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Shany© Premium 4-SIDED – Quick Shine Block Nail Buffer – 4 way nail buffer – PACK of 3


Key features

  • Provides supreme high gloss to natural or acrylic nails
  • Professional 4 sided buffing block
  • 4 in 1 buffing block that allows you to smooth, buff and shine nails all in one tool

Honest reviews


Doesn’t make nails shiny…

If you’re looking for something to make your nails shiny, this is definitely not it. It does all its other functions, except for leaving your nails shiny, which is the reason why I bought it.

Addie Loganton, PA

It Works

This product works. It is no big deal that the blocks do not come with instructions. On the one I got, you can easily figure out which side you use first, pink, then green, then purple and orange last, for the final buff. Just swipe once with pink, green and purple to start, so you can learn how much smoothing your nails need. You can buff with orange as much as you want.

Petra East Norwich, NY

Ehhhhh. Not bad, not great

I read a previous review before I purchased when the reviewer said this product doesn’t say which side to start with first. I thought, can’t you just tell by feel?They were right. The four sides are all extremely similar and I can’t tell which to start with either. I’ve had buffers before that the difference between grits was more pronounced. Three of these sides all feel the same.However, I guessed at it (using the one grittier side to start) and buffed my nails while watching television. High shine was the result of my guesswork. So the product works well enough, and one side benefit is that since it isn’t that grittty, I feel safe throwing one in my purse and that it won’t scratch my glasses.The price is hard to beat if you get free shipping.

Margaret Killington, VT

big and useful

its great, it gets the job done fast sonce its big and covesr ur whole nail with couple of rubs. and its cheap. thats all i expect of my nail buffer!!

Frieda Warm Springs, MT

Great nail tool

I have to say that I really love this thing! It has helped me for when I cant get my nails done, I can fix my nails and buff them and make them shine before I put polish on them.

Nikki Carlsbad, CA