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SHANY Jet Black Professional Rolling Makeup Case Premium Collection, Slim Design, 12 Pounds

Professional makeup case by SHANY, this product compare to all other products available on net is the most enhanced makeup case available, try it once and you will never have to purchase another one.the “L” shape handle that goes all the way to the bottom of the case is the signature of SHANY, unlike other cases “L” shape handle carry more weight and will last longer. Grade “A” plastic with shiny sealant is used for surface of the makeup case to save the durability without sacrifising quality. SHANY trademark and logo is printed on the handle and the box.

Key features

  • High quality Pro Aluminum Frame super hard with soft and shiny surface
  • Size: 27.5″H x 12.5″W x 8.5″D
  • Heavy Duty Ergonomic Locks with Dual Keys
  • “L” shape handle for long lasting and durability
  • Telescopic Handle With In-Line Skate Wheels

Honest reviews



I do nails on the side and I have this case and it is truly amazing!! It holds everything but the kitchen sink I do In home appointments so for me this is money on wheels!! Worth its weight in gold dont pass It up get yours today!!Shany Jet Black Professional Rolling Makeup Case Premium Collection, Slim Design, 12 Pounds

Justina Florence, AZ

Great For traveling

its a bargin, great quality and it does the job. i love love love the color. its so sleek and sheek, and it doesnt ever look dirty or messy inside since its dark. im still in beauty school but if you see me out with it you’d think im a professional which i enjoy very much lol.

Gale Warm Springs, GA

Travel Cases

These are great for a make up artist that is always on the go and travling as you have a varity of portable caes with wheels and holds up to 12 pounds of make up, That is alot of make up products!

Lina Bretton Woods, NH

Good for the price

Ok. All other reviews aside. Let’s look at this. I’m pretty positive that the people who received these damaged were a fluke and not all of them come that way. Shany is a great company in my own personal experience and I feel confident that had I received one of these damaged, they would go above and beyond to make it right. No one should let one person’s bad experience deter them from a purchase. Especially not on a product this great! This is my go to case when I have to do a wedding, or any type of make-up function on location. I spent twice this amount on a smaller version from a different company and the quality was terrible. If you’re looking for some type of storage or traveling set for personal use, this is probably not your best option, but they do seperate and you can use them for various things. Overall, the storage capacity is amazing, the quality and condition is beautiful and the price is unbeatable!

Lola Raymond, IA

take me with you on the go

Seems really nice and spacious. I love that its black and can go with anything. Has tons of compartments to store makeup or nail supplies depending on what you do or want to use this case for.Looks very nice for a new makeup artist to try and give some use to so I’d have to say try it, Could be a great first makeup case.

Juliet Preston, MN


This looks extremely professional! It’s light weight, helps you stay really organized, and is so easy to carry around! Love it!

Kay Inavale, NE


Not much to say with that kind of title! I love this rolling case so much fits everything and anything in it. Awesome for anyone including us Makeup artists!

Alice Wendel, CA


Much like the zebra one, it’s perfect for freelance makeup artists who may not want such a bold print on their trolley.

Jeanie Pine River, MN


Update 10/1/12 I absolutely LOVE this! It is so helpful to keep all my make up organized and nice and neat. I really want another one so that I can add more to itI don’t use this for traveling as I’m not a MUA so I don’t need to take everything with me all the time. What I do use it for is storage, I keep it next to my vanity with all my make up in it. It fits everything and I don’t have to worry about my nephews getting into it. Great buy!

Yolanda Wattsville, AL


Wow this jet black professional rolling make up case really does look PRO! I think its at a great price

Dee Zoe, KY

Great for Makeup collectors

I’m constantly doing someones makeup on scene and having this portable item make my job so much easier. never have to have multiple bag again. Before this product my life was such a headache and now don’t my job is a breeze!

Graciela Burbank, OK



Janelle Shock, WV

Its Okay

Its kind of small if your a working artist but if you just need something small for storage its a great item.

Juliette Campbell, OH


This case is super sturdy and makes anyone look like a true professional!! The quality is amazing and is perfect for traveling. I would def recommend this to anyone looking for a travel friendly case!!

Erin Middlesboro, KY

Fabulous Case

My Husband gave me one of these cases for Christmas. I love it. It is just fabulous for traveling. I can carry all of my cosmetics and bath items in the case along with extras you just want to have along. I don’t use it as much as I used to because it is such a hassel at the airports anymore. If I am just going on a weekend or 2-3 day trip I will take it and substitute it for one of my suit cases. I’ll carry my lingerie and shoes in the bigger lower section. I love this case it rolls so easily, it is easy to take along. As a matter of fact it rolls easier than my suitcase. I just love the way I can organize everything. I definately think this case would be a must have for the budding makeup artist. I definatly recommend this case to evertone. Linda W.

Bonita Garden City, AL

You get what you pay for !

I LOVE this case. It is very professional and and sleek. Took it out of town with me for 2 weeks and worked perfectly for a small makeup artist. 🙂

Maggie New Germantown, PA

Very Professional!

If you have a gig coming up this is perfect for storage and travel! It’s a match for the person who likes original style! It seems a little pricey, but let me tell you you won’t find a cheaper 3 piece set. It’s slimming profile makes it perfect to set in your little compact vehicle or traveling across the globe

Keri Middletown, NJ

Great for makeup artists

All makeup artists know how heavy all the makeup is to just carry around. Now you don’t have that problem you can just pull all your makeup with you wherever you go. The trolley is very sturdy and holds a ton of makeup.

Judy Roscoe, MO

Great for professionals OR makeup storage

This is the highest priced item that I have ever purchased when dealing with makeup – but I’m glad I did ! I am always doing friends and family members’ makeup, and this makes transporting my makeup so much easier! So stylish and sleek, I look like a professional! I have also found that I can easily store my makeup in here instead of having it thrown everywhere. This is a lifesaver!

Bernadine Kimbolton, OH

Just what you need!

Best space available for when u have very busy days!! U can carry everything u need. The compartments allow for you to keep the most important things on top and the extras or spares in the bottom. Sleek color, not bulky, lightweight!!

Shannon Dresden, OH


Bringing this anywhere makes it look like you’re a professional. It also gives people the impression of you being organize and neat thus people trusting you more with the makeup.

Dorthy Knightstown, IN

this is like perfect!

this rolling makeup case is so amazing! its great obviously to take on the go. when you’re on location, or when you just leave for a long trips. its a must have for suree!

Iris Milton, PA

This Isn’t a Safe

This is a very nice makeup case. I would be very careful with it as it isn’t a safe. I love all of the little compartments, it comes in handy when you have OCD!

Staci Carpenter, WY

Shany Jet Black Professional Rolling Makeup Case Premium Collection, Slim Design, 12 Pounds

This make-up case is convenient because of the weels.It is very sleek and full of make-up.All that and only 12 pounds.Amazing product.

Candy Hume, NY

You will look like a PRO

This black rolling makeup case is the perfect gift for any makeup artist. Its sleek and sophisticated and easy to maneuver. The wheels roll smoothly and do not get stuck either. One major thing I wanted was big compartments and this rolling case has it. You can store everything neatly and organize small and large products. Great for traveling and if you don’t want to roll everything you can just pop off the top and use the train case.

Tonya Hartland, MI

Sleek look

Sleek professional looking trolley. Rolls along with handle for easy transportation. Drawers lock and has enough room to stow all products.

Hilary Magnolia, IA

Great size

Love the classic black color, looks clean and professional. Lots of storage space inside to fit all my tools. Love the convenience of the rolling wheels.

Deloris Embarrass, WI

A very professional-looking case!

I like the fact that the case has a shiny sealant on the surface of the makeup case to protect it hopefully from scratches so it is durable. The locks & keys are great also. A very professional-looking case!

Christi Tonasket, WA

Great Case

Very roomy and for even though the price, its wonderful! makes me look very professional even though im only 16!

Angeline Yoder, KS

Great for traveling

This is perfect for a makeup artist, it has enough room for all your makeup needs. It is light weigh and it breaks down into smaller cases makes it easy to travel with. It also has wheels and a handle and all make up art know how nice that feature is.

Lavonne Seeley, CA