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SHANY Premium 4 sided, Quick Shine Block Nail Buffer, 1 Ounce

Professional 4-Sided Buffing Block. 4-in-1 buffing block that allows you to smooth, buff and shine nails at the same time with one tool, no more salon products and no more waste of money. the Buffer is specially designed and manufactured by shany.

Key features

  • Provides supreme high gloss to natural or acrylic nails Easy to use, and creates the highest shine you have ever seen For the highest shine, start with the grey side, move to the green side, and finish it off with the white side
  • 4 sided with 4 colors, each color represent one effect of buffer
  • use the dark colors to smooth and light colors to shine
  • 1/18″ thick layer of buffer allows you use the buffer many times

Honest reviews




Jeannette Salem, NY

Fluffy and full to grab on

nice easy to grab on and smooth out tiny and long nailsUsing this fluffy cube, I’ve been able to show off my natural bare nailsYou can feel the difference between the sides of the cube and it gives nails a nice shine, they feel smooth and naturalI recommend this

Alisha Pisgah Forest, NC

These didn’t last as long as I had hoped

While these SHANY Premium 4 sided Nail Buffers are easy to handle and worked well enough, they didn’t last very long.

Elena Ireland, IN

Nothing written on thee blocks to identify which side to use first!

I hate these. I would have given it zero stars but well, you all know.These have nothing written on each side to let you know which side to use in what order. So they are useless, plus I couldn’t tell which side was smoothest or roughest generally. I may not have the magic touch but I just couldn’t tell. So they were useless to me. I do NOT recommend them.And yes they do show text on the sides in the picture but the ones I received had NO text on them. So maybe they have updated the product since then but I won’t rebuy the product in order to find out.

Ingrid Forest Junction, WI

great nail blocks

These are great nail blocks you can use the roughest edge for filing or for roughing up your nail bed in preperation for nail treatments. Adds great shine to natural nails too!

Eva Obrien, CA

Not as good as I thought

I have used plenty of these with different brand names, these don’t seem as good as others I have used. They are okay.

Rosetta Springdale, UT