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SHANY XXL Image Plates – Bundle Set – 2 Large Image Plates Nail stamping 480 designs

It’s the largest image plate available in the market, it contains over 240 designs on each, each plates carry a variety of different shapes, marks and design. Shany axle image plates are made from tempered stainless steel, unlike others they have sides and corner protection so you wont cut your hand wile working. The plate comes with a thin layer of blue file to protect the designs from scratches, make sure to remove the layer before using the plate. This plate and shiny stamper and shiny nail art means heaven. Its hours of fun with nail decoration, why pay salons for nail decorations when you can have the whole system at fraction of that price. Shany products are protected us trademark and every shiny product comes with shiny logo and inside shiny packaging.

Key features

  • Set No. C and D , XXL shiny image plates, stainless steel with sides and corner protection
  • Comes in a box with protective protection layer shiny logo engraved
  • Each plate carries over 240 designs, fun shapes, marks, designs, animals, and more
  • Please click on the picture to see the designs in this plate
  • Exclusive item to our store. (SET of TWO different Plates)

Honest reviews


Great for nail art

These bottles are glass and about half the length of my pinky but they are fun.They have different shapes and colors and are something any nail art enthusiast should buy.

Nona Spraggs, PA



Virginia Merrittstown, PA

Super cute!

I was surprised by the size of the bottles but was very pleased with the quantity. Took off a star for the price.

Beryl Bay Minette, AL

Good quality single images

Note: I have no idea why other reviews mention bottles of something, these are just image plates. Some glitch attaching reviews to the wrong product?These are labeled plates 3 and 4; I have no idea what 1 or 2 were, I don’t see them here on Amazon. These are all single images (not patterns) and there are a great many of them. The images on plate 4 seem to be a little bigger in size than on plate 3, but there are very few images that would cover your entire nail, unless yours are very small.Most images seem to be in the flourish/embellishment sort of category; lots of flowers and stars and butterflies and other girly pretties, tending to be more stylized than cartoon-ish, though there are handful of those too. A few holiday images thrown in as well, mostly for Christmas and a few for Halloween or Valentines.Only a few complaints: First, the plates are HUGE (the XXL in the title is referring to the size of the plates, not the images themselves). They are a little taller than a binder cover but about as wide, so they can be a little awkward if you don’t have enough desk or table space to work on. The backs aren’t much more than paper covered cardboard so I expect they’ll need to be glued back down at some point, but not a major issue. Some of the images are…odd; there are around 5 or so I simply can figure out what they’re supposed to be, but maybe I’m just nuts =). There are letters of the alphabet on one of the plates, but they’re not in order, don’t ask me why, and there are some missing letters.Another reviewer complained that there were a lot of repeat images, but I don’t think it’s a major issue, and maybe a bit misleading at first. There are a dozen or so repeat images, but these repeaters are mostly reversed images, which is not a mistake, it can actually be useful. Other repeats–I think I’ve seen 4 so far–are actually cases where one is larger than the other, so technically are different. Flat out repeat images, I’ve only see 2 so far.For the price, I really can’t complain at all, I’m very pleased; they all stamp very well, very crisp and detailed.

Antionette Grapeville, PA

It’s here!!!!!

I love this product I haven’t had the time to use it yet but I love it no less gives me more designs to work with!!!! Oh yea would totally recommend this to anyone whose looking to buy.

Anne Strafford, MO

image plates for stamping

love the images hated all the scratches and gouges on both plates when they arrived!! my other plates i ordered of cheeky and konad did not come scratched and damaged!!! anyway problem was corrected so goodluck if you order your set from makeup and gifts department

Johanna Mountain Home A F B, ID