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SHANY Slick & Shine Lipstick Set – Set of 12 Famous Colors

Comes with 12 long lasting moisturizing high shine lipsticks. It’s like a lipstick and gloss in one. These 12 lipsticks with rich color that will make your smile pop. 1. Coral- Works best on light, medium and olive skin tones. Match it with natural eye shadows. 2. Champagne/ nude- works on every skin tone. 3. Rose- great for porcelain skin tones. Match with nude, browns and pale pink shadows. 4. Cranberry- works on medium to dark skin tones. 5. Frost Pink- works best on light skin tones. 6. Hot pink- can be worn on all skin tones. 7. Fuchsia- works best on medium to dark skin tones. 8. True Red- great for every skin tone. Looks great with black smoky eye or simple black eyeliner. 9. Pinky peach- great for tanned skin. 10. Terracotta- works best on olive, medium or dark skin tones .11. Wine- works best on olive, medium or dark skin tones. 12. Violet- works best on, medium or dark skin tones.

Key features

  • Set of 12 Fashion favorite trendy matte lipstick colors
  • Based on the most recent research on best selling colors in USA
  • Enriched with vitamins and Aloe Vera to promote healthy lips
  • Use with SHANY lip primer to extend the color stay beyond 8 hours
  • Designed in U.S.A – Not Tested on Animals – Proud member of PETA organization

Honest reviews


Day and night lipstick

12 colors that I can choose for my day, nightIve been able to pull up a smokey eye, soft evening, and my hot office look (if you knw what I mean ;> )using this selectionMy lips usually dry, but these lipsticks are nice on my lips and they are low maintenancethey give my lips a nice smooth textureI recommend this product

Gayla Acme, MI

half stars

i really dont know y i wasted my monney on this.i guess i read the reviews and decided to give it a try,but it wasnt worth felt like i had some cheap groundnutoil or baby oil on my lips.if uve used good lipsticks u would never want substance like these on your lips.some of the color dont even show ,and u have to keep applying before u see the real thing.well the 1 star i guess would be for the variety .they are such beautiful shades only if they got it right ,it would av been perfect.

Jo Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Bad quality

I wasn’t too happy with the quality of these lipsticks. There very oily so they tend to bleed. I tried putting a lipstick primer and after a while of wearing it, it just stained my lips. And the lipstick got on my teeth, not happy at all and they came all the way pushed up therefore the tip of the lipsticks were broken.

Courtney Grand Lake Stream, ME



Simone Franklin, PA

Quit Stealing My Lipstick!

My sister bought this set of lipstick a while ago. I borrowed one from her one day and she had to ask me more than once to get it back. She ended up giving me most of them because she doesn’t wear lipstick very often. They are superb. The color you see in the tube is the color that will be on your lips; and for a while! They last a long time since they moisturize and don’t rub off when smooching your man. My boyfriend used to hate kissing me while I had lipstick on but with this he knows it doesn’t get on him so he lets me smooch away. He asks me when I wear it how I get it to stay on for so long, I smile and tell him it’s magic.

Johanna Lake Delton, WI

love these

I love these lipsticks. They came in great time. The only negative was that they came all smooshed on the tops, but luckily none was broken. Overall they were quite beautiful. Happily grateful!

Angel Warsaw, MN

Strange and dull colors

Normally I love shany products- I use their brush set every day and love their neutral eyeshadow pallette. This lipstick however- not a fan.. The colors are totally different than what is labeled and don’t feel very smooth when applied. I would not buy this again- they pretty much just take up room in my makeup box at this point.

Dana Sandy, OR

Beautiful Colors! Beautiful Quality!

This lipstick is so beautiful and goes on so smooth. I have very sensitive lips and wearing lipstick too much always drys my lips out but this doesn’t if anything it makes them softer. The color lasts and is so vibrant! So glad I discovered Shany Cosmetics!!!

Pansy Waterville, IA

Not worth the money.

These lipsticks smell, they have a horrible consistency and the color wears off too quickly. I used one about three times and gave them all away after that.

Julianne Nicollet, MN

Love it

These lipsticks are just what they say…moisturizing! And how can you beat twelve lipsticks at this price? You just can’t!

Felecia Yazoo City, MS

Really great set!

I really love this lipstick set, you get a bargain for the price and variety of colors to chose from! Would let anyone know about this set that is looking for long-lasting lips!

Candice Seven Mile, OH


Shany sent me their lipstick collection a few weeks ago, and I must say they are to die for. The colors are so pretty and they go on so smooth. Definitely a lipstick that I would recommend to everyone.

Lynn Nanafalia, AL

Great colors

Love these!! There are so many colors to pick from and they are all so opaque. They go on really smooth and are very creamy 🙂

Gloria Lime Springs, IA

Love the colors, hate the durability

Pros – these are some beautiful colors. I especially like the pink lipsticks and the orange-y shade too. Also, the lipstick goes on smoothly and for the price, this is a good set. I am glad I purchased it.Cons – when the lipsticks arrived, two sticks were dented from having come into contact with the tops of their caps / lids. They were still usable, so I didn’t return the set. I figured perhaps the box could have been more cushioned, or that they were exposed to heat somehow during transit. But if you like your lipsticks looking perfect in the tube (and not like you’ve dropped them or a kid has used them), then you may want to avoid this set. A few months later, I left one of the tubes in my purse. There were not a ton of other items in the purse and the weather was not hot. However, that lipstick also kind of fell onto its cap and got crushed. It is still usable, but given that I was pretty careful with it, and that it had not been exposed to extreme conditions or heat, I was disappointed.

Sarah Kingmont, WV

Amazing Product and Amazing Sellers!

Expedient shipping and excellent sellers! I had absolutely no problems with this product, and I am very satisfied with my purchase. This product is just as described, and definitely worth the money. All of the lipsticks are so smooth and shiny. As an extra bonus, they even moisturize your lips keeping them smooth and silky. Amazing product and amazing sellers!

Lara Cardwell, MT


I really love Shany lipstick sets!They come with amazing colors and have great pigment, just like Shanys eye shadows!

Edith Centre Hall, PA

never been a fan of lipstick

Then I tried these, and at the price, how could I not? They went on so smooth and last all day long. Somedays when I feel like I just want a little oomph! I put my shaney lipstick on. Love it!

Felecia Wyndmere, ND

The Price can’t be beat!

You get 12 GREAT lipsticks for 25.00 that mean you’re paying 2.03 per lipstick. Drugstore make up doesn’t even come that cheap! And they look great better than a lot of other lipsticks I’ve tried. Doesn’t dry my lips out but i always put an lip balm on over it just in case.

Ola Speedwell, VA

the colors are great!

The colors that come in this pack are so vibrant, and sexy, and it lasts a long while . I love every color. They are so firm, yet wet, it makes me want to wear it all the time! and there is so many to choose from. totally recomend it!!

Courtney Valparaiso, NE


If i could give 0 stars i would. I was very excited to receive this because ive been looking for a set of pinks and reds in lipsticks. i received it… every. single. lipstick. broken! I cant believe it!! The tips are smashed into the stop of the cap because the lipstick is to long for the tube its in. Not only that but the sticks arent attached to anything! They just fall right out of the tubes. I am so disappointed. I will never buy anything for this company again. What a waste of my time, money and excitement.

Janette South Milford, IN

Excellent Quality and colors!

If you are hesitating to buy this set because most lipstick sets come with some tacky colors that you would never wear….dont worry about that with this one!! All the colors are super wearable and of the best quality! I would def recommend to ANY lipstick user!!

Susana Bakers Mills, NY

Seem cheap but still pretty good

My biggest complaint with these lipsticks is the fact that wen I opened most of them the lipstick stuck to the cap. I think the lipsticks are pretty decent still and good for what I wanted which was to try out a variety of colors. I would say overall the low price makes these a pretty good buy.

Marquita Eagle Bridge, NY

bright but drying and dryed out

beautiful shades but half of the bullets were broke in the tubes and fell out as soon as I opened them, may have just been an old set. These are also unfortunately drying compared to other brands I use. The slimtubed shany lipstick I have are much better would recommend those instead.

Madelyn Campbell, NY

Real Quality

These lipsticks are so fun to experiment with. The red color helps me pull of a vintage look and makes me have a lot of confidence because it ties off the look I’m trying to accomplish! 12 colors makes it easy to choose to match with certain looks. Very good quality, and it lasts a while!

Lizzie Hiram, ME

Great variety of colors

12 great colors to experiment with what looks good on you. Great value as well, great colors for day and night.

Irene Gladeville, TN

Best bang for your buck! Shany Cosmetics does it again!

I love, love, LOVE these lipsticks! With 12 colors to choose from, you get a little bit of everything and some great dupes of your favorite high end products. The colors last all day and have a beautiful finish! Shany Cosmetics also ships super fast and has great customer service! You won’t be disappointed!!!!

Jenny Yanceyville, NC

Love the lipstick, but..

First, they’re not very close to the lipsticks in the picture. I expected a lot of reds, but the colors I received are very pink and nude- but they are absolutely beautiful.Second, when I opened the Amazon box, the box of lipstick was completely ripped apart where it’s supposed to be together. No big deal, I taped it and it looks fine.Third, I opened all of the lipsticks to swatch them, and about four of them fell out into my lap. I had to push them back into the tubes. After that, no big deal.I’m giving this four stars because the colors are not the same as shown here. (Although in my opinion, the colors are more beautiful in real life.)

Nicole Grand Chenier, LA

Great deal

$19 for 12 different color lipstick is cheap ! The color is very pigmented. It is also very beautiful. It last long and it is also moisturizing.

Margie Backus, MN


Ok first of all.. ORDER FROM SHANYCOSMETICS.COM they are cheaper and with free shipping and samples with orders over $50.I bought them directly from them and came in perfect condition. They are really pigmented and last a fair amount of time which is something I expect for the price. I feel most of the other reviews are people expecting something too good for the price they are paying but this is just perfect for what it is. If you want something better you can look for something is sephora or mac but for a new price level. These are simply amazing! I LOVE THEM!

Josie Somerville, OH

love these!

Shany Lipsticks are amazing! they are sooo freakin pigmented! I love them and they are really really moisturizing! I highly recommend getting these!

Casandra Chuckey, TN