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SHANY Pro Brush Set Natural Goat & Pony bristles with Cotton Pouch – NY Collection – 22pc

NY Collections by Shany, are another premium line of cosmetic brushes which was designed with professional makeup artists to satisfy the professional market. All brushes went through a professional rinse with nontoxic chemicals to make them anti-bacterial brushes, plus all brushes were treated with heat more than 3 times in 3 separate process to deliver a high quality hair brushes. NY collection is one of SHANY’s best collection, all the brush kits come with 22pc brushes and their differences are among their materials and pouches. Soft or firm, synthetic or natural and Travel pouch or home use, they got them all. Since all brushes are treated, fibers distribute just the right amount of pigment for a perfect result every time. All NY collection includes: LARGE POWDER BRUSH , Foundation brush, Large Due Fiber brushes, Concealer brush, small and large angled brush, angled eyeliner brush, Fan brush, Pencil brush, blending brushes, shade brush and liner brushes.

Key features

  • NY Collection by SHANY, All you need for a flawless look! Premium line of Brush kits
  • 22pc GOAT & Badger BRISTLES – Mix of Soft and Firm makeup brushes for who loves both kind
  • High quality cosmetics brush set with pouch , made from natural hair for best result
  • Before use, clean brushes with go to face wash and room temperature water
  • Designed in USA with team of artists, Proud member of PETA and against animal cruelty.

Honest reviews



This brush set is awesome. It has 22 brushes!!! Literally, every brush you would need! and for a really affordable price. Love that they’re natural bristles, too. And the brush roll is perfect for helping you keep track of all the brushes!

Tasha Yeagertown, PA

A very nice brush set

This brush set is very nice. It is made with natural hair that is well bonded to the handle. The natural hair picks up and holds makeup well, and spreads it evenly and so nicely. I have used brushes to put on my makeup since High School. Brushes do require some basic care and cleaning. These brushes are of a quality far above the price you are paying. With proper care and cleaning they should last a long time. Once you use brushes to do your makeup I doubt you will go back to any other method. These brushes are just fantastic in that there isn’t a shed factor on them that I’ve found so far. I haven’t found any synthetic bristles to scratch the skin. As I said they are well bond and the bristles don’t fall out. Great brushes, get some. Linda W.

Elnora Hanlontown, IA

Love these brushes!

I love this brush set because not only is it pretty but very durable and if you wash them and take care of them they will last a pretty long time.

Yesenia Alexandria, PA

Great for starters!!

If you are a beginner this is the perfect set. Has anything and everything u need! Bristles are bit harder than usual so what is best is to wash them in antibacterial soap and olive oil prior to using. Let them dry completely and u will have exactly what u wanted!! Also, the roll folder brushes come in is perfect! U will keep your brushes straight and clean and won’t lose them!

Eugenia Trinidad, TX


these are great I love how the case is all black and the brushes are a read orange color its really cool! I love it! and really inexpensive also, would highly recommend!

Sandra Nashville, AR

great set

Can’t beat a deal like this. you get more than enough brushes for the money. the set is amazing and i love the natural bristles. the brush roll is perfect.

Sandra Tendoy, ID

only brushes you will need

In this roll you will get a brush for everything. The roll helps keep them clean neat organized and protected from being damaged. Wounderful brush set and a good price too.

Anna Liberty, KS