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SHANY Studio Quality Cosmetic Brush Set, 7 Piece with Bag

The SHANY Eco-Natural Cosmetic Brush Set with Pouch (Set of 7 Brushes, Mink and Badger Hair) provides a compact kit of the most often-used makeup brushes. Made from animal hair, the seven key brushes in this set are both durable and soft to the touch. The brushes apply makeup evenly and are easy to clean. For easy storage and portability, the brushes come in a handy black organizer.

Key features

  • Includes: Powder, foundation, blush, eyeliner, and eye shadow brush
  • Goat, Badger and Mink bristles with large Kabuki brush
  • All face brushes with mink bristles and all others goats & badger
  • Rinse with SHANY natural makeup brush cleanser before the first use, Brush instruction included.
  • Designed in USA with team of artists, Proud member of PETA and against animal cruelty.

Honest reviews


its sooo soft imma die

yes yes yes they are softthey have such a elegant look that you feel like you dont wanna use em and keep em clean like that for eveeeeeeerd<3 all over d placewat is surprising is the low price for this setim bying 3 more right now and giving em out to my friendsso I came back here and i wanted to give you guys some other infoi bought this set a year ago and im still using itthe quality is in really good shape the brushes are still soft 😀 and everything is in one pieceso i just wanted to thank the maker for this cuteeit is one of purchases that i dont regret and i always feel good abt ithighly my friends are still pleased and guess what we are recommending it to more ppl

Diana Girard, IL


I love these! How cute is the kabuki, by the way?! These brushes are perfect to add to your collection! I love the eyebrow tool, too. I have seen a lot of other sets not come with one, and I find those to be important.

Evangeline Ludington, MI

Good brushes!

No shedding, the makeup goes on nicely and I’m really happy with this purchase! I would let a lot know about these wonderful brushes!

Lucinda North Granville, NY

Great brushes

They are shorter brushes, but they are so dense and work so well that it doesn’t even matter. I love the kabuki and the powder brush. They are my favorite and they get the job done with an A+

Ronda Alamo, TN


These are a great set of brushes!I really love that all of Shanys brushes are PETA approved as well!

Verna Stites, ID

great choice of brushes

it’s a good set of brushes mainly blush brushes and small detail brushes but they are great to make your makeup look great

Diane Velva, ND

Love these brushes!

Another great SHANY brush set…all of them are FANTASTIC fyi. These are baby soft and do not shed at all. The results you will achieve are amazing! Def professional quality.

Tamra Fairview Village, PA

Bought it as a gift

I bought this set as a gift for my 26year old sister as her Christmas present. She totally loves it! This is her first cosmetic brush set and she was just as excited as I was about it. The brushes are really full and really soft and there wasn’t any shedding. Alot of people was complaining about a weird stinch coming from the set, like forementioned it may have been the scent from the leather/vinyl case. I ensured to let it air out a bit before i wrapped it and gave it to her. The scent was not as drastic as others made it seem, but it did go away after airing for a day or two. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to purchase a first-time brush set or if you just like what comes in the set. Overall, the brushes are really full, nice and soft and I feel as if the price is good for the value.

Hallie Chelsea, NY


These are a perfect set for any use! I use it everyday. I found out a new trick that you can do with the eye brow comb. You can use the comb side for eyelashes too and it takes off the nasty flakes.

Velma Alma, KS

Great value!

If you are looking for some brushes to add to your collection, this is definitely your brush set. Just a fun small brush set to add to your collection. Very soft and just really great. The larger one just stands on its own which is really cute as well.

Nell Still Pond, MD

Great product!

These are some of my go to brushes. They are very well made and nicely sized. Perfect for traveling. Overall a great product.

Aline Plain, WI

Very Nice!

I quite like theSHANY Studio Quality Cosmetic Brush Set, 7 Piece with Bagthat arrived last week. After reading some of the less positive reviews, I made sure to double check everything. The set is attractively packaged in a compartmented, easy-to-pack leather-look roll that seems to be well constructed with no loose or faulty stitching. The brushes all feature a flat bottom so that they will stand and are firmly attached to the handles. The three larger brushes have bristles made of mink hair and are very soft, while the smaller ones are made of badger hair.▶︎ I paid particular attention to the larger brushes, checking them both before and after cleaning for shedding bristles. The bristles all seemed firmly attached. The large Kabuki brush is particularly nice.The manufacturer recommends that you wash your brushes before you use them for the first time. While there are special makeup brush cleaners that you can buy, Shany recommends ordinary shampoo. Many makeup artists also use conditioner when they clean with shampoo.▶︎ Either lay your brushes on the counter with the bristles hanging over the sink so that the brush does not flatten during drying or lay them on a towel, turning several times to preserve the shape. (You can also use a blow dryer.)Grandma’s $0.02 – TheSHANY Studio Quality Cosmetic Brush Set, 7 Piece with Bagis a nice, well made set of basic cosmetic brushes.Recommended

Lorena Bronx, NY


It comes in 7 piece of brushes and also a bag. These brushes are high quality, it is soft and not harsh to put makeup on.

Juana White House, TN

good brushes.

these brushes are awesome quality! you can’t beat it! I love using them! would use no other ones! they work great and no fall out!

Denise Mission Hill, SD

Soft brushes

I love these brushes they are nice and soft and when I do my makeup I don’t see a lot of fall out.

Bernadette Merrill, OR

Brought this set for my mother.

I brought this set for my mom and she says it’s very soft and well put together. I don’t know what’s up with e negative reviews but maybe they just got a batch or something. Because these brushes work extremely well. They don’t really shed like like my other brushes did either.

Lucille Farmington, CT


i have this brush set and they are simply just amazing. i can honestly say they are much better than sephora and mac sets because ive had those also. a while ago my friend bought me the mac brush set as a gift and i like it except that the powder brush was a bit rough on my skin since i have a sensetive skin. i’ve also had the sephora and they cost more than 100 to 150 dollars and their quality is not better than this shany set. these brushes are soooo soft and you get every brush u need in one little packet that you can carry around. the price is unblieveble and one more thing that i love is that they have flat bottoms so you can set them on the table upright without them rolling off or getting makeup on your satation.

Luz Williams, MN

Brushes so many brushes!

This 7 piece brush set is different from others as it is made with 100% natural hair and comes in a variety of styles and shapes. The little black bag it comes in is also a nice touch. The price is also great. These are easy to use.

Francine Hanover, NH

The brushes are great, the storage bag makes it even better

When I am going to buy brushes from Shany, this is the type that I will buy. This is because the brushes are long lasting, and will continue to have good use for years after being bought because the bag will ensure that the brushes will stay good for a long time. I do feel that these brushes are a must buy.

Marissa Warm Springs, GA

Good product

This is a nice brush set. I have not used many different brush sets but this does apply make up well. I do like it but my knowledge is limited

Alana Shafter, TX

inexpensive quality

I really feel that I have been ripped off by other companies after finding this brush set because they are charging the same price for one of their cheaper brushes for the price of this whole kit and this kit has better quality. The brushes are so soft and the apply my makeup flawlessly and effortlessly. These brushes also shed much less than my other ones. What a great find!!

Lisa Midlothian, TX

Fair price for good quality brushes…

I needed to replace my old make-up brushes that are at least 15 years old or more…I searched for just a basic brush set, and I bought these for the price. I was really pleased with the quality, packaging etc. But the ultimate test is when using them the hairs do NOT fall off on your skin…These passed the test w/flying colors. This brush set is perfect for the at home makeup kit. Even a professional could pull these out and I would be impressed. This set would make an excellent bridesmaid gift, or any lady who wears make-up. The brushes are made out of mink so if you are not interested in products that contain these things, do not buy.

Elizabeth Colusa, IL


I love this set of brushes! My two favorite brushes from this set are the blush brush and the angled brush! Works great! The quality of the brushes are good! Soft & Smooth!

Irene Tipton, MI

Exceptional is the perfect word.

So I was in desperate need of some new makeup brushes that was budget friendly but reliable. And I must say there are no complaints honestly. I have purchased makeup brushes from groupon that were retailed for 3x the price of these brushes and they were a complete disaster and left bristles on my face while doing my makeup. But with these SHANY brushes they are wonderful they don’t leave any brush streaks, the bristles are soft, well put together and I like the fact that they include a small pamphlet they tells you what each brush is for. And if you’re a amazon prime member of course the shipping is fast. I ordered on a Thursday evening and received them Saturday. Real Review by a Real Person.

Yesenia Waterloo, AL



Abigail Hardaway, AL

Shany Cosmetic Brush Set with bag.

These brushes come in a very professional-looking faux leather roll-up bag. The brushes themselves are as soft as you can imagine and are quite a step up for me when I compare them to the discount store offerings or even the artistic stores such as Michael’s or H&H Supply. They are definitely living up to the claim.

Corina Means, KY

I agree im in luv

I agree with madmazel this product is much better than other brand names out thereim actually impressedHigh qualitysoft on skinIve had it for a month no broken arm or legI highly recommendluv the packaging and fast shipmentits shick and uniquegood good all good news

Trisha Wabasso, MN