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SHANY Nail Art Set

This 24 piece nail art set has every color you need to design fabulous nails. Let your imagination run wild. Use the thin brush to create different patterns like feather strokes, checkered squares, rainbows, flowers and much more. *Tip* layer glitter over design to add sparkle. 1. Lime green (pearl) 2. Neon green 3. Yellow (matte) 4. Neon pink 5. Fuchsia (pearl) 6. Neon purple 7. Red (matte) 8. Neon yellow 9. White (matte) 10. Black (matte) 11. Silver (glitter) 12. Gold (glitter) 13. Pink (glitter) 14. Blue (glitter) 15. Green (glitter) 16. dark grey (matte) 17. Pink (matte) 18. Sky blue (matte) 19. Lavender (matte) 20. Brick (matte) 21. Navy (pearl) 22. Forest green (matte) 23. Orange (matte) 24. Purple (pearl)

Key features

  • 24 piece nail art set ,4 pearl shades,4 neon shades,11 matte shades,5 glitter shades
  • Most wished for, most gifted nail art set. Quality beyond USA and CE ,FDA standards
  • Durable design, Quick dry, Fine nail brush, Long lasting , yet Affordable nailpolish
  • No need UV lamp, LED lamp nail dryer, Quick dry formula, Use Top coat and base coat
  • Works great with Shany nail art set, Nail brushes, Nail manicure pedicure accessories

Honest reviews


Fun nail colors!

I like the variety of colors in this nail polish set, and would have given it more than 3 stars. What is preventing me from giving it a higher rating, is that 4 of the bottles were open and spilled. This happened with color 7 (red), color 9 (white) color 15 (glitter green) and color 18 (light blue). I am disappointed, seeing as 4 of the colors are mostly gone from their spills. I don’t think this is a case of them breaking during shipment, seeing as the bottles were not broken, just open. The 4 bottles had their brushes resting in the bottle, but they had not been screwed onto the bottle to close it. So they spilled. I am disappointed about this!On the positive side, the other colors are great and I have already made a really pretty manicure! They also work well with nail stamping plates too. Also, the small brush is great for creating nail art designs! 🙂

Freda Whitethorn, CA

Did not get 24 colors

I was excited to receive this. But, boy was I disappointed. Received 2 colors that had 3 each of same and 4 colors that were double. So all in all shorted 8 diff. colors. Sent back for refund.

Pansy Lexington, IN

waste of money!

the product came on time and not damaged (it was packaged properly).The problem is that the quality of the material used for nail polish is not good. in addition, the brushes are very thin and messy; not suitable for covering a nail nor for art design (some of them are good but most of them are not). the most drawback is that you can not return the item. I ordered this item just because it was not mentioned non-returnable (some other brands sell similar items described as non-returnable) and there is a piece of paper inside the box which said this item should be returnable but the return option is inactive for this item. I would never recommend this to adults (even not to teenagers). I feel like a real loser!

Minnie Bullville, NY



Emilia Starlight, PA


Unbelievable. It is a perfect art set. the colors are bright and so beautiful. I will use all 24 colors. very good quality materials. Unbelievable.

Mable Langhorne, PA


the price for this is really cheap. It comes with 24 different color. The colors are beautiful and the brush applies it very smoothly on the nail.

Ila Ledyard, CT

Not happy

Let me start off with the colors are great! However, the product is cheap. You really do get what you pay for here. When applying they clump up so fast I can’t even use it. I really wanted to like this, and thought the negative reviews where just exaggerating. They weren’t. It’s bad, really bad. Even Wet ‘n Wild blows these away. Save your money people, seriously.

Valeria Banner, KY

Good variety

These are probably not the best quality art polish you can buy, but overall their positives far outweigh their negatives.Pros:There is a good variety of colors (both solids and glitters)The colors are all vibrantThey come in a plastic stand that keeps them all well organized (thin plastic, just a store display, but very useful nonetheless)They seem last a decent amount of time before chippingCons:I have run across a few bottles that are too thin and few more that are gooeyEvery once in a while the brush separates from the lid and has to be screwed in againI can’t use these on stamping plates as the polish is generally too thin (it’s only listed as a con because the plastic tray they come on says to use Shany image plates for the best results)Overall, for the price I think you get a really good quality and great varietyEdit: I’ve changed my review to two stars because I’ve found multiple bottles that are dried out and totally solid. Plus, about half of these are so thin they don’t leave good lines and require several coats. Not great for nail art and impossible for stamping.

Ruthie Jefferson, IA

awful polish

I hate this nail polish. It’s extremely thin, applies unevenly and takes FOREVER to dry. This MIGHT be good for nail at I suppose but it’s not for me. I will not buy this brand of polish again.

Shawn Spangle, WA

Great range of colors

I love the range of colors you get here and they are priced really well. I can’t find colors like these at my local beauty stores and am so excited to try these out. It’s great because my fiancé is an artist and loves to draw these beautiful designs on my nails. These will be great for both him and me. I absolutely love the brush. It’s perfect for intricate little designs and also all over nail pictures.

Katherine Cambria, IL

Chips easily

I got this set as a birthday gift and unfortunately when I did my nails for the week the polish came off in pieces within a matter of days. Literally 2 days after I did them almost all of the polish was missing from my nails and I haven’t used it since. Don’t waste your money. Go to walmart and get cheap polish if you want something that will last longer because this brand just isn’t it. I’ve tried everything from china glaze to opi and then some but none of them ever chipped as badly as this. Stay away.

Dona White, GA

Deserves less than 1 star

I received this item a complete mess. It had leaked everywhere and as for the ones I could see the inside of, the oil and color had separated and looked like old polish. I would advise against buying this because if you have a problem and want to return it says that it’s a hazardous material and isn’t available for return. Right now I’m trying to contact Amazon to see if they can resolve the issue but so far haven’t heard back. I’ve ordered two Shany products, this one and a pallet of eye shadows. The eye shadows weren’t any good either. I got them and it looked like they sent me someone else’s returned damaged item. It makes me wonder how good their company really is.

Debbie Blue Hill Falls, ME


This is probably the worst nail polish I have ever purchased. It is clumpy, and sticky, and does not come off well with remover.

Krystal Austin, KY

Dunno wat to say!

I ordered it exactly last year..They are gud for nail art but when you apply them as a polish to ur nails…they do turn out well but they will brittle and get cracks easily…as far as to jus do some art on ur nails, these are okay I felt….But I feel like using them as nail polish as they are so many bottles to finish off…I dont like them much!

Marie Perry, OH

very nice

These are great. Colors are very bright. was just what my daughters wanted. this kit is great. You get a lot of nail polish for one low price.

Herminia Peaster, TX


I could not believe I got so many Nail polish for the price. all color are good and I use them. I recommend it to every one.

Maxine Tye, TX

Great starter set

This nail art set is great for individuals who are into making free hand nail art. Many vibrant colors which is a plus since I would never find any of these beautiful colors. The brush is slim, perfect for creating lines and the fine tip makes great dots. I’m very content with this purchase and happy it’s a part of my nail art collection.

Pam Dudley, GA

Colorful nail polish

Though I haven’t tried these products out, I will. These products look great, and are reasonably priced, and offer the same colors that you would get in a salon for your nails (finger, and toe) for a fraction of the price.

Antionette Wallops Island, VA


Absolutely great product. I bought this for my fourteen year old niece for Christmas and of course I had to try it out, then I tried another one, and another one and another one. So much fun! I even contemplated keeping a few for myself!

Alexandria Barnesville, GA

the best gift and personal set


Deidra Three Rivers, CA

Nice polish 🙂

The colors of the nail polish are all very pretty, and I’m really happy that it came with white and black. You also get some glitter ones too. The brush is the small striper size brush for lines and such in nail art. The nail polish didn’t come in the black box, but like someone else said it does come shrink wrapped and in it’s shany holder that is pictured next to the black box.. so it still looks nice. The only thing that bothered me was that some of my polishes has apparently leaked out at one time and dried on the side of them.. that’s probably because of the warehouse though.. so it’s not really their fault since it’s stored with amazon. Overall I’m happy to start using these for nail art 😀 gonna save tons of money.. and next I’m gonna get some nail polish pens lol.

Annie Hiawatha, UT


What a great deal on TWENTY FOUR polishes. Wow. And also, the brush is great for creating fun designs, in my opinion. I love how there are sooo many colors, too! It’s great if you love switching up your colors, or if you just like a good variety.

Neva Olean, NY

Fast Drying

I am not a nail professional. I am a grandma who loves painting my granddaughter’s nails. She actually picked this out and was very excited when it arrived from Shany.The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the strong smell of nail polish. This is awesome, because the second thing I noticed (which came from the first) is that these polishes dry quickly.I believe they are intended for nail art – on top of nail polish – but I tried them out alone without nail polish underneath.First of all, these have very nice SMALL brushes. While this is because they are intended as nail art, it makes it extra easy for kids to apply. I wish ALL of my nail polishes had such nicely small brushes. However, because the brushes are flexible, you may want to use sticks if you are doing detailed art on your fingernails.Because these are intended for nail art, if you want them to last you will need to put a clear cover coating on top of them so that they don’t peel.While the glitter polish didn’t seem to scrape off as easily as the flat, it felt rough to the touch – and should also be coated.The colors were true on my fingernails when I tested them, and my granddaughter is pleased to have me touch her up.I have removed a star because one of the bottles had leaked slightly and the top couldn’t be removed. Otherwise, an excellent selection of nail art colors – fast drying.Shany sent the set to me as a complimentary sample to test for a review, and I am happy to be able to report a good experience with the set I received.

Kim Capon Springs, WV


This is the PERFECT PERFECT PERFEECT set to have beautiful nail art and I myself have no need to buy any individual nail art polish because I have all the colors and it’s the best investment!

Justine South Glens Falls, NY

Love it!

I love this product! I did my daughters nails and they are awesome and she loves them! I hope that more people understand that this is a great artistic set for nails not just a ordinary polish even tho u can use it that way too!! Yall rock!!

Liza Enosburg Falls, VT

Love them

I love this set. It’s got lots of great colors; it seems to have most of the basics. The little brushes are great for nail art. I’m just a beginner so I don’t know much about this stuff, but these work great for me as I learn what I’m doing. I only had a problem with one of the brushes being messed up.The white polish had a brush with one extra long bristle sticking out and it was messing up my designs; I fixed it by cutting off the long bristle with scissors, and now it’s not a problem anymore!

Monique Rockfall, CT

great colors

A great combination of colors in an easy to use form. The nail art brushes are great and you can use them to create a number of styles and designs.

Carey Elmwood, NE

One broke otherwise good

One came and was half empty and very hard. It was still a good value for the amount of colors I was able to use.

Kim Silver Lake, OR


Fantastic set of colors! I love doing my nails and this set is really really great for detailed nail art!

Melba Caledonia, ND

I love these

These are great, love everything about them down to their cute little holder and box. The colors go on smoothly, love the brush, and makes great designs! Couldn’t ask for more

Juliana Spring City, PA