is an excellent choice for a hydrating toner after washing the face. During the day it can be spritzed on the skin to keep skin cool and hydrated. Add a little to a mask along with a little yogurt for a soothing mask that plumps up cells

Key features

  • No drying, damaging alcohol
  • No artificial fragrance
  • The real thing- many rose waters contain articial flavors (even when said to be natural) and are really for flavoring food, not for skin care
  • Leave your skin silky soft as you tone and hydrate with true rose water

Honest reviews


Great product, too expensive and too small

I liked this because it is natural, and it is very soothing. I know its imported so thats why its so expensive, but its not a product that I could buy as often as I would buy sea breeze.

Brenda Manlius, NY


I scoured the reviews of various rosewater toners for what might be the best one, and settled on this. Glad I did, because I’m quite happy with the results. I was using a toner by LUSH that I liked, but it was pretty expensive for a small size and I wanted a bit more moisturization. When I used Shea Terra’s rose water for the first time, I was a bit leery because of the strong rose fragrance. It is really potent! But I had read where another reviewer stated he bought it to use in eye drops for his his wife and, sure enough, it is very gentle and does not sting the eyes at all. I had never heard of rose water being used as an eye wash, but it works for that purpose beautifully – very soothing and cooling for dry eyes.As a toner, it is just what I was hoping it would be. After I’ve washed my face, it tones and preps my skin without stripping away moisture; indeed, it adds a soft veil of moisture to the surface of my skin and now my facial creams absorb even better. I use a variety of oils on my face, too – including rosehip oil. There is just something about rose oil and rose water that is very comforting and soothing to sensitive skin, and my face really does feel just like a rose petal.Another use I have found for this product is spraying it into my damp hair after washing. I don’t often use in-shower conditioner; just organic shampoo cake and, after towel drying, a few drops of argan oil rubbed well into my hair. I decided to spray some of this rose water on a few days ago to re-wet my hair because it had gotten too dry before blow-drying (it is not good for hair to let it air-dry too much before blow-drying). Not only did it impart a gorgeous fragrance to my hair, it seemed softer and more manageable as well. So if you have fine hair like mine and can’t use heavy conditioners, just try some of this with a few drops of argan oil!I am very glad to have this great multi-purpose health and beauty product at a reasonable cost.

Jodie Paul, ID

Broke my skin out

It actually does wonders for skin, makes it soft and smooth and keeps it clear BUT also gives me a lot of pimples after it clears it up. It doesn’t work for my hair, either. Makes my hair break off due to the water content which dries it out. I gave it to my sister who loves it for her acne.

Elise Buckatunna, MS

Amazing product as toner and to clear up skin

I had done a lot of research on different kind of facial toners and their benefits. I must say I love the products from the LUSH line, but I could not help but everytime I googled toners moroccan rose water came up, along with its benefits.So for the amazing price Amazon offers I felt I had nothing to loose. I now have this product for 4 days, and after cleansing my face I spritz about 3 x on a round cotton swipe and wipe it all over my skin, jarline and neck area.The first day I panicked, because I had also bought some rose hip oil which I put on (obviously a bit to much also) and in the morning I broke out, as the day continued it got worth. As soon as I got home I washed everything off, but for some reason I thought I would give this rose water another shot. And immediately it did sooth my skin and literally as I applied twice within a few hours, a little goes a long way!, my pimples that it seemed like wanted to form under my skin got smoother, the redness was gone. With another application the next morning under my make up and in the afternoon, the acne break out disappeared ! I was amazed.’I will definitely keep an extra stash with me throughout the day , so in case a break out happens I can control it right away.I know I found my favorite Toner for sure ( Like I said lush has wonderful products, the breath of fresh air ones smells really nicely, but it never contributed to clearing up my skin )As many reviewers state on different beauty products I am aware that Rose Hip Oil is a very good product with very good reviews, but for me and my skin it just did not seem to work.I now ordered argan oil instead and will see how this will go together with the morrocan rose waterand the trea tea oil shea butter soap I ordered (all from Amazon)Definitely do recommend giving the rose water from Moroccan a try if you have always been searching for a great toner. (For years I did not even use a toner, until I saw one day that even with a great soap, if you do wear make up , how much is left behind) Oh and even as the pic. does not show it, mine came with a spritzer/ pump.

Lacy Morton, IL

very light and refreshing

This is got to be one of the best skin toner to use, Im african american and I have sensitive combination skin, i use this when I wash my face at night and all my make up is off before i go to bed and then when i put my make up on in the morning so it gives my skin a natural look. Its light weight and makes your skin feel soft not tight and dried out. Its great to use. Ill see how it works in the summer. Would recommend

Marjorie Pickford, MI

Light and airy

Used this product as a toner. It has a very nice light smell (not overpowering at all)and feels like super soft water. Good product.

Roseann Ledyard, CT

lovely but use quickly

great toner and skin refresher, just remember it’s 100% natural with no preservatives…started to show signs of mold after a few months

Ginger Sonyea, NY

Best Rosewater Out There. Don’t Buy Any Other Brand!!!!!!!!

The fragrance is Heavenly. The effect is superb. And, I save up just to purchase this rose water 2 bottles at a time! Best rose water you will ever spend your money on and since it’s all natural, you can use one bottle for beauty and one bottle in the kitchen. Their orange blossom water is also amazing!

Rochelle East Ryegate, VT

Wonderful product

What an amazing product. I love the smell and makes my skin feel amazing.i also use it as a finishing spray after applying make up. It makes my skin dewey looking.

Kelsey Russell, KY

Gentle and Fragrant

First of all, I must say that I’m a huge fan of rose scented products, but I’m also picky about how the scent is executed. And this has the true rose scent. It’s not perfumey or overpowering, just exactly the fragrance of real roses. It’s soft and romantic and fresh.My bottle did not come with a spray cap, which was pretty disappointing. I might try to see if I can find one that fits the glass bottle, otherwise I will continue using cotton balls.This is extremely gentle and refreshing on the skin. Great for use…any time, really. It could be used after washing the face, or just as a pick-me-up for your skin after (or before) a long day. I don’t worry about it causing oiliness or blemishes on my face.I think if you refrigerated this it might be a nice soother for tired eyes.This is one of those products that you can buy even if you don’t REALLY need it. It would make a nice gift for any woman, and would be well-used as part of a home spa kit.

Lynne Calhan, CO


I totally agree with another reviewer…and I look forward to getting up in the morning or going to bed at night to wash my face!…(with a splash of warm water or organic facial oil if ive worn make up) then spray my face with this beautiful liquid. I also was never a rose scent lover but the fact that this rose water is soo good for my skin makes the scent wonderful. and im converted :)I was looking for an all natural toner and this is it!….yes its pricey, although its gone up a few dollars since I bought it, but I do have such a healthy glow after applying and i think its worth the luxury…buy it.

Shana Robards, KY

Great product

This smells great and works great – all natural too. Plus, the little bottle lasts a lot longer than expected.

Lenora East Greenville, PA

Smells Wonderful

I really love the rose water. I use it in my facial masks and on cotton balls for my tired eyes. Great product!

Carla Belle Rive, IL

Good product!

Good product!…….Shea Terra Organics Pure Moroccan Rose Water 4 oz…..can be added to other things…. I’d buy again and would recommend to others!~

Beatriz Spiritwood, ND

Great eyes relief

I bought this product after researching about home-made eye burning relief. The rose water works wonderfully. I like the relief I get. It is soothing and refreshing.

Justina Burbank, OK

Shea Terra Eau de Rose du Maroc Distillate Water 4 oz.

It was good and served it’s purpose in making vitamin C serum….It was a fair price and lasted a long time. I only use 1/4 teaspoon of powered asobic acid to 1 teaspoon of the rose water at each time I made it….

Michell Ceresco, NE

Excellent Eye Drops

After reading a review how good this and gentle this Rose Water was, I used it and love it and my husband too.

Cora Collinsville, OK


I love it for my face and hair. This is great stuff.

Arlene Wagontown, PA


So refreshing, pefect. I use it every morning and sometimes at night to refresh and hydrate my skin and put argan oil on over it. Pefect.

Roxanne Clinchco, VA

Pure Moroccan rose water

Smells so nice, I use it as a base for my face tonic and it works well. Very good for mature skin.

Lisa Dorrance, KS

Extremely Fragrant

This is really good quality rose water and I used it as a toner, to hydrate skin, and now during the hot sticky summer I use it as a spritz to cool myself down. I have sensitive skin that normally reacts negatively to many products but my skin drinks this one up. It gives my skin a nice dewy glow and texture.The bottle is made out of heavy glass. I decanted mine into a mini travel spritzer and a larger spritzer for home use and refilled as they ran low.The only con for me is that this product is extremely fragrant. I’ve used other brands of rosewater before and this one has the most pungent smell. It smells like rosewater for sure, but I felt bad using it in tight quarters, for example in an airplane to keep my skin hydrated. For this reason, I might look around for another brand, but if you like a strong smell, you would love this.

Louisa Hoehne, CO


I really like this. I like to use it on my clean face, it is very refreshing. I also mix it with Moroccan clay for a mask and it works great.

Agnes Saluda, VA

Simply the Best!

I have tried rose water from many different sources, the Shea Terra Organics is the best by far. It is so gentle you can even use it around your eyes. Smells heavenly and is delightful to use every morning and night. I LOVE this product! Would like to see it sold in a LARGE bottle.

Reyna Palo Cedro, CA

fresh and smell rose water

I really love this Moraccan Rose water. It smell like the realy rose, nature and fresh. I use them for mask twice a week and My skin looks like whiter than before.

Mamie Covel, WV

Lovely rose

A very nice organic rose hydrosol. Very reasonable price for organic. Spray it on your face or body and then use pure hyluronic acid to moisturize oily skin, without oil.

Willa Titusville, NJ


I was very excited about the rose water! I am using it as a toner and as a leave-in conditioner for my hair and it’s been working great! It’s soft, gentle and soothes my rosacea prone skin. The smell is quite lovely as well and I enjoy the scent lingering around in my hair all day. I’d definitely recommend it.

Erin Gouldsboro, PA

My favorite rose water

This is by far the best smelling, longest lasting scented rose water I have ever used. Plus it doesn’t contain anything other than rosewater which is a huge plus for me. A lot of rose waters claim to be rose water, but are typically just water with rose scent, or chemical scenting agents – this one actually delivers.

Rosanne Churubusco, NY

Love this Rose Water

I have only used this one for 3 days. I can see the difference already. I have combination skin, oily at T zone and dry on my cheeks. When I put BB cream on, I can see the dry skin flakes on my cheeks and it’s hard to even the cream out. I have been using this rose water only for 3 days, the dry skin flakes are gone, my skin looks so smooth.

Doreen Pleasant Valley, VA