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Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo – 13 oz.

SheaMoisture African Black Deep Cleansing Shampoo

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  • Quality you can trust from Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo – 13 oz..
  • Always a great value!
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Honest reviews


Do NOT pay $20 for this!

This product worked well for me when I had pityriasis because it didn’t irritate my already inflammed scalp. It’s great for scalp that is itchy due to dry skin. BUT DO NOT BUY THIS HERE. It is not worth $20 a bottle. Just go to Target’s Web site and purchase it for less than $10.

Tonia Spencer, WV

I can’t say it is awesome or anything…. UPDATED ON SECOND PARAGRAPH!

I am still corcern because I agree with most reviews it did left my hair drying and unmanaged. I guess they use too much of “drying ingredients” like sacylic , willow bark, etc. But I guess it is only purpose to be put on scalp not hair. I will buy squeeze bottle for next time, so it can go straight to my scalp not hair. I will see if it works. I don’t think I will buy it again if it conutinues to getting dry like that, from me put on scalp. It has a lot of foaming so it was hard for me keep it on scalp. I will have to find tube container that is very tiny going directly to scalp. They are right scalp was itchy once again after I used it I had to use apple cider vingear. It has great anti bacterial proptery and is known to many ppl for relieving itchy.I will just have to wait and see if it works on scalp , I think I remember someone on youtube say it is better to dilute them so it will not be too strong. What I will do is dilute it with wate in tube container and put directly on scalp, wash off with apple cider vingear then do conditioner on hair to root.If my scalp continues to itch for 2 weeks, i would throw it awayI finna put it in squeeze tube and it works as I thought! I found out that I can’t relieve itchy without using it! It only works if you use a little of them and dilute with water just like dilute 50% water w/ .5% or 10% of apple vingear. Sometimes some ppl needs add honey or anything moisturzed.Shake well first to settle down natural ingredient in black soap, then squeeze out a little and dilute water. Here you go!

Freida Oakville, IN

Too expensive for lackluster results

This product did not really help with my scalp issues, there are much cheaper shampoos that will have the same results. Also, I realize this is Sulfate free, but this was extremely hard to use, it felt like I was rubbing glue in my hair.As others noticed, it left my hair feeling tangled and unmanageable.This product is so overpriced on amazon AND in the stores.I appreciate all natural products and was hopeful for what this line represents but, I Will not buy again!

Maritza Morton Grove, IL

Good Choice for me.

I bought this shampoo because of the conditioner. I purchased the conditioner at Walgreens while on vacation with family. I WILL NOT use my families beauty products/toiletries. I just prefer not to use harsh chemicals on my body. So, it was a must for me to stop and pick up the product brands I like. They were out of stock of theShea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo&Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative conditioner – 12 oz.So I went withShea Moisture ORGANIC African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner [SEALED] instead and someShea Moisture ORGANIC Coconut & Hibicus Curl & Shine Shampoo.It smells like banana life savers and that’s good because when I used to eat life savers, the tropical ones were my favorite. It makes my hair feel squeaky clean.If I hadn’t been able to find any of my favorite hair shampoos or conditioners then I would have just purchase baking soda as the shampoo and vinegar for the conditioner and would have just mixed each one separately with water and used the baking soda paste as the hair wash and the diluted vinegar as the conditioner.As a reference point, I have combination skin and oily hair.

Rachelle Foley, AL

Great product!

I have short hair, but this shampoo works really well for me. Maybe the people who say it causes skin problems are allergic to some of the natural ingredients?? I found it to be excellent and doesn’t have sodium laurel sulfate or propylene glycol in it like most cheap shampoos do.

Susan Danville, ME

Great for treating scalp problems!

I bought this as a natural way to take care of my sometimes dry, itchy scalp. It has ingredients that fight scalp problems naturally, lathers well and smells like plantains. It doesn’t strip the moisture from my Afro-textured hair which is a huge plus when it comes to dandruff/clarifying shampoos. It works so it’s a staple in my hair care routine. I buy it from Target or Walgreens.P.S. When I used the shampoo, I did my usual pre-shampoo (conditioner and/or oil) treatment and focused the shampoo on my scalp (as I do with any shampoo I use).Ingedients: Water, Decyl Glucoside, African Black Soap, Salicylic Acid , Willow Bark Extract, Neem Oil, Charcoal Powder, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea butter Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Vitamin E Rosemary Extract, Plantain Extract, Honeysuckle flower Extract, Japanese Honeysuckle Flower Extract

Beth Amsterdam, OH

Deep Cleansing!!!

This shampoo really deep cleans my hair and scalp without stripping it. It is a non-sulfate shampoo. Exfoliates and detoxifies my hair and scalp by removing product buildup, chlorine and hair water residue. Makes my hair shine. It does alleviate itching and flaking extremely well. I have 4a type hair and non sulfate shampoos are important to the health of our hair. I also like the smell. I will definitely buy again as this shampoo is one of my staples.

Maryann Milwaukee, NC

Great price, great natural product

I have rather short, fine, thin straight hair and an itchy scalp. I actually really like this shampoo. The ingredients I can actually pronounce and no weird sulfates. The consistency is thicker than I expected, like a regular shampoo. My scalp feel fine and my hair feels soft and not dried out. I recommend this.

Kristine Rosewood, OH

Not the shampoo for me

I really wanted to like this shampoo, I really did. I love the Raw Shea Butter shampoo from the same company but this one just didn’t work for me. I was using this for a month until I noticed my scalp was itching like crazy. It took a while to figure out that this shampoo was the culprit. As soon as I stopped using this, my scalp cleared up in about a week. I must be reacting to something in the shampoo. I guess I will gift this to my mom or brothers. On the plus side, a little goes a long way and it smells nice.

Earline Genesee, ID

It cleanses but..

It cleanses my hair well but..DRIES it out so bad…my hair feels like straw afterwards. I ususally only do like one lather but will only use this as a last resort if i run out of the coconut hibiscus one which is my favorite!

Jeanne Ruckersville, VA