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Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative conditioner – 12 oz.

Shea Moisture’s leave-in or rinse out conditioner de-tangles, moisturizes, repairs and restores lifeless, damaged hair. Sea kelp’s trace minerals detoxify hair follicles of impurities and residue. Argan oil restores shine and rebuilds hair elasticity. Shea butter deeply moisturizes and repairs damage to hair and scalp. Cruelty free and made in the USA with certified organic ingredients.

Key features

  • Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner
  • One (1) 12 oz bottle
  • An extra-moisturizing conditioner that de-tangles and repairs dry, damaged, or over-processed hair.
  • Created with sea kelp, argan oil and raw, organic shea butter.
  • Heal, grow and strengthen your hair – naturally!

Honest reviews


Great Conditioner!

I used Shea Moistures Yucca Shampoo and Conditioner a few months back and found it to be so-so for my hair. After transitioning out of braids, I needed a shampoo and conditioner that felt soothing and not harsh on my sensitive scalp. I used the Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner and found it to be perfect for my hair. As the winter months progress, I dont really shampoo as often (therefore not using the Shea Butter Shampoo). I prefer to use only the Restorative Conditioner along with Kinky Curly’s condition detangler. Both products work wonders!!

Rosalie Denmark, SC

Nothing to Write Home About

This is the first product I tried in the Shea Moisture line. I am newly natural, but I used to have mid-back length relaxed hair and have used it on both natural and relaxed hair. I love most of the Shea Moisture products that I have tried, but I was not impressed with this one. This product can be used as both a rinse-out and leave-in conditioner. I tried it as a rinse-out conditioner first and it was horrible this way. I may as well have just rinsed my hair with water. Absolutely no slip or moisture. I had to follow up with another moisturizing conditioner. Before giving up on it, I tried it as a leave-in conditioner. It works best for me this way, though I was still underwhelmed by it. It did leave my natural hair feeling moisturized at first, but once it had time to settle, my hair felt slightly dry and there was still somewhat of a film left on the surface of my hair, which I do not like. There’s nothing like the feeling of dry hair with product film on it. It was just terrible on my relaxed hair. My hair did not feel moisturized. Instead, it felt both dry and icky.I bought this product last year at Target and there’s still a ton of it left. Currently, I use this only when I’ve run out of my staple leave-in, but it’s a decent replacement. It’s decent enough on my natural hair as a leave-in that I decided to keep it rather than throw it out or give it away; however, I will not be purchasing this again. I highly recommend Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Conditioning Milk, Deep Treatment Masque (many people hate it as a deep conditioner, but just as many seem to rave about it as a leave-in), and Thickening Growth Milk as leave-ins. I have used all of these products, but the Coconut & Hibiscus product is definitely my favorite. It actually absorbs into the hair and leaves it feeling soft and looking shiny!If you do choose to buy this product, please do not buy this product or any other Shea Moisture hair product for more than $9.99! I’m baffled that they’re being sold for so much more than this! This product and all other Shea Moisture products normally retail for $9.99, which is the manufacturer’s price. You can find them at Walgreeens and Target for $9.99.Ingredients: de-ionized water, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter)*, Argan oil, coconut oil*, Behentrimonium chloride, essential oil blend, vegetable glycerin, emulsifying wax, sea kelp extract, Panthenol (vitamin B-5), avocado oil, Lonicera Caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower and Lonicera Japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) flower extract, Tocopherol (vitamin E) and Daucus Carota Sativa (carrot) seed oil. *Denotes certified organic ingredients.

Leticia Okolona, OH

Great for African American Hair

I’m an african american female with thick, relaxed hair. I have been using this shampoo for a couple of months and I have been fairly pleased with the results. It’s VERY thick, so one or two pumps should be more than enough. It smells amazing and light and coats and cling to my hair, root to tip. While I normally rinse it out all out, the last time I washed my hair I used it as a leave in conditioner. Be fair warned, if you leave it in as a conditioner it stays on thick in your hair, and it takes a longer time to blow dry. I find that that once I’m done drying, my hair is very soft, and bouncy. It doesn’t make your hair shiny at all, however. That would be my only complaint. I always have to add a few drops of olive oil to bring the shine back.I love the fact that this conditioner only boasts natural ingredients, is sulfate free, and has argon oil in it among other things. It’s pricey, but it will last a long time so it’s worth the investment.

Lorene Boron, CA

Conditioner wonderful

I use this product in a spray mist for my 4b hair and it is wonderful. My hair is moisturized throughout the day. I love it!

Wilma Boulevard, CA

I like this better as a leave in conditioner than a rinse out conditioner

I have natural 4a/b/c hair type (if you are into the hair typing system) and my hair is forever dry. I first used this as a rinse out conditioner and the results was so-so. I wouldn’t swear by it’s detangling properties but then again my hair gets tangled when I shampoo because I am careless and in a rush when shampooing my scalp. It does leave my hair moisturized and soft, so that is its redeeming qualities. I noticed on the bottle that you can use this as a leave-in. The next time I used this, I used it on damp hair that was fresh from a shampoo. One squirt is enough for my hair hair, any more and it is just going to waste. With one pump, emulsify it in your hand so it would be easier to spread. After my hair is dried, my hair was pretty soft and had some sheen to it. I would suggest to trying it. I hope Shea Moisture never alters the ingredients.

Dorothy Greenford, OH

Shea Moisture Conditioner

This product is really good for curly hair. I used it as a wash out conditioner and about a dime size amount for leave in. It made my hair really soft and it smells really good like vanilla cake frosting. I like that it has all natural ingredients and that the creator of the product supports other women working in other countries. My hair is curly and I am not sure what category it falls into as I am caucasion but it has a texture that is dry normally and gets frizzy without a gel or mousse. It has curls that are S shaped and grows in straight but curls on the ends. It is not thick but medium (between fine and thick). I also color my hair but don’t use a blow dryer or any appliances on my hair I just let it air dry after I wash it. I think this is the best product I have used of all the ones I have reviewed or purchased thus far. If you are protein sensitive (your hair gets dry with protein like mine) this product doesn’t have protein either. Also, the price of it doesn’t break the bank too and you can get it on Amazon or at the local drugstore (Walgreens and CVS have it). The ingredients in this product are all natural too as I am trying to stay away from all the silicones, sulfates and other bad things for your hair and skin. I also have a very sensitive scalp and this product hasn’t irritated it.

Hilary Langley, AR

Shea Moisture Raw Shea, good as a leave in conditioner

Ok let me preface this by saying I have 4a-4b hair. I hate that this product doesn’t have instructions on the bottle so you’re left fumbling around to find a routine that this works best for. I tried using it as deep conditioner but it did nothing for my hair as a deep conditioner. So the second time I used it put it in my hair as a leave in, to moisture a week old double strand twist set that I had. NOW NOW NOW… I’d finally found my dream leave in moisturizer. I’d previously tried the Carol’s Daughter hair milk, which did nothing for my hair. This stuff is so much better.

Francesca Ashford, WV

Definitely NOT a wash out conditioner, but I love it!

I’ve been using this product for months (I have short, fine, natural african american hair). I spied it at the store and the fact that it is supposed to be all natural seemed great.Initially, the first day I used it I HATED the smell. Imagine a person who has used way too much perfume. I used it again though and over time got used to the smell.My hair is thicker and growing much more in my opinion. I use this when I am styling my hair (twists) or when I just need to moisturize it. I recommend squirting it into your hand and rubbing it around first so it’s not just a big white glob.I never wash this out when I use it. I use it like a daily moisturizer and my hair feels great. It’s still dry (which is the nature of most people’s natural black hair), but it’s growing and getting better!

Sofia Newhall, IA


I have type “2C” frizzy, highly porous hair that has begun thinning. I’ve done ALOT of research – hopefully it helps you too.After shampooing with Shea moisture shampoo my hair IMMEDIATELY felt thicker, even in the shower! It was CRAZY! I then conditioned with this product and it appeared to do the trick right away, I could tell it was really moisturizing! My hair felt different as I rinsed it, not as “coated” – so I was a bit worried. BUT THERE WAS NO NEED TO WORRY —->BECAUSEWhen I took the towel off of my head I noticed that my curls were SPIRALING like crazy, like they haven’t done in a LONG LONG TIME!!! Don’t know if it was from the ‘poo or conditioner, but something/or combo of both work GREAT. (BTW – I never never rub with the towel, only pat – helps avoid frizz.)I cannot believe my hair is shiny again, and looks healthy after just ONE USE of these products! I can’t wait to try again. I will review the “milk” leave in as well. I’m very excited about these products :)Enjoy and God bless 🙂

Crystal Ferdinand, ID


This has a bit of a perfume smell but it’s not bad. It is also in the low toxic range. You can use a ton of the stuff without any buildup or greasy feeling. After the hair dries it feels a little on the dry side.

Anita El Prado, NM

Ok, but I am not buying it again

I have 4b or as some might call it nappy or very kinky hair and unfortunately this product did nothing for me. It left a residue on my hands and hair. The smell is bland which I don’t mind. I had high hopes for this product but in the trash it goes. This organic trend is for the birds.

Jerry Portal, GA

Not good on my first use

I’ve been into the transitioning stage for about five and a half months now. My hair’s been relaxed for over 20 years so I forgot what grade my natural hair was. All I remember is that it was thick and highly nappy. Since my transitioning I’ve been trying to find natural ingredients for my hair such as shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers are concerned. Shea butter is on every transitioning person’s list and I tried it and my hair’s not there yet so I’m still experimenting. I have the curly & shine kit and wasn’t digging the shampoo. The mist is awesome. I figured I need something else. My hair has taken well to the transitioning but it’s a bit damaged around my edges so I tried the moisture retention shampoo. I can’t tell if it did anything. This restorative conditioner is awesome as far as detangling my new growth which is naturally curly. I decided to leave the conditioner in and boy is my hair dry as a broom! The scent is nauseating and strong. It’s got a waxy feel to it and my hair is NOT soft or shiny. It’s dry and dull. I had to resort to using my homemade moisturizing spritz that’s not holding up because of this leave in conditioner. Next time when I wash my hair I will be rinsing this stuff out and going to my hibiscus mist and homemade moisturizing spray because this conditioner so far, is a no go for my first time use.

Cecilia Shartlesville, PA

Soft hair after the rinse out

Ok- so I was happy with this conditioner after I rinsed my hair in that it was still soft– however, I didn’t put anything on my hair afterward and let it air dry to see what the consistency would be like. Well it remained soft and tangle free but boy was it dry and fly away at the roots (the relaxed ends looked silky and great but the roots and new growth–not so much) I kind of expected more. I later applied the Shea Moisture Hair Elixir Restorative oil and while it made my hair look a little better–it didn’t restore it enough for me.

Janell Cameron, WV

Good for…everything!

I really really love this conditioner. I have coarse 4b/4c hair and have a hard time keeping it moisturized. I discovered this hair care line after reading a natural hair care book. And, I am so grateful I found it. This conditioner is pretty thick and has all natural ingredients. There are no parabens, no silicones, and plenty of natural oils to help nurse hair back to health or maintain a healthy hair care regimen.I have started using it as a leave-in and a styling agent. My hair loves it! I would definitely recommend it for those who want to lose the chemicals, get back to basics, and purchase high quality items.In terms of getting a deal, I would recommend keeping an eye on sales at Walgreen’s and Target. They often have buy one, get one free deals. This price is a joke. Target always has this product for $10 or less.

Yvette Desdemona, TX


All I can say is wow, as soon as I opened the conditioner bottle I was instantly hooked, it smells soooooo good! Being that this conditioner is $9.99 at Walgreens I will purchasing it from there from now on. Also since its a more pricey conditioner I plan to only use it for deep conditioning treatments on my dry 3b hair.

Aida Fishing Creek, MD

I LOVE this conditioner!

I have natural type 4 hair and I have to say that I absolutely love this product as a conditioner, and I usually leave some in my hair purposely. It is rich, moisturizing, and it smells great. Also, it is NOT pricey–you can buy it at Target or Walgreens for $9.99, and I love that it is all natural. I am a bigger fan of this conditioner than the shampoo in this line.Highly recommend!

Lindsay Norman Park, GA

My Go-To Leave In Conditioner

I use this on my 4b/4c hair as a LIC. I never rinse it out. For my WashNGo, I use the shampoo of the same flavor, slather this on, detangle and the slap on some Eco Styler. This is a no fail style for me during the week. I often have folks stop and ask “What do you use on your hair?” Well this is it! 🙂

Kasey Fortine, MT

Great leave in conditioner

I love the shea butter shampoo so when they came out with the conditioner, I got excited….didn’t last. It left my hair feeling so bleh, it didn’t feel moisturized, had very little slip and I had to use more than necessary to coat my thick hair. I do enjoy the thickness of the conditioner and the smell lingered on my hair strands but other than that, I felt I had a dud on my hands. Until I read here it works good as a leave in. The next week I applied this as a base for my twists, I also used their curling souffle, and it worked so much better. A week later, my hair is moisturized, soft, with a natural shine to it. As a leave in, this works just as good as Giovanni direct leave in which I love. I will try it a few more times to see if I can justify buying it over again since I can buy 2 giovanni bottles for the same cost. FYI, this only costs $9.99 in target and walgreens 😉

Belinda Evansville, AR

Excellent leave in conditioner!!

Best for use on my 3b hair texture after co washing. It moisturizes and smells great without weighing the hair down.This is my go to leave in now that i have retired Cantu’s disappointing leave in conditioners. But buy this from Walmart where its only like 9 bucks.

Pauline Ramsey, IL

Great All over conditioner

I loved this product! At first I was hesitate but after a few uses I fell completely in love. My hair is relaxed, usually dry, colored, thick, and it’s hard to keep moisture. Humidity completely turns my hair into mini afro-puffs. Whenever my hair gets frizzy from humidity or sweat, I use this as a leave-in conditioner on dry hair, and my hair becomes soft, smooth, and moisturized. It’s a light product, and a little goes a long way especially when combined with water. It can also be used as a conditioning lotion or a regular conditioner after shampoo. After use my hair feels fantastic and as a natural product I know it’s not killing my hair with harsh chemicals.

Chris Fentress, TX

this is what i use daily

omg I love this stuff and i can not live without it, i use it daily in my gym’s steam room and after ( just a little) and it does wonders for my hair

Amanda Highwood, IL

One of the best conditioners I’ve Used

I’ve used many different conditioners from many different product lines over the years, and this conditioner is one of the best I’ve used. I like the fact that it is a multi-use conditioner, i.e. it can be used as a rinse-out, as a mild deep conditioner, and as a leave-in. The moisturizing properties are long-lasting, and it detangles my hair effectively. The only thing that I don’t particularly like it that the shampoo has, at least to me, a rather strong scent, which is why I gave it four stars. But, it doesn’t make the product unbearable for me. Unfortunately, not all Target department stores carry the Shea Moisture line – at least, the one near where I reside doesn’t. I would much prefer purchasing this product on-the-ground, but I am glad that I can purchase it through

Beverly Chandler Heights, AZ

A Holy Grail Conditioner

This was one of the first conditioners I picked up when I was starting my natural journey back in 2013. I bought it at Target for $10 and attempted to use it first as a rinse out conditioner. It didn’t provide nearly enough slip, left my hair feeling tangled and rough in the shower and it was rather thick and heavy, so I left it in the ‘reject pile’ and went on my merry way. After a few months of using TreSemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture as a leave in, I decided I no longer liked the way it performed and left my hair feeling after a few months continual usage and decided to pick up the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner and try again using it as a leave-in.This was also around the time TreSemme decided to change their formula on the Naturals line and I could not find the original formula for Nourishing Moisture ANYWHERE. I didn’t want to risk having my hair perform beautifully with the Nourishing Moisture (which it was doing, I just didn’t like that it sometimes left my curls stiff after applying a styler) and then have to change products a few months down the road when I couldn’t find the OG Nourishing Moisture.I did not think this product would work as a leave in for me because it’s so thick. I have fine hair and I normally don’t like to work with heavy products. I was also worried because of the coconut oil high up on the ingredients list. As I have mentioned before, my type 3 and 4a curls hate coconut oil and it does not tolerate heavy products, ESPECIALLY not in my leave ins. I had to use the Restorative Conditioner several times to see how it actually performed in my hair, and it does that beautifully.I feel that this conditioner is nourishing, absorbs quickly and easily, and plays well with almost every styler I have used it with. My hair feels healthy and strong after I use this conditioner and it does not cause my hair to become greasy or weighed down or limp. I normally use two pumps-one for each section of hair. Though this may seem like quite a bit, I assure you it is not. A little bit of this product goes a LONG way and though I’ve had my bottle for a little over a year, I still have plenty left. Enough to see me through the remainder of this summer at least.And the coconut oil? My hair seems to ignore it in this conditioner. I’ve been using this since late last year and I wouldn’t trade this conditioner for anything.**Another thing: the conditioner pictured here is white in color, as are most of the bottles in Target where I purchase this. My original bottle has a slightly yellow-is cast but its the same product as I have checked the ingredients. I’m not sure why mine is yellow in color.**

Mayra Caruthers, CA

Not enough slip for me

Let me start off by saying I LOVE this line it saved my hair from dry brittle days, and i pray this company never discontinue or change their ingredients. okay on to the review:This product works great as a moisturizer but i feel i get the same amount of moister from the shampoo. The most important feature i look for in a conditioner is its slip because i have thick 4a natural hair and when wash days come around I want to get all the shedding hair and tangles out easily. This conditioner doesn’t do it for me. I have to add EVOO or EVCO to aid with the slip. I get better slip with the same moister with my suave humectant conditioner and the price is cut in more than half.believe it or not i continue to purchase this because i love the ingredients and product line so much i want to find another way to use this. I have read on other reviews that it works better as a leave in so i will try it and see how it works.

Sara Ritzville, WA

Better as a leave in

I have thick coily 3/4 AA hair. This stuff works just OK as moisturizing my damp hair as a leave in. It absolutely sucks as a rinse out conditioner though!The smell is loud, lingering, and artificial. This is unfortunately common of all Shea Moisture products and something I truly dislike about the line. I really can’t stand the SM yellow line’s scent.The texture is like watered down normal conditioner. It has no slip. It retails $9.99 at Target or similar stores. It really isn’t worth the price or time.

Ruby Housatonic, MA