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Shea Butter – 32 Oz. – Organic – Unrefined – In HDPE Jar

32 oz. Organic Shea Butter – Unrefined 100% Finest Quality Natural African We sell only the finest Organic African Unrefined Shea Butter, with no additives. Essential Depot’s Shea Butter is completely raw, unrefined and has a thick and often nutty aroma. We do not use bleaches, deodorizers, or chemicals to change the scent or appearance of Shea Butter. We do not advise you purchase Shea Butter that has been altered; as this depletes the product of its healing and medicinal properties, and also destroys the vitamins and minerals naturally present in Shea Butter.

Key features

  • Organic Shea Butter
  • 100% Pure
  • All Natural
  • Unrefined
  • Fresh Product

Honest reviews


A bit hard to use

The jar that I receive contained darker shades of the shea butter mixed with a normal light yellow shade. I hope it’s not mole. While the shea butter does a good job in moisturizing my skin, it’s hard and time-consuming to apply on skin. It has a light strange smell to it but it’s better that they don’t add perfume in it.

Janna Bear Branch, KY


I am very pleased with this product. The quality of the shea butter is more than I ever expected considering I knew nothing of the vendor. I use it to prepare my own hair and body butters. No complaints from me! I will be adding Essential Depot to my trusted sources/resources list. I just wish they carried Mango Butter and Avocado Oil hint hint 🙂 Have a wonderful Morning/Day/Evening everyone!

Jenny Shiloh, NC

Not what I thought

Its not soft and creamy but like wax with lumps in it, asked doctor and was told to ad water and use wisk to whip it, haven’t done it yet but hope it works, was a disappointment

Chrystal Carmel, CA

Love !! Love !! Love this item !!!

Shea butter !! If you know shea butter then you can agree this is amazing so buttery and soothing to the skin will be buying again .

Sheree Hornell, NY


I love this shea butter. It is has a nice, nutty almost smoky smell to it that is very natural. It is grainy and an odd texture for those of us used to super refined commercially produced lotions, but this melts when you rub it between your hands and absorbs beautifully.I have been using it for pretty much everything but my hair (I have superfine hair and am leary of putting anything in it that might weigh it down, but I might get brave one of these days). The difference in my skin is pretty amazing. I have really sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin that over the years has become pretty much impossible. Anything I use causes horrible breakouts. This feels soothing and wonderful to my skin.I also have eczema on my hands that gets worse in the winter and getting them wet or getting salt or anything like that on them can be excruciating. I wash my hands a lot so this was causing horrid itching, cracking, and even bleeding. Now I apply the shea butter a few times a day and my eczema is the best it has been in ages. My almost 2-year-old daughter has eczema as well and I have been using this on her with good results.From reading up on shea butter, this seems like it is an excellent quality and a great price. I’m very pleased with this product and with this seller (I got some glycerine from them as well). I plan on trying their cocoa butter next.

Kathie Nebraska, IN

Organic Unrefined Shea Butter

Just received my shea butter today (1/16/13). It arrived quickly and was well packaged. I am having a blast trying 100% organic products so of course I opened this right away. It is solidified, yes, but as soon as you put it in your palm it melts – almost like solidified coconut oil does – well it is a bit on the grittier side and takes a bit longer to melt in palms but I don’t mind. I do not complain about the color or fragrance of natural/organic products because that is what I am after, products without artificially created smells, colors, etc. This shea butter has a slight nutty fragrance which dissipates rather quickly after application………I tried some on my skin which immediately made it feel softer……..yes when you first apply it – may seem thick but it melts into your skin fast. Shea butter gives my hair brilliant shine and a wonderful softness. I am in love with this product and happy with Amazon for making so many wonderful products available for purchase. I will no doubt be ready to order more once I’ve used this up.

Imelda Loon Lake, WA


I like this but I prefer oil that remains in the same state year round. I don’t want to have to switch containers with the seasons – jar in the cooler weather then squeeze bottle in the warmer weather. In the cold weather this stuff is really hard and grainy. I let it melt in the sun and mixed some sunflower oil with it so it would be softer. The more sunflower oil you add the more liquid it is.

Kay Hoxie, AR