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SHARKK Hair Brush Professional Detangling Shower Brush For Wet Or Dry Hair

SHARKK®: SHARKK Lifestyle Brand offers consumer accessory solutions across many different categories such as Tablet and phone cases, Keyboards, Batteries, Speakers, Wallets, Cufflinks, Money clips, Collar stays, and various cables. When purchasing a SHARKK product you can expect quality in both the material and performance of the items backed by amazing customer service and support. If at any time you have issues with your item regardless of when or where it was purchased please contact us to get it fixed or replaced. About the SHARKK Hair Brush: Made with very high quality materials, this brush will last a long time even with heavy use Specially designed soft bristles with rounded tips provide a extremely pleasant brushing experience avoiding any kind of tugging, tearing, or pulling out hair. Works well with all hair types, wet or dry The SHARKK wet brush is used and enjoyed by women of all ages, as well as men and kids Turn your Kids hair brushing into a fun and enjoyable activity with the SHARKK Hair brush This brush also works very well with wigs and pets. What you get: 1 SHARKK Hair Brush 1 Lifetime warranty

Key features

  • Designed for smooth and easy brushing.
  • Doesn’t pull hair and very soft on scalp.
  • Work great on wet and dry hair. For all hair types.
  • Rubberized finish on brush.
  • Soft and thin bristles with rounded ends.

Honest reviews


Horrible Smell

I bought this based on the reviews, for my 3 year old. She has beautiful curly hair but can get tangled easily… well we couldn’t pass the chemical smell of this brush…. it was awful…. even after a week still stinks…. I wouldn’t brush my daughter’s hair with this brush, who knows what kind of chemicals are in the brush!

Lillian Fairfield, OH

There is curly hair and there is CURLY 4b hair

it’s really funny to read reviews from people that don’t preface their comments by stating just how straight or curly their hair is. Our daughters have 3c and 4b hair which is probably a lot more curly than many of the reviewers have. when fully wet and slicked up with conditioner or detangler this brush does well. Don’t use dry on anything beyond 3a unless you really work to start from the tips and take your time. The bristles aren’t as flexible as some other brushes but they do give enough so that if you work slowly you can make it happen. In the shower or bath this thing is a shark though and destroys everything up to knots with little to no breakage on hair that’s short to medium.

Roxanne Myrtle Point, OR

Wish my mother had this when I was a child!!!

Im nearly 30 & have hair down to my rear end & its not just any ole hair either. I call it “horse hair.” My boyfriend calls it “mutant hair” because it is super thick & heavy. This is by far the absolute best brush ive ever had in my entire life….and i have had hundreds! Amazon sells quite a few different brushes that are more or less functionally the same as this one…and I read through tons of the reviews for many of them. Every single one had reviews that were causing me to bust a gut laughing because of all the hilarious stories from parents about chasing their daughters all over creation when it was time to brush out their hair. I am so happy to know that this torture is bestowed on other children & it wasn’t just me! (j/k)When I was a child there was no battle in the house bigger than the one between my mother and I when she wanted to brush out my tangles. I screamed & cried & kicked & moaned the whole time my hair was getting brushed until I eventually grew into one of those people that can barely feel any tugging at all. As an adult when Id brush my hair I could literally hear the brush struggle with the tangles & knots like a rake over a pile of leaves & weeds, yet feel no pain. My issue these days is the amount of time it takes just to brush my dang hair! All my brushes were always ripping out tons of hairs – tons! But all of that was before I got this SHARK.You should know that other brands besides SHARK make nearly identical brushes but the prices vary quite a bit. I have not used any other brand but this one. Another brand, in particular, appeared to have the market cornered on these things but they wanted at least twice or three times the cost of this one. Honestly, I sort of viewed this SHARK brush as like a knock-off of the more expensive ones. I decided I’d roll the dice & check this out because of the great reviews and great price. I can’t imagine how any of the competing products could be significantly superior to this one. Please don’t spend a lot of money for a detangling brush – this one is excellent. I no longer hear crazy monster sounds coming from my hair when I brush it & it takes less than 2 minutes to brush it all out with this brush versus the 15-20 minutes it had always taken me before. I use it wet & dry – seems to work the same either way. None of the plastic teeth thingies has popped out & the very little amount of hair that accumulated on the brush was a piece of cake to remove. Even those pesky dust rings that sometimes like to build up on the bristles are easy to get off because the bristles on the SHARK aren’t topped off with an unnecessarily huge ball. (there is a bit of a ball, just tiny when compared to some others) I’ll warn you…the first time I used it I thought nothing was happening because my head was tilted over w/ my hair in front of my face & I couldnt feel anything other than my hand on the handle. But I was wrong, it got out all the tangles without tugging at my scalp once. The bristles are made of some alien engineered technology that allows them to bend all the way backwards without popping out…kinda like Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix. The super flexibility of the bristles is literally the difference between this brush and all the others I’ve tried. It makes a bigger difference than you’d think! I could go on & on but I’ll shut up now.Just get the brush. It’s a few bucks. It’s awesome. You’ll be glad.**UPDATE** still love it – ordering another one because for some reason I’ve never been able to keep up w/ a hair brush. “where’s my dang brush? In the car? In my purse? In the bathroom? The freezer?” sound familiar anyone?

Laura Georgetown, CA

Well it’s pink

I actually like this brush this is an edited version of my previous review because I barely gave the brush a good look over or tried it out before I wrote the previous review. So now that I’ve had the brush for a while I really like it I use it everyday and I said previously that the bristles were bent but it was only because of the packaging but the brush went back to its original form shortly after taking it out of the packaging. I like it doesn’t pull all my hair out while brushing, and the bristles are soft but strong, none have came out and the best part is its a really pretty pink color. I would order from again. Thanks!

Rosetta Mayfield, NY

Fantastic brush

This is a wonderful brush for getting out tangles without pulling the hair as most brushes do. I loved the paisley print because it also had a peacock vibe to it, but sadly that brush arrived with an odd, chemical odor and I had to send it back. BUT, Sharkks customer service was above and beyond what one would expect. Shortly after my brush arrived, I received an email asking how I liked the brush. As soon as I responded about the smell, they very quickly replied and offered to send out another one. The new one arrived (bright pink) and still has a very slight odor, but I washed off the plastic portion, as they suggested, and spritzed it with rose-water and there’s no odor now. Because their customer service was so impressive, I would definitely order from Sharkk again.

Sophie Tacna, AZ

Perfect for detangling hair

I’ve used this brush on both wet and dry hair, and I’ve never had a problem detangling any of my massive knots. Kudos to SHARKK for making a great product. I’ll note that I was hoping the brush would brush my scalp as well, but this brush is made of soft plastic and really only gets to the hair itself. It’s certainly not like the heavy wooden brushes I used as a child.

Stacey Golden Eagle, IL

great for tangles and curls

I have curly hair that tangles horribly. I don’t normally brush my hair straight out of the shower. However, when I want to this is what I use. It brushes right through my curls without tearing my hair out and without hurting my head. Great for anyone with tangles. Works on dry and wet hair equally well.

Tessa Cedar Point, IL

Lasted only 3 weeks

My hair is too thick for this brush. It bent all the bristles and doesn’t quite detangle well now.

Sonya Blairsburg, IA

Great for knots, but bristles bend easily

I love this brush and this is the second one I have purchased. I bought my first one a couple months ago and had zeor complaints. It really works. Unfortunately, the brush bristles became misshapen over time and i had to replace it as it was getting less effective. The bristles are normally straight but the metal became bent at different angles over time. I have been using the new one for about a week and I can already see the bristles beginning to bend. Its sad. I love how well it gets out knots but I don’t want to have to buy a new one every couple months. This will likely be the last one I buy.Also, this particular brush arrive smelling like burning. I have been unable to keep it in my bathroom cabinet or any inclosed space because it smells too potent. This smell does not appear to be wearing off quickly as it still reeks after a week of being out of the package.

Katy Laveen, AZ

doesnt pull hair

This is the best brush I have ever owned. Wet or dry hair use and it doesn’t pull my hair out. Love it so much

Luisa Alma, IL

This brush kept me from cutting my hair

I have waist length hair and I was getting to the point of cutting it, it was so difficult to keep brushed and would just tangle awfully out of the shower. This brush helps me deal with the tangles without making me want to just cut the whole thing off. Highly recommend to anyone with long hair.

Debbie Willseyville, NY

Great for Wet hair

I love having a brush that i can use when my hair is wet. The bristles are soft and can still be used on dry hair if needed

Tonia Paragon, IN

Horrible detangling brush. Doesn’t work wet or dry.

Does not detangle wet or dry hair at all. Just rips out my hair in knots. Hard to find a good detangling wet brush…this is NOT it.

Carmen Jesse, WV

Brush head smells strongly of plastic chemicals

I have had this brush several weeks now and it still smells strongly of plastic chemicals. I am concerned that smell transfers to my hair when I brush it so I’ve washed the brush several times and have been leaving it outside to off-gas.The bristles do not tangle in my hair, but I would not buy this brush again because the handle is angular and uncomfortable to hold, but mainly because of the awful smell that has remained for weeks.

Louella Zuni, VA

Great for Natural Hair detangling

This brush detangles and separated my curls very nicely after washing. No pulling and not too much hair in the brush when I’m done. A good solid brush.

Reva Peterson, AL

SHARKK Hair Brush Professional Detangling Shower Brush For Wet Or Dry Hair…

SHARKK Hair Brush Professional Detangling Shower Brush For Wet Or Dry Hair… i thought i would try this product it works good for my really thick long hair .doesnt tangle was skeptical at first ….love the colors available

Jayne Dover, GA

Sturdy brush, but it did not work on my very thick, Afro hair.

I’m writing this review on the Sharkk Hair Brush. I am satisfied with the seller, because my product arrived on the estimated delivery date. Also, my product arrived in new condition, was undamaged and did not have a smell.After researching brushes, that could be used, to detangle wet or dry hair, I decided to order this one. I really wanted this product to work for me; however, I had to return it, because it did not seem to brush through my very thick, Afro hair. But, this brush might work on someone, whose hair is not as thick as mine.

Natalia Fort Rock, OR

Absolutely love it !!!

This brush is as perfect as it gets. It is so affordable. I got mine for only 4.99 I am so happy. I ordered it for my daughter. It works very well at detangling. I am going to order more very soon since it’s such a great deal. I would love to see more colors available in the future. So far this brush is holding up very well, and looks like it will last for years.

Frankie Grouse Creek, UT

Very nice brush…

I bought a few brushes because the price point was very good. The brush was much better then I expected, because of the low price. It easily goes through my tangled hair, when I wake up in the morning. This is a very good thing. :)I am going to buy 2 more of these for the guest rooms. You really can’t beat the price.

Bertha Panama, IA

I’m African American, I can tell the difference with this brush

I’m not sure how this brush makes it happen, but it’s a 10 times quicker, easier, and less painful to detangle my hair with this brush. I have very long hair that doesn’t just tangle, it becomes what I like to call the uni-dread: one epic mega-tangle. With this brush, it’s much easier to get through the tangle quickly. When a tangle is really bad, I use the brush lightly over the top of the hair, and it seems to eliminate the tangle in ‘layers’, starting at the surface and then you can brush deeper and then your tangles are gone in in less than a minute. And there is way less breakage too than with other brushes I’ve had. Again, I don’t know how or why this standard-looking plastic brush works better than all the others I’ve had, but … it just does.

Zelma Chino Valley, AZ

Exactly as Promised

Finding a brush would seem an easy task, but I looked a long time, reading through reviews before finding this gem. As promised it worked untangling without any pulling. The handle too is easy to grip and well worth the money. It arrived, it seemed, overnight. Highly recommended.

Nanette Franklin Grove, IL

Used with hair and mane detangler

Just buy it. You’ll thank me later. I could not be happier. I wish there was a purse size! Thumbs up

Lily Pemberton, NJ


My best friend has very thick beautiful coarse long wavy hair. She also has pretty bad Rheumatoid Arthritis in her hands, the result of work and many years as a practitioner of several martial arts, as well as being an all around bad-ass. Sometimes the pain in her hands makes it hard to take care of her beautiful hair, and she threatens to cut it all off. I love to see it so I wanted to give her something to encourage her to keep it. Over the last few months, I have developed a relationship with the folks at isharkk, both as a consumer and as a sometimes product tester. They have a strange eclectic bevy of products, to which I haven’t ever figured out the exact theme. In any case, I have come to know that they are very quality oriented, so seeing that they had a De-tangling brush for sale, I knew I should buy one and give it a shot. It is offered as an "add-on" item, meaning that if you add it to a greater than $25 purchase, it is free two day shipping like a prime item.The bottom line is this, She loved the brush, and said it worked wonderfully, going right through the sleep matted hair like it had just been brushed. It is the kind of thing I have come to expect from Sharkk products. Great quality, and great service.

Monique Harrah, OK

I love it! my scalp is happy!

It is sooooooooo soft my 4 year old son doesn’t want to give it back to me! Guess I am buying more of this brush.

Ruby Tiltonsville, OH

Sharkk Hair Brush

Works well. Good quality, good weight, the color is bright and happy. I can leave this hairbrush on the bathroom counter because it looks expensive. I’d buy one of these again or as a gift.

Joanne Chatsworth, CA

Exactly the same as the Wet Brush

I own both this and the Wet Brush (or "My Wet Brush," as it’s also listed). They are exactly the same. I mean it– I put them right next to each other and they are the same brush, just in different colors. Must be made at the same factory and just stamped with two different brand names.They both work well to ease tangles. Better than regular brushes, but not quite the miracle I was hoping for based on some reviews. My daughter has long, curly, tangly hair and used to cry when I brushed it. She doesn’t cry anymore, but it’s still not a pleasant experience for her when her hair is dry. If hair is wet and freshly conditioned, it makes brushing very easy.

Billie Lenora, KS

Replaced spray detangler

I have long curly hair that’s a disaster to comb out, even after going through it with a wide tooth comb in the shower. I always used spray detanglers, which made the wood floor like a slip and slide. So glad I found this $5 brush!

Natalia Athens, WI

Great brush

Great brush, totally gets the tanges out of my dry hair. Will only use this brush from now on, fast shipping

Elsie Traver, CA

Fine for the Price

The brush is a bit lower quality than I had expected, but for the price, I’m not complaining. I liked that it says it’s safe on wet hair, because most of the time that’s when I brush my hair anyway.

Tracey Solomon, AZ

great brush

My daughter really loved this brush she has long hair and this brush made it easy to brush out her wet hair.

Celeste Brownsville, CA