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SHANY Professional Nail Brush Set

If you are tired of your old nail brushes, or those cheap plastic brushes that are found in departmental stores, try our new natural hair nail brushes today and you will be in love. Durable design, exclusively for Shany cosmetics, layer of nylon protection on each single brush, bold wooden handle, light and compact. This is a great nail brush set, if you are willing to let your imagination run wild, try them today. Shany logo is printed on each single brush.

Key features

  • Durable fan brush, angled detail brush
  • Dotting tool, long striping brush
  • Short striping brush, detailing brush
  • Perfect for creating your own designs and painting on your nails or yellow wooden handles
  • Use Shany 24 piece nail art set or 24 piece UV nail gel color set to get the best results

Honest reviews


Save your money and spend a little more to get a better set

Very disappointed the brushes are not nice. Any gel you use on these dries instantaneously and using acetone to clean it does not work and ruins the bristles. Also one of the brushes had no brush it was not lost in shipping it just came with no brush on the end. Save your money or spend a little extra to get a better brush set from somewhere else.

Mona Newtown, VA


I love the pink tips of the brushes!!! Exceptional quality- no shedding nd so soft- a complete set for a precise look

Jewell Eagle Lake, ME


This is such a unique set! In all my years of looking for the next best thing in beauty. I have never seen anything like this! I love orange and pink! This set is great to experiment with, I love my new buy!

Connie Loretto, KY


The brushes looks really pretty and durable. It’s only $5 !! I would definitely purchase this and try it out.

Iva Ottertail, MN

Such a great price!

Words can’t describe how ecstatic I was when I saw the price of these nail brushes! I’m new to nail art, so these were a definitely must buy. I love how creatively they are arranged in the picture! The brushes delivered precise lines, it looked like I had gotten a manicure in a salon! I liked the variety in the shapes of the brushes, I only wish that the set came with a dotting tool. I’ll be trying out all sorts of new designs with these brushes! They make me feel like a professional manicurist.

Stefanie Castella, CA

Worth that $5 dollars.

My sister and I are big nail art fanatics and these are PERFECT!They’re so cute, when you get them it’ll make you want to do your nails all the time.This is such an awesome buy. You pay considerably less than a dollar per nail brush and man. $5 dollars for quality time with my little sister and amazing nails?I was SOLD!

Margret Lakeville, MA

I think

i think these brushes are nice. they are real good to do nail art and designs and are a perfect buy. Some of the brushes are also good for dotting and nail art. I like it a lot!!!

Penny East Lynn, IL


I’m just starting to get into playing with nail art and didn’t want to invest too much upfront until I knew what I was doing. I am SOOOO glad I got these brushes. They are so small and amazing for detail work. I’m so excited to check out Shany Cosmetics other nail stuff. I’m officially hooked!

Antionette Ontario, OR


I am crazy about nail art, Its so much fun and really inexpensive! These brushes are soooo cute and there are seven of them so you can do so many nail art looks 🙂

Rosella Maxwell, NE

thumbs down

It fell apart in a couple of days. Just didnt last long like I had hoped it would. I wouldntwaste your money.

Helen Clarkfield, MN

So useful!

I’ve been looking for brushes that were easy to handle when doing detailed artwork. Bingo! The skinny ones are great for designs like chevron stripes, the thick flat ones make french tips easier and I love fan brushes for gradient nails!

Leta Wilmington, DE

Awful Quality

This brushes are extremely small, but that’s not even the problem they were falling apart before i even started to use them and the ones that I did use i was only able to get one use out of, save your money and go get a set of acrylic painter brushes from walmart they work much better,

Johnnie Branscomb, CA

pink and gold!

i love the combination of the pink on the brush to the gold wooden color on the holder, they are so cute and great for people starting out on doing nails highly recommend!

Christian Cosby, TN

Great product for it’s price

I love doing my nails and these nail art brushes were perfect for me because they are the perfect size! the brushes are soft and nice to be able to do my nails and especially for its price, you can not go wrong !

Lesa Handley, WV

Great Nail Brushes

These are great for nail art. The color of these brushes are so cute, I love the pink tip. They are very small which is good for applying gel, glitter, etc to the nail.

Edwina Edwardsport, IN

Tops fell off.

I received the package in a timely manner but all the tops fell off the brushes. I had to glue them on with super glue. They worked great after that. I recommend ordering glue with this purchase. Three stars for the price. If they had not all been broken when they arrived it would have been five.

Lilia Elliott, SC

Very Nice Nail Brushes

These Nail Art Brushes Are Cute And Small Enough to do Delicate Designs on your Nails, you Don,t want Super Big Nail Brushes that cover your whole nail and are hard to use

Madeline Valley Center, KS

Nail brushes

These nail brushes are fantastic to do nail art, easy to clean and multiple sizes brush to create many different nail art design.

Leigh Chinook, MT

loose fibers

I like these but there are so many loose stringy fibers from the brush. i risk many times having extra stringy lines when trying to design a nail art. And they fall into the brush where i have to pull them back out. kinda annoying. I adjusted to using them gently and not as frequently. They are okay for beginners.

Betty Youngsville, LA

Great brushes!

Great set of nail art brushes for the price. The metal portion was not tight with half of brushs pulling off, nothing super glue couldn’t fix.

Maggie Hyannis Port, MA

Buy some glue with this purchase.

I was hoping that these brushes would work (because the price is so cheap), but unfortunately, the metal came unglued from many of the wands shortly after I purchased them. I suppose if you have super glue and want to bother re-gluing the metal it’s not such a big deal, but steer clear if that’s something you’d rather not have to do. The bristles themselves are fine – I had no issue with the quality in that regard… but I haven’t re-glued anything so far, so they’re sitting around, unused.

Cathleen Rockledge, GA


These nail art brush is perfect! Every size brush you need is in here! All of these nail brushes is wroth the price! I recommend it! 🙂

Jeanette Maida, ND


i love the fact that these brushes are so easy to use they don’t shed . you can be really precise with them. The orange color with pink tips are so cute. but are so affordable and they are pretty good.

Lana Zenda, WI

Ideal nail art brushes!

I have been staring a pretty nail picture on Pinterest for too long – I finally got some tools so I could do it myself! These brushes let me recreate any nail art I’ve ever seen. They are super small which lets you get very detailed. Perfect for those that are into the nail art trend!

Rowena Wirtz, VA