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Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner 8oz by HalalEveryDay

Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner with Pro-Vitamin B-5 complex is essential in protecting all types of hair from stretching and breaking during combing.

Key features

  • Protects all hair types
  • Contains Pro-Vitamin B-5 complex

Honest reviews



The Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner is second to none! I applied this product to my wet hair, after a co-wash. My hair curled up like never before! My hair was soft, pliable and the smell was yummy. This leave in moisturizer will replace my Kinky Curly Knot Today! This is a staple product for sure. I HIGHLY recommend you at least TRY it! I can’t stop gazing at my pretty curly hair!

Sherry Woodbine, KS

thumbs down

I had high hopes for this as shea butter is so moisturizing, but it is so heavy it is unusable. Very disappointing.

Tanya Moran, TX

Great Moisturizer even for Relaxed Hair!

I was looking for a leave-in condish that was all natural, with shea butter & wasn’t greasy or oily. I have very fine type 4B hair that’s relaxed. This is one of the best leav-in moisturizers I’ve ever used! It’s very thick which I like and smells great! And best of all it doesn’t weigh my fine relaxed hair down. I use this as a daily moisturizer and I love it! Makes my hair soft & very moistuized. This works well for african american relaxed hair, I found this in my local beauty supply store & I brough 3 at once because like the others said, it can be hard to find in stores. Overally, great product & I would def recommend this product! 🙂

Anna Powells Point, NC

Best moisturizer for “Natural Hair”

After spending way to much money trying difference products and still ending up with hard dry hair, I stumbled upon this product on YouTube. It leaves my hair soooooooo soft, nothing else has even come close. I love it so much, I just ordered another bottle. It is well worth the price.

Rebecca Mound, MN

This product is a miss for me

I love Shea Moisture’s products, but I wasn’t impressed with this particular leave in conditioner. I usually use leave in conditioner after my shampoos, followed by a little shea butter and IC Fantasia Gel. I think of leave in conditioners imparting moisture and softness to my hair. Shea Moisture’s leave-in isn’t as moisturizing as I’d like. In fact, I can’t really tell the difference between using the shea butter/IC Fantasia Gel combination and this product.The only advantage maybe, to using the Shea Moisture combo is that you get most of the active ingredients found in the shea/IC Gel combo in one jar(glycerin –a humectant, shea butter, coca butter and aloe vera gel) in one jar, as opposed to using two separate ones. That in itself can be time and money-saving for some. And it does have a terrific smell!For my 4a/4b hair, I’ll still rely on Kinky Curly’s Knot Today for easy detangling and optimal softness (this product is not sold at I can immediately tell the difference when I put this leave in on my hair (and when it dries) compared to the Shea Moisture brand.I gave this product three stars instead of two for several reasons. First, the ingredients are still good. Second, for some, it might be convenient to get all ingredients in one. Third, I still like many Shea Moisture brand products. Just not this product. Won’t be purchasing again.Ingredients: Shea Butter, Deionized Water, Herbal Complex, Panthenol, Centromonium Chloride, Glycerin, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E.

Nettie Vincentown, NJ


I love Shea butter, however I am heart broken that this product did not work for me. Yes it did moisturize and detangled my curly thick hair, but at the price of having dandruff the next day. I really really wanted this product to work, but unforgivably my scalp was not having it. I have many other Shea butter items in my hair regime so I was completely surprised how I had so much dandruff with this product. (This has nothing to do with the item came perfectly fine.)

Kristin Hanceville, AL

Almost perfect but still a good product

I have been using this leave-in on my natural 4b/4c hair. I really like the texture and the smell. Also, I find that the ingredients work for my hair type. When I have used this product on my damp hair, it dried fuzzy and a little crisper than I liked and I had to add olive oil or camelia oil to reseal my ends. However, when I want to hydrate my tresses in the morning before work, this leave-in works great. So, I would recommend using it on dry hair or freshly spritzed hair as opposed to hair that has just been washed.It does not leave a film on the hair at all and absorbs pretty well. But, if you have extremely dry hair, like me, you will need to add something to it to get a moisturizing effect that lasts.I would totally recommend this product along with many of the other Shea Moisture products. I only knocked it down a star because it doesn’t seem to be thick or saturating enough for extremely dense or coarse hair after a thorough washing.

Young Machiasport, ME

Love this Product

I am glad that I can get this online as NO store in my area has this product. I have found other Shea Moisture products, but can never find this leave in conditioner.

Rosa Neola, WV

Just an okay LI to me!

After using other Shea Moisture products, I was excited to give this product a try. It’s not as moisturizing or provides enough slip that I would like to have in a leave in, but it does have really good natural ingredients. When I use this product, I will use just a little drop of a another leave-in conditioner with more slip (Curl Junkie Smoothing LI or Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Nectar) just so it’s easier to work through my hair. If you like a lot of slip from a leave in then this is not for you. The ingredients does give this LI a decent advantage so if you are truly sticking to all organic/vegan products then this may be the LI for you. Hope this helps!

Flossie Glasco, KS

Nothing special

There is nothing special about this conditioner. You might as well use mayonaise in your hair. This product is not necessary for anyone.

Glenda Malin, OR

This stuff is not the best, but it surely isn’t the worst

I have thick coily 3/4 AA hair.I use a nickel sized amount of this product on damp hair, smoothing it in well, then follow with a dab of coconut oil. Doing this gives instant shine/sheen to the hair, and I believe the dampness helps spread the product well. It seems to melt into my hair with no problems, no film, and no flakiness. The moisturizing properties of this, however, only lasts for 1-2 days at best. I currently alternate this leave in with another one I own, only because I’m trying to use them both up.It smells like bubble gum to me. It’s a pretty loud scent, too, which unfortunately is common of all Shea Moisture products and something I truly dislike about the line. It is thick and creamy, and the more you use it the more you have to shake the bottle to get it out. I don’t think that the bottle is practical for when you’re almost out of product. When it’s low I might have to dilute it with water in order to get the last bit out.This product works well for me for a day or two but in saying that, I don’t think it is a hair necessity for me. I also think it is overpriced and difficult to find. I can only buy it from the African shop locally or here on amazon for $10-12. Also, thick hair like myself has to use a lot of product, and since it doesn’t fully moisturize you have to use it more often, so one will run out of product fairly quickly. I think if it were priced $5-8 it would be much more worthwhile.For all of these reasons I give the product an overall 3/5.

Terra Elk Falls, KS

Probably just depends on hair type.

Honestly I don’t feel like this is a leave in conditioner with the residue and what not. It just doesn’t feel like an actual conditioner. It seems to make my hair somewhat softer but not much. I think it just depends on what type of hair your have and mine is 3c mixed with 4a I think.

Tamara Seneca, WI

A little too thick

The product itself is great, but the only problem is that the leave-in is really thick. The type of botte that it is in makes it very hard to squeeze out and it becomes a little time consuming. Other than that, the leave-in mositurizes well and locks in moisture for a long use.

Elena Isola, MS

Long time user

I started using this leave-in conditioner when I went natural a few years back. I really love how soft it makes my hair feel and my only complaint is the container it is in. The conditioner is thick and once you get near the bottom it is hard to get out. I have to cut the container and put the product in a jar to use all of it. Aside from that, this is an awesome conditioner for natural hair.

Manuela Prairie Grove, AR

Not for me

Made my hair feel worse leaving it in. Even with using the slightest amount. I didn’t care for the smell either.

Fay Randsburg, CA

One of my favorite hair products!

This is one of the only three things I use to help style my hair and I couldn’t imagine what I would do without it now. I have only been using it for a few months, but I couldn’t be happier that I discovered it. After years of subjecting my hair to damaging elements such as heat and hair color, my hair had breakage and was nearly as dry as a tumbleweed. With just one application per wash, this product has helped my hair get its luster and manageability back. I use it while my hair is wet and allow it to air dry. All I have to do is flat iron my hair once it is dry and it leaves my hair silky and super straight. No need for a blow dryer anymore! My hair is extremely healthy now and has grown thicker and longer in what seems to have been overnight! The smell is nice and it absorbs really well. One bottle lasts me a few months (3-4), but I like to stock up so I never run the risk of running out. Great product for anyone who wants beautiful, healthy hair.

Tasha Lake Placid, FL

Great product!

I’ve been using this product for a few days. Very thick compared to other squeeze bottle products. The aroma is delicious (for lack of a better term). My hair feels “sturdier” and seems to remain in place as in fewer if any “fly always” or stray hairs doing their own thing. I’m African American. My girlfriend is Chinese and loves this product as well. I actually returned to Amazon to order her a bottle. She has silky black waist length hair where I have short coarse hair yet we both are enjoying this product. I’ve used two other Shea Butter products before but this one seems to be of better quality. There may be others that are better suited for various hair types but eventually you have to decide which one is worth taking a chance on. This one is definitely worth a try. Due to the recent drop in temperature running the heat in my house dries out my scalp which then leads to itching. My hope is this product will help to keep my scalp “less dry” as well as my hair. Jury is still out on the scalp aspect.Due to the thickness I place this product one step below a paste one would normally find in a jar vs a squeeze bottle.If need be I may try heating the cream to make it less thick before applying.When nearing empty I plan to cut the bottle open to access the remaining cream that I imagine will not make its way to the squeeze port. However, submerging the bottle in hot water for a few minutes may also do the trick.If I remember to do so I’ll update this write up after I’ve used the product for a while.UPDATE -I use this product twice daily and I am ejoying the results. My hair feels softer than it has in the past and there is zero residue from this product. My scalp does still itch a little but no where nearly as bad as it normally itches during the winter months.UPDATE -Scalp no longer itches after prolonged use.UPDATE – 5/20/13This has become my favorite conditioner! I will keep my rating at 4 Stars only because I have not been exposed to enough variety to compare this product too. I have tried a few other conditioners before but not enough to claim this is the best one out there for the price. I think it is but I defer to those with more experience than myself.I now store the bottle either completely upside down or at least angled down toward the cap because of the thickness of the cream. Seems to work.

Heidi Grady, NM

Moisturizes my 4a hair

I have 4a natural hair and it has taken me months to find a leave in conditioner that would moisturize my hair without leaving it sticky. I can go a day or two without moisturizing. My hair is so soft. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that the product is hard to get out. You have to shake it real hard in order to get the product out.

Barbra Dowling, MI


I am not sure about this product. I read the great reviews and thought I would give it a try. I have used a few times and I do not like the results. I used just a small amount and my hair seems dirty or weighed down. Not really what I was looking for. I would not purchase this again.

Bernadette Windom, TX

This is great stuff

My hair is very curly – not Afro hair but as close as a white woman can get to Afro hair. It’s also dry, color-treated, frizzy, gray (without the color-treatment), so I’m in a constant battle to keep it moisture and under control. Very expensive hair, in other words. I can’t just walk into a drug store and buy the shelf stuff. Plus, I try to use as many products as possible without all the nasty chemicals and paraben and preservatives, etc. This meets all my criteria and works. It adds plenty of moisture. Those of you who don’t have my problem hair, tho, might not be as happy. It IS shea butter-based and if your hair tends toward oily or even normal, you will probably look like your hair’s greasy. My hair can absorb a LOT of moisture and never show greasiness.

Maude Benzonia, MI

great conditioner

i like the way this product feels on my natural hair, the order came really fast, I will order again.

Megan Freedom, CA

Great Moisturizer

I love Shea Moisture’s products. This product was a new addition to my SM collection and it defines the softness of my hair and curls at the same time. Very pleasant scent and it is not greasy and easily absorbs into my hair and scalp. I love it and will be purchasing more. I prefer leave-in creams better than liquids, and had been looking for a while for a good leave-in until I found SM Leave-Inc Conditioner! Perfect! Simply love it!

Bonita Trail, OR

my hair has not looked and felt this healthy in years!

I started a new hair regiment and in the past 2 months my hair is looking and feeling AMAZING. I give partial credit to my leave-in conditioner. Since I started using my hair feels so much softer and moisturized! Thanks to this product I can air dry my hair without it tangling up and over drying. I am rocking my twists, afros, and other natural styles like nobody’s business lol. This is what I want to use for my daughters’ hair when I have them.Update:1 year later and I am still in love with this product. Just ordered a bottle for my younger sister today 🙂

Virgie Mount Cory, OH

Read the reviews – I was hoping

It’s good, better than most, but it’s not going to replace my favorite. Earth Science, Deep Conditioning Masque for Hair, Olive & Avocado (and it’s inexpensive too)My hair story.My hair is really thick… I’m 55, so your hair gets courser as you age and I’ve got a lot of it. It also is long and wavy, I really have to tame it. (Irish bar wench hair). I have to wash my hair, ring it out and then put on the heaviest creamiest conditioner…then leave it on. While it’s drying, which takes for ever, I apply argon oil. Then and only then is my hair not a pouf ball.It would probably be to heavy for fine hair or a young person with more oils and hormones. Good luck.

Florine Union Star, KY


This Leave in Conditioner worked great on my curly hair and used all the time after washing and just put it in style and leave in it… smells good and I’m very satisfied with this product.

Maryann Greenport, NY

Didn’t really like this for my hair

A lot of people love this as a leave in, but it didn’t really do much for me. It seems to be too thick, and it seems like I have to use more than I would like.

Lorraine Villa Maria, PA

Need to order another bottle!

This is by far the best leave in conditioner that actually moisturizes my hair! I put this on right before bed when I twist up my hair and go to sleep on it. The next day it is still moisturized as well as through out the day! Very little is needed.

Therese Hedley, TX



Twila Murphy, NC



Katherine Napoleon, IN

Shea moisture leave in

I thought this product was a bit pricey but I suffer from dry hair so I was willing to try it. This is my first time trying a shea moisture product and I am pleased. My hair felt so soft after using this and it continues to work almost 2 months later. This leave in also smells good. I will continue to buy this product.

Janna Big Creek, MS