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SHANY UV Gel Light Nail Dryer, 36 Watts Pro Series

Tired of small and weak UV lamps? Try our New enhanced 36W UV lamp with Auto On/Off and Timer feature. Great for personal use or Salons. why pay more when you can have the best system at affordable price? SHANY UV lamp offers everything that Department store brand offers and now even more with enhanced design and performance. The system comes with German reflectors which almost double the power and maximize the UV reflection. Unlike other UV lamps, SHANY UV lamp offers a great size for any hand or foot. at the same time place your both hands or feet in the lamp and get the job done quicker than ever. for best results use Shany Gel polish set.

Key features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Maximum UV reflection design to save time and power – German reflector included
  • Comfortably accommodates two hands or feet – Affordable price
  • Auto On/Off and Timer makes it easy for salon users to simply leave the system do the job
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty (Not the lamps) Included
  • Use Shany quick Dry Nail art Set or Shany UV Gel Nail Polish set for best results

Honest reviews


Great product!!

I bought this item because I started doing my uv gel nails at home, the price was good and the reviews were good too, so I bought it. It arrived in excellent condition, everything sealed and bubble wraped. When I put the bulbs in their place they didn’t work but it was because you have to push them in the sockets a little bit hard. So I did and only one worked, and this time it was because I had put them in upside down. None of this is on the users guide, so I’m letting other people know this because I’ve read a few reviews talking about the bulbs not working. Once I got the bulbs in there right, it worked perfectly! I did a few practice nails and they turned out great. So if you need a uv lamp that gets the job done and with a great price, buy this one! The shipping was also super fast. I’m very glad I bought this from this seller 🙂

Lucinda Douglasville, GA


This uv light is mediocre–good. I bought this originally to try diy shellac. yes, it did work to cure my nails. although i cured them for 3-4 mins instead of the 2, just in case. One of the light bulbs did not work, and then i discovered that the timer did not work either. The unit did seem fairly cheaply made, but what do you expect for the $. After looking again online, I decided to return my faulty item and buy theUSpicy UV Gel Lamp Light Nail Dryer Professional Finish Quick Dry+ the bottom can be pulled out easy to cleanUSpicy lamp, which I feel is much better. That one was only 3 dollars more, and feels much sturdier and more quality. And it has a 2 or 3 min timer. Plus I got a free nail file, and it’s got pink! The light bulbs in this machine dont ever feel like they’re fully engaged in the unit, although once you jam them in hard they work (most in my case anyway). But on the USpicy machine, they actually click into place, and you know you have them in correctly. Also, one of the first reviews for this says that many other reviewers for this product have all 5 star reviews for other Shany products, which is true. Seems sketchy to me… All in all, definitely not an amazing product, but an okay product. Spend a few more dollars and get the USpicy machine.

Nikki Newark, OH


I love love love this machine, for the money I paid I never thought it would be as nice as it was. I figured it’s gonna be one of those machines you start with to see if u even need them at home and then move on to a better one but boy this works just like the one in the salon I get my pedicure. I hated doing my own manicure bc I’m a busy girl and don’t have two hours to wait for my nail polish to dry and this machin does the job in 3 minutes. It gets the creamy nail polishes that never dry hard solid in 5 mints. I don’t know how I ever did my nails without it now. It’s kindda like getting ur first flat iron once youve had it for a week u don’t know how u did without it 🙂

Ethel Columbia, NC

Look closer at the 5 star reviews

Look closer at the reviewers who gave 4 and 5 stars. Look at their other reviews. Most have several pages of reviews, but they’re all for Shany products and all 5 stars. Very questionable. Especially when often you find the same product, but in different colors reviewed. How many sets of make up brushes and cases does one need? I think the 3 star and below are more believable.

Bobbi Bakers Mills, NY

From Blank to Beautiful

I recently received this as an early birthday present. I wasn’t much into doing my nails UNTIL I got this. I always disliked painting my nails because if I moved at all they smudged and looked horrible. With this I can paint one hand, pop it in, wait a few seconds, then move on to my other hand. It’s fabulous! I paint my nails like crazy now!

Cynthia Baytown, TX


I didnt have problems with the bulbs as other reviewers stated, i think it works great! The product was packaged very well, and arrived quickly! Definately worth the try.

Sheri Holcomb, MO

For The Quickest Salon-Looking Manicure At Home!

I’ve always wanted a nail dryer like in the salons and this does the trick! Very small and compact. Can be used for gel nail polish & regular nail polish as well. Has an automatic off timer so you won’t sit around wondering when your nails are done or ruin your manicure! I love that feature most. And you don’t have to use that nail spray that leaves your nail polish tacky and sticky feeling. And you will never have to bother with making another manicure appointment again & all the hassles that goes with it. Treat yourself at home!

Vilma Niverville, NY

Great Product, Easy to Use and It Works!

I just started doing Shellac Nails at home and purchased this lamp. It was easy to place the bulbs in and the timer works great. I definitely recommend this product.

Valerie Little Falls, NJ

Just okay

A bit cheap in construction, the light does the job. However, the bulbs pop out too easily, and are hard to reseat. It also takes a long time to cure gel nails with a UV light. I recommend getting the LED — it’s very worth it.

Ginger Asheville, NC

The best

This is such a great, & inexpensive product! It’s perfect for doing your own UV gel nails right at home! Saves you salon costs, and you get the same great quality. The shipping with Shany Cosmetics is always beyond amazing, too! The customer service is phenomenal!

Ofelia Somers Point, NJ

NOT a SHANY worker writing a review and still giving positive feedback. Great product!!!!

Just wanted to say that since everybody seems to think all these reviews are fake. I’m a normal girl who just wants to review the products I bought with my own money. And you will see about 12 Shany products I purchased because I genuinely do love SHANY and am giving honest reviews and my own opinions about them. You can even check out my YouTube blog about SHANY and other makeup lines I review. (Link will be posted soon)Alright, now for the review. I think this is an absolutely wonderful product especially considering it’s $23. Most places are about $50 minimum…at least wherever I looked. It seems to be just as good as professional models and dried my nails fairly quickly. There were a few nails that didn’t dry completely, but I applied like 5 coats of polish so I’m assuming that’s why. Of course they would take a bit longer to dry.The only reason it gets a 4 star and not a 5 is because 1) it takes something to completely blow my mind to get a 5 & 2) it is only big enough for one hand or foot to go in at a time. 🙁 otherwise it would have totally received 5 stars because this product is so fun to have at home. I feel like I have my own little nail spa at home with all my new nail products I ordered and this just makes me feel like even more of a professional. All my friends get jealous when they see this sitting around and think I had to throw down a good amount of cash to get one. And I didn’t! Which makes me happy.I did not have a problem with the bulbs like other users did. At first I thought I did because it didn’t turn on when I plugged it in but I made sure the bulbs were actually pushed in far enough and it turned on just fine and dried my nails in a snap. (At least the ones that didn’t have a thick coat of polish on them) it’s very light and easy to store and good quality.I want to order the gel polish from SHANY, but I can’t bring myself to drop $58 on them. 🙁 I’m super curious to know how this dryer works with those so if anyone out there has them and this dryer, let me know what you think!

Tori Robertson, WY

Shany UV Gel Light

I purchased this product for my sister and I must say that so far she has not had any complaints. I purchased a similary UV gel lamp like this one and I have had the same light bulb for years! I think that for those people who are having problems with the light bulbs it could be because of the amount of usage, the product is defective, and not to say that it’s not but I don’t think that you have to press the bulbs in hard you have to gently work the light bulbs in until you hear a snap. If you don’t and you push too hard you will ruin your unit.

Lynda Marks, MS


Seems like a neat idea that can be used to beginners and experts a like. Anyone looking into seriously gettings into nails should have one of these lights in their home.

Kristen Midway, TX

Not that great

I bought this because it was cheap. Well you know what they say, “You get what you pay for.” Worked fine for a week (basically one use). Then the bulbs started falling out and it wouldn’t stay lit. Sent it back.

Evelyn Wendell, ID

Great for gel nails

I just bought a gel nail manicure set that didn’t come with a nail dryer so I had been using the fan but my nails were not drying porperly so i HAD to buy a light. This light was the beest priced and in my opinion the best value I’m never sitting in front of this light more than 10 mins cause it drys my nails so fast!! Love this product (and my best friend does too )

Ann Kingman, ME

A must have if you use the Gel polish

This little machine is great. The timer is fantastic. No more watching a clock and guessing. Set the timer and watch T.V. until it goes off. Makes life a little easier. I’ll take anything that makes life a bit easier or saves me money these days. The drier appears to be very sturdy built, and should last a long time. I have no problem spending the price for an item built like this. Linda W.

Monique Caryville, TN

DIY Nail “Cooker”

This product does work in curing your gel nail polish. However, I can’t give a 5 star review for 2 reasons: 1. my timer worked a couple times and stopped after that. Not a big deal since I have watches and clocks to see my cook time. 2. you need to cure longer than the times on the stated on the polish. I usually go twice as long as suggested.Other than that it definitely works and have saved SOOOO much money by doing my own nails at home.

Kelley Sun Valley, NV

Not a good Quality lamp

I bought this lamp to get started with doing gel nails. There are very little instructions on what to do with this lamp. It does not cure the nails properly no matter what shade you will need to let it cure at least 2 to 3 minutes which takes you almost an hour and a half for one set of nails. The UV bulbs are always going in and out and I have to shake them to keep them on and working. The blue coating on the bottom of the lamp where the hands go has come off on my hands leaving nothing on the bottom for good reflection of the UV rays. I was not able to get a replacement lamp only the option to return it and recieve a refund. I would not recommend this lamp to anyone I have since replaced it with two more efficient working lamps which are LED and not UV. after this experience I will never work with another UV lamp again.

Brandie Bakers Summit, PA

Amazing !

I am so happy that I bought this product. It dries nailsv just like you would at a salon. Great investment!!!!

Renee Monte Rio, CA

Didn’t work

I gave this as a Christmas gift. The recipient said one of the lights flickered and went out. None of the others lit. So not only do I need to return the gift I have the embarrassment of giving a gift that sucks. Very disappointed.

Katharine Birdsnest, VA

Great gift idea- for someone else or yourself!!!

At first, I was a little iffy about purchasing this product. However, after looking through the reviews and seeing so many positive comments, I decided to go for it! I always have issues with getting my nails to dry. Problem solved! I would recommend this to anyone that loves to do their nails! I’m probably purchasing one for my mom for Christmas, too!

Aimee Marshall, TX

Shany amazing as always!!

Shany how do you do it? An amazing product at such an affordable price I am saving so much money doing my nails at home.I love how fast It works and my nails look amazing everytime.Anyone looking for quality without a high end price look no further your nails will thank you!!Shany UV Gel Light Nail Dryer, 36 Watts Pro Series, 18 Ounce

Rosalia Faucett, MO



Corine Niagara University, NY


Finally a way to get salon nails without the salon price! This product pays for itself with just two uses and for someone like me who doesn’t have time to get the salon, it’s perfection!

Gena Martinsburg, OH

Works well for at home manicures

I use this UV lamp with both my Shellace manicure and now I’ve started doing UV gel on my natural nails. Works great and sets the products. Recommend purchasing the gloves that are sold separately to prevent UV damage on the skin around your nails.

Kristine Turtle Lake, ND


Everything came in good condition and, on time.I have used this a few times and everytime I put my hand for more than 5 mins.Maybe my gel nail polish isn’t that good. I dont know. I will keep trying.

Clara Union, IL

Works Great!!!!

I used my cousin’s and i fell in love!!! No more paying an extra $7 at the nail salon!! Must have!!!

Alisha Tannersville, VA

Quality Product

I found this dryer easy to use. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The bulbs installed easily. I really liked the timer feature, and both of my hands fit at the same time which made drying my nails easier. I am very pleased with this product.

Glenda Cannel City, KY

Works fine…

For the price I am not complaining but the darn light bulbs fall out all the time.. just storing it in the cabinet. I guess you get what you pay for, takes forever to do your nails.

Lilly Matewan, WV

The lights on this thing go out constantly. You …

The lights on this thing go out constantly. You have to keep tightening/shifting the lights to get it to work again. It also doesn’t really seem to dry my nails that fast. I should have gotten the LED light instead.

Roberta Seabrook, TX