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Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Soufflé!

Our all-natural coconut styling souffle with agave nectar & flax seed oil defines and promotes curls, with a soft, smooth after-feel. coconut and flax seed oils nourish and huydrate hair, seal the hair shaft to protect against exernal pollutants and assist natural oil retention. Our original natural humectant complex of agave nectar,coconut oil, glycerin and shea butter moisturizes,conditions and boosts shine without fizz.

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  • Shea Moisture gel

Honest reviews


Dont let the bad reviews steer you away!

…because I did and I’m sad I never gave this a chance until now. It works so much better than the eco-styler I’ve been using. The smell is lush and lingers on the hair for days, but it isn’t overpowering. Its a nice subtle coconut smell. When applying to the hair, you really need much less than you think, if it starts to feel sticky on your fingers, you’ve got too much. I just dip two of my fingers in and begin to twist my hair, one dip per twist is plenty. I also use a little bit to slick down the edges of my hair which works great btw. The first time I used this, my hair felt a little sticky and I thought I over did it, but when I allowed my hair to dry that feeling went away and I was left with soft, moisturized, lightweight hair that was shiny! My twists/curls were defined and had a soft hold. I have been able to get 4-5 day hair from this with the occasional frizzies but this blows eco-styler out of the water. Not to mention it has good things for my hair, agave, coconut oil, flax seed, a little bit of glycerin, shea butter and vitamin E just to name a few. Whenever I happen to run out, which might take a while, I plan on getting this again.

Latasha Boyne Falls, MI

Best moisturizer I have ever tried. THE BEST.

I bought this months ago at Target on a whim. I used it as directed, but it made my hair feel weird… not greasy or tacky… but there was a residue whenever I touched my hair… I started keeping my hair in braids then and stopped using it. One day I was braiding my hair and thought why not use it as a moisturizer and it worked very well… my hair didn’t shrink as rapidly and my hair felt healthier and fuller, smoother.. the last time I braided my hair I decided to try it on my scalp, and that was the best idea ever. I have been suffering from psoriasis for years now, and nothing short of using a medicated oil (suspended steroids, which will thin your hair with prolonged use) has ever given me sustained relief… my scalp always sheds huge brown flakes – so embarrassing.. this stuff actually coats my scalp and soothes it, the flakes just lift off and I don’t feel the rawness that I normally would… my scalp feels great! Not at all itchy! This stuff is a lifesaver, one tub will last you a LONG time – a little goes a long, long way… I really think SheaMoisture needs to start marketing this product as a moisturizer and not a styling gel…Anyway, after Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner, this is the best product I’ve tried on my hair. Love this stuff!!

Lola Sopchoppy, FL

Needs improvement!

I would love to give this product 5 stars but unfortunatly I can’t First of all like most reviewers say this product is way too slimy, greasy & leaves a sticky film on your hands when it dries (it actually never feels like it’s dry because hours after using this stuff your hair still feels sticky to the touch) I must admit this product gave me some of the shiniest waves & curls I could ever imagine……….. however i wound up going back to Walgreens for a refund because of the sticky gummy feel it leaves on your hair. I hope the MFG of this product reads these reviews because if they improved on this product it could rate 5 stars*****

Luann Devils Lake, ND


The Shea Moisture curl & style milk and curl enhancing smoothie did wonders for my hair, so I was hoping the souffle would be just as outstanding…it wasn’t. The first time I applied too much and it left my hair feeling stiff, crunchy and dry, dry, dry. It’s really sticky and goopy, so now I just rub my fingers on the surface of the gel rather than scooping it up. It does define my curls, but only if I can apply it in very small sections–this would be great for finger coils if you have the time. I use it to set my twists but make sure apply a butter over it to keep my hair soft. Also, there’s a lot of glycerin in this so do NOT use in the winter months! The ingredients are very high quality, but this product is clearly better suited to those with type 3 curls.

Janis Sharon, CT

I finally found out how to make this product work for me

I had this product for about six months. When I first used it, I was expecting it to be like a gel of some sort. Kind of like Kinky Curly Curling Custard (KCCC). It did not work like it at all. For starters, it is much more oily and a bit looser than KCCC. It is hard to explain but I had KCCC and while it was slimy, it didn’t leave oil trails. With this product, it was harder to gather in your hands and much more slippery. I applied it on damp and dry hair. It didn’t define curls as I hoped so I put it away in my closet, planning to give it away to a cousin of mine.While doing a yearly closet purge, I forgotten that I had this in my possession. I decided to use it again. After I did a conditioner washed, I applied a fairly generous amount combed my hair back into a ponytail and tied a scarf around my hair. My hair was defined but frizzy at the same time. So what I did was use some Eco Styler gel (that I am trying to use up) and applied it over my hair and tied my scarf around. It worked for me that way. My hair wasn’t left hard and I didn’t form any flakes when I did it this method. I was elated to find a use for it because I hate wasting product. I will use it up but I will doubt I will purchase again. There are too many products out there for me to try. I feel that this might work for someone with a looser and less porous hair than mine. I hope this helps someone. And please remember that your mileage may vary with any hair product.

Bethany Moore, MT

Great for 4c hair

I’m light-handed with all of my products and don’t like anything heavy in my hair at all, so this is a great product for me. It’s very light. I place a finger in it and the product is so light it almost feels like no product is on my hand, but it is. I apply it to each section of my hair then gently comb it through. It helps with detangling, as my hair tends to re-tangle as I style it. The product also helped to keep my hair elongated in twists, and did not have an offensive odor to it. I never used a gel-like product before due to the awful ingredients in most of them, but this product has lots of natural/good ingredients that I like using on my hair. It also provides a good hold for my hair without it being stiff and dry. Also, this product is only about 10 bucks in stores.

Nina Melvin, MI

Trying this on transitioning to natural twist out today

I have 4b 4c tight coily curly hair. I have tried twist outs in the past that didn’t last more than a day due to frizzing. Last time I tried was 7 months into transition. Now I am 10 months in and have learned more about my hair. I am using this on top of my homemade Shea butter mixture that I found on YouTube. Hoping that together these two will define my twists properly and it will last longer. Will come back with full results and review. One thing I noticed was that this does elongate and stretch curls very nicely and helps keep hair detangled. My hair tangles very quickly once I let go of it after comb out. More later.Ok….I slathered a lot of this product on so it took a very long time to dry. Wasn’t completely dry when I took it down so for this reason I won’t use as much next time. This defines very very well. The natural part of my hair was stretched and shiny and if u don’t put to much the ends of your permed hair will be soft and curly. I use small rods on my ends after twisting. I’m also going to try this without using Shea butter cream before product. The result is a beautifully defined twist out if your hair is completely dry. My hair is thick and curly..this cuts frizz dramatically. Giving product a 5. Retwisting tonight with a bit more gel so I will see how it looks on second day.11/09/12- Just an update giving my conclusion: If you use too much of this your hair simply won’t dry and therefore you may have frizz. I will use this sparingly next time but I do think that it’s good, less expensive than kinky curly product and will go further because you don’t need a lot.

Melba Flinthill, MO

Ughhhh!!!! Hate I bought this!

This stuff is awful on my 4b hair! It did nothing to enhance the curl, and actually made my hair very dry. When I read the ingredients I figured out why – GLYCERIN! If your hair doesn’t do well with glycerin (mine HATES glycerin) then do not, I repeat, DO NOT purchase this product!

James Adamsville, PA

Hard, Unmanageable Hair

I tried this product different ways to try to make it work. I tried it with a heavy hand, I tried very little, I tried large sections, I tried small sections, I tried it with other products, I tried it alone and NONE OF IT WORKED. I give up. I will give the rest of this away. Every time I tried this, I had hard, unmanageable hair. The Souffle smells like heaven and my hair was SUPER SOFT while it was wet, but once it dried, it was crunchy and tangly. Will NEVER buy this product again.

Bessie Roebling, NJ

It’s awesome-sauce (once you figure the correct amount out!)

I’ve had this product for one year, and I finally feel I can offer a review on it!For reference, I have a ton of densely packed tight, pen-spring sized coils and curls that are thin and fine.The first time I used this product I was WAY too heavy-handed! I applied it as if I were applying a leave-in conditioner creme or hair grease. A BIG BIG…BIG…no-no. My hair was STICKY. It was highly moisturized, glossy and defined…but I felt like if I wasn’t careful, Winnie the Pooh would be after my honey with all that sticky agave-nectar-goodness I had going on.I then did a 70% SheaMoisture Curling Smoothie/30% Gel Soufflé mix and that was pretty good for the cooler Autumn/Winter months where I live.The agave nectar really attracted the moisture in the air, the flaxseed gave me a bit of shine and hold, and the shea butter really conditioned and moisturized my hair throughout the day.Now that it’s summer, I have again had to rethink how I use this product. Cremes, oddly enough, do not completely absorb into my hair in these hot months and seem to just sit on top of and coat my hair. So I revised this gel by applying it to damp strands SPARINGLY (for every square inch of hair, I am applying about 1/4 dime-sized amounts). I separate my 5-7inch length hair into quadrants, and each quadrant gets no more than a US size tablespoon, usually less. If I want to make a style out of the twists, I apply a thin coating of Ecostyler w/ Olive Oil gel to each twist.I get amazing and well-moisturized afro results now that I know how light-handed I must be with this product. It provides absolutely no definition that you would expect from “gel” for me, and that’s fine. It is the only moisturizer in my kit that makes my hair 1. Plush 2. Shiny 3. Glossy 4. Juicy 5. Fluffy. When the definition goes away from my hair (in 60-80% humidity, this happens w/in 1-2 hours), I have about 20 large cute chunky S and Z shapes all over, so no matter what happens to the hair throughout the summer, it always looks like I “meant to do that,” which is great!’This product loses one star because of how sticky it can be and because if I get too much near my scalp it starts to itch like crazy. If you have a sensitive scalp that’s easily irritated, you’ll have to find something to keep it happy. For me, that something is just plain water.

Lakisha Upton, MA

just wierd..

This is one of shea moistures dissapointments to me like a joke in a jar..first of all the texture felt awful and when i put it on my hair it was soooo gloopy and sticky i was nervous that the bees were gonna come after me because of the nectar in it which i dont understand why thats in there??? but i do not recommend make your own flax gel recipe it is way better moisturizing and also is cheaper!

Joy Hartwick, NY

Loves it!

i absolutely love this product. I have 4c hair and after wearing weave as a protective style, I take the weave out and rock the natural for a bit. After reading lots of various reviews and watching YouTube reviews, I decided to use this as a gel instead of the Ecostyler. I’m so glad I did. I am a fan of Shea Moisture products and this is not an exception. It held my tight curls and added shine. I love it! Also, it did not have my hair hard and brittle, instead it left it nice and soft.

Margaret Camp Hill, PA


This stuff rocks man. I have a mixture of 3c/3b curls in my hair and this works wonderful. As long as I don’t use regular sulfate shampoo. Then my hair goes on a rampage. anyhow, this works way better than eco styler. It’s lighter but it does the job just as well as eco, and you can actually eat this lol. I tried it. It’s actually pretty yummy. lol. Weird side note Ik. But it defines my curls very well like regular gel. And it doesn’t irritate my scalp like eco. Which is a big plus, or dry my hair out, another plus. So don’t be skeptical, just experiment with it and you’ll love it. Also, this stuff is a bit messy lol.

Dana Averill, VT

Before you buy, imagine styling your hair with honey.

This is basically honey in a jar. That’s the best way I can describe it. I put this on freshly washed hair, and then sat under the hood dryer. The next morning, my hair still wasn’t dry. It left my hair a sticky mess. So I had to wash it out immediately. I am so happy I tried this product on a weekend rather than a day I had to go to work, because then I would have been SOL.People say that you should only put a tiny bit your hair, or that you should mix it with the smoothie, or the hair milk, but that’s too troublesome to me. I want a product that I can just put on my hair and go, without worrying if I put too much or to little, or that I have to mix it with something else to work. Especially with the price. I have cheaper products that moisturize and style my hair on their own. I don’t want to be a hair chemist to make my hair look nice. I want something that is quick and easy, and this is not it. This was just a huge pain for me.On the bright side. It’s smell really nice as all Shea Moisture products do.

Lucile Omaha, NE

Great product

I have 2b-3a fine dense high porosity hair, I use this a sealer before mousse and gel, it works great for clumping and curl retention and gives incredible shine. A little goes a long way. Just don’t spend the money here, go get it at Target, CVS for less then half the price!

Adela Kenosha, WI

I Wanted to Like This But…

I purchased this at Target with the intention of buying the Shea Moisture Kit (sold out). I use this product on two strand twist outs. Users suggest going lightly on the product because it goes a long way. I used lightly but my hair looked dry the next day. Hair was soft to the touch but no sheen. Based on reviews it seems you get moisture based on the amount used. I will use it until finished. Perhaps portion is key. I will not buy this again.

Beatriz Buckeye, WV

Wont curl my 4C hair

So the 3 stars is just for my texture hair, if your hair is a little softer im sure you will have some luck but i have coarse 4C hair and it doesnt curl at all. I still use it because it smells great and can be a good moisturizer

Sheena Barksdale Afb, LA