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SHANY Mini Makeup Train Case With Mirror – Zebra

The SHANY Mini Makeup Train Case is a stylishly cute and compact makeup case to ensure the safety and organization of your cosmetics and tools. This case measures at 9.6 inches X 6.8 inches X 7.3 inches and comes with two extendable trays that can easily fit our Perfect Canvas Convention, Eye Shadow Singles, and LL Creams. The case design is so versatile that it can also be used to store nail art products, our UV dryers and fashion accessories. Its uses are limited by your imagination. Each tray and the bottom compartment is made from a dust-proof acrylic sheets that are easy to clean and maintain. A separate compartment with an embedded mirror will help you apply makeup on-the-go. The case exterior is built with aluminum corners and lockable latches. The SHANY Mini Makeup Train Cases come in a wide variety of colors to ensure you find the best one for your personality. This is a great buy for tweens and makeup novices. The SHANY Makeup Case Warranty extends to all SHANY cases. If your case arrives damaged during the shipping process or if the product if defective, we will gladly replace it. Please allow 1- 2 weeks for the replacement to arrive. All of our products meet PETA’s cruelty-free standard and are designed by makeup professionals in the U.S.A

Key features

  • Chic, sleek, and trendy cosmetics train case for makeup novices^ Measures at 9.6 in. X 6.8 in. X 7.3 in. and weighs less than five pounds^ Durable design with dust-proof and spill-proof interiors for long use^Great to store our nail polishes, foundations, eye shadow singles and accessories^ SHANY is a member of PETA and all of our products are cruelty-free.-designed by makeup professionals in the U.S.A

Honest reviews


Good if you’re an 8 year old girl.

I was totally shocked and disappointed when I received this based on the stellar reviews. I guess I’m more of a make-up fanatic than I realized. I also should have actually done the measurements. I had no clue it would be this ridiculously small. Seriously – I had too much make-up at 12 to put in this. If you’re a huge make-up nerd like me, then stay far away from this.What did I do? I pondered a Sephora traincase, but they’re $200+ and still not big enough. I considered one of the roll-around ones, but that’s mostly for professional make-up artists. I’m rarely wheeling around my make-up. I ended up getting a huge tacklebox by Plano ($50). It has tons of space and different sized drawers and containers for your make-up, and is incredibly sturdy. I have a TON of make-up in there, and still have a little more space. I’m a super girlie girl, so I designed it and colored it and stuff and now it looks like a real make-up box. I definitely recommend going that route if you’re a serious make-up geek.This is fine though if you just own foundation, blush, and a few lipsticks and eyeshadows.

Angel Green City, MO


Super stylish and functional. I wish it was a little bigger, but the product dimensions listed are accurate. Nevertheless, this unfortunately does not come close to holding all of my cosmetics, and I don’t have an excessive amount. It does hold the necessities, however, and is perfect for a weekend trip.

Robin Middlebury, VT

Great Case!

So I got this as a Christmas gift and I LOVE it! It’s big enough for my makeup but compact enough for easy travel. My makeup and brushes fit perfectly in this case! I do have quite a bit of makeup so everything is pretty packed in there, which is ok by me, the less wiggle room the less chance of something breaking! I would recommend this for the normal makeup wearer, not for say a makeup artist. I only gave this 4 stars because I ordered a different color one but recieved the black one. However, I’m not upset, a makeup case is a makeup case, it serves it’s purpose very well. I would def repurchase this makeup case in the future and for future gifts!

Marguerite Manchester, MN

First Real Makeup Case

I’m in my mid-30’s but I’ve never been that into makeup so I was never in need of a case (I usually kept my makeup in a tiny makeup bag.) Recently, though, I’ve been trying out new makeup and also getting a bunch of freebies so my usual makeup bags were starting to pile up and take more room than was necessary.After doing some quick research I decided to purchase this Shany brand black makeup train case. Here are my thoughts:Pros- The design is beautiful. It looks professional and I love the variety of colors you can choose from.- It’s well made; strong and well built.- There are many compartments which makes organizing makeup simple.- The price is good for this product.Cons- It’s small so be aware of the measurements. I still don’t have anywhere near the amount of makeup the average woman has and even I couldn’t get all of my products to fit in this case so make sure you’re aware of that before you purchase.- It was tough to figure out exactly which compartment was causing the case to not close properly due to being overstuffed. I didn’t even think I put too many products in because I didn’t have to jam anything in. But because the compartments fold into each other it’s easy to overfill without realizing it. It took several open/shut, remove, open/shut, remove for me to find the sweet spot.As you can see, the “cons” are mostly issues that can be avoided had I paid more attention to the measurements of this case instead of relying on photos. This being my first real makeup case, I can forgive myself of that lapse in consumer due diligence. I’m hoping my review can help others take careful note of the size of this case so they can avoid the “cons” that I posted.Overall, this is a great little case to have. It’s beautiful, well-built, and has saved me a lot of room by allowing me to consolidate most of my products into it. I can’t believe I lived so long without one. I went from having 4-5 small makeup bags taking space to this one case and one makeup bag (for the products that didn’t fit in the case). I’m very pleased.

Joy Diller, NE

The perfecct make up case for the perfect girl

This is the perfect makeup case for the girl, or the make up artist who is serious about makeup. The mirror comes in handy, because it makes it possible for the user to immediately see her face, and to apply the make up right away, with the right accessories to create the perfect look of beauty. Two thumbs up for this perfect product :)!

Maryellen Clifton Park, NY

Small but Handy!

This case was small. I have a big makeup collection so this would just hold the makeup that i travel with! I wish it was a diffident color or print, not really loving the white.

Margot Lake, WV

Light weight

This is light weight, and the mirror is an awesome plus. I love how compact it is, too. Anything that’s nicely priced and helps you stay organized is awesome

Kristine Blooming Glen, PA

Love this!

I actually bought this train case for my friend who also does makeup. She just loves this so much she said it was perfect for all her supplies and I looking to purchase one in the near future!

Ashleigh Nowata, OK

Love this handy little train

Just the right size for a weekend getaway. Pretty color, easy to clean, and sturdy. A nice companion to the bigger size SHANY offers.

Marjorie Mountville, SC


I think this is such a pretty case. I like how simple it is and yet looks amazing. It look spacious and easy to use. I would defnitly have one around my bedroom to store my stuff in.

Grace Amsterdam, MO

Great for on the go!

This is a great sturdy little, case. I keep all my go to make up in here and when I travel or need to take my make up with me to a friends house its all in here and ready to go. I love that theres a mirror in it already so I don’t have to worry about packing an extra one and it taking up more room.

Marilyn Caldwell, NJ


Again I love anything pink and this is soooo pretty, fits make up brushes and It has a mirror how convenient!

Roberta Nyack, NY

Super cute case!

Just the right size for taking it over to my boyfriends house and leaving it there without him getting too mad about my stuff being everywhere!!! And it’s pink, my favorite color!

Gina Great River, NY

perfect item

this train case is so adorable and is the perfect item for carrying all my makeup around! and the color is just a BIG plus!!

Crystal Mc Connells, SC

Great for the money…

This kind of small, but it is great for the money and it is my favorite color! I use it for all my eyeshadows! Holds them perfectly.

Natalie Quemado, TX

this case is great

this case is so much bigger on the inside there is so much room to put all of your makeup inside it’s great!

Bettye Collegeville, MN

Very nice makeup case!

I just received this in the mail today. Its very cute and is exactly what I need! I have a ton of makeup and my other makeup case is overflowing, so this was a great purchase, and will help me keep my makeup organized!

Amelia Blanco, OK

Excellent for storage and travel

I love this case. It holds a lot of product and easy to use traveling. It’s sturdy as well as good looking. Made a great choice on this one.

Bertha Smithville, OH



Agnes Wells, TX

Very High Quality!

This case is super cute…It is made way more durable than others out there on the market and you would be surprised at everything you can fit in here. Perfect for on the go makeup storage!

Tammy Waterloo, SC

Great case!

I really like this case. The size is perfect (could be a teeny bit bigger) and I like that the drawers only come out from one side & not two like many other cases. My only complaint is that the cover on the top drawer with the mirror has a hard time staying up.

Trisha Hoffman Estates, IL


i bought this item as a gift and she loved it, or so she says. i dont use these types of things though.

Ma Macedonia, IL

Perfect design

This is the perfect travel companion for any makeup lover. Big enough to hold all necessities but not to big that it is in the way!! High quality and lovely design make this a must have for any makeup user out there!!

Janet Arrey, NM

Little Black Case

This case is the perfect size! I want to add more makeup to my collection! I love the handle because it makes it easy to grab and go. Very well put together and is sturdy.

Laurel Tuckerman, AR

Nice looking case

I actually use this for other things including jewelry on the top shelves. I really like all tHe storage space.The only issue I have had, is I knocked it over. If I don’t open it often, I forget how it works and the the thing has a lot do drawers!Still, great product and I can see how this would make a great makeup holder!

Deana South Glastonbury, CT

Nice Case!

For my make-up I had been using this old, black, make-up stained make-up bag. When I saw this I figured it was time for an upgrade! It is bigger than what I expected, but not huge and still fits my needs. The picture does not do this product justice! It is a very nice cosmetics case. When I opened the box and my 17-year-old daughter saw it she said, "It’s about time you came into the modern world!!" LOL It has enough room for my shadows, liners. brushes and foundation. LOVE IT!

Ophelia Lake Alfred, FL

Great for starters

This train case is great for girls or boys who just start with their makeup. This train case will hold just a small amount, and when you are just starting you will not have that much makeup. So this is perfect. I like the sleek black. If you are more of a experienced makeup user and you have more makeup, this train case will not fit all your makeup. But it is nice and sturdy maybe for travelling.

Esther Gurdon, AR

Very good quality

I was actually very surprised at the quality of this item. It seems very sturdy and well put together. I bought two as gifts and inspected them before gifting. One definite plus is that it looks like it will be a cinch to wipe the little trays out. It also has a good size mirror. I would buy more of these as gifts, and I’ll probably purchase one for myself. As another buyer noted, this version does not have a lock and key.

Lee Maysel, WV

Great product!

Very cute and well made. Can hold a nice amount of product. Very affordable. I love it. Great for use as an overnight type case.

Justina Junction City, KS

Love Love Love It!

I’m not a makeup diva but I do have a little bit of everything. This makeup case is not too small and not too big. It’s absolutely perfect and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and ease of use. I highly recommend it.

Socorro Twin Valley, MN