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SHANY Foundation Brush – Premium collection -Ultra Firm and smooth


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very great brush

This is a GREAT quality brush!I haven’t used this for liquid foundation.I use Everyday Minerals (I HIGHLY recommend!) and this brush comes in handy for the concealer.The bristles are very firm and don’t fan out after cleaning.Bristle size is about 2 inches long..slightly larger than my ecotools foundation brushes.Great price for a great brush!

Patsy Gilmer, WV


I love this brush! Great firm bristles, and is actually a great concealer brush, too! Love the yellow-orange color, too. Different from the norm, black (:

Alice Ohatchee, AL

Really good brush!

My foundation goes on very evenly with this brush. There’s no shading what’s so ever I really love this brush!

Kathryn Lisbon, MD


I love how dense the brush is; it can pick up a lot of product. I like my foundation to be a full coverage foundation so this is a good brush for those of you who want to cover EVERYTHING.

Sheree Rockbridge, IL

Great brush!

I love using a brush for foundation, I usually use a flat top brush and while I don’t use this for foundation, I love it for putting on concealer and blending it out. Its so much better than those tiny concealer brushes. I love it! I’m getting an extra on just in case anything happens to this one. 🙂

Cleo Soledad, CA


Great Shany foundation brush it is soft but firm also goes on smoothly! Love my brushes in black, can wait to get more!

Yvonne Wadsworth, OH



Liz Belle Rose, LA

LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush!!

This brush is perfect!! The quality is amazing and the end result is even better. The bristles are super soft and the handle is very comfortable. A def must have for everyone!!

Lashonda South Butler, NY

So awesome and cheap!

This brush does wonders for me I have certain blemishes that can’t hide without using this brush! Also, the price is phenomenal! A must have!!!!

Margo Amory, MS


Broke within a few days. 2 weeks tops. You get what you pay for so i wasnt too upset. Just dont like that i have to buy a new one again so soon.

Bernadette Deerfield, MI

great brush

The hair on the brush is smooth yet firm. When applying foundation with this brush, it goes on smoothly. The color of the hair is pretty too.

Ollie Harvey, AR

everyday use!

This brush I go to for my everyday foundation routine! I LOVE IT! I highly recommend you trying this brush the price is unmatched for such good quality it is!

Eileen Lake Hughes, CA

Everyone needs a foundation brush!

Everyone needs a foundation brush in their kit – it’s my favorite way to apply liquid makeup. I like the firmness of this brush for more precision and the outcome is perfect skin.

Benita Dresden, ME

A very sleek brush!

I feel like an artist when I’m using this brush! A very sleek brush! Great for perfect foundation application. Before I did’nt use a brush to apply my foundation, now I see how easy it is for flawless application. A soft but firm brush.

Darla Martinsburg, PA

Great brush!

I love all of Shany’s brushes. this one is great! it applys your foundation with a nice even airbrush finish which i love!

Marguerite Croswell, MI

great brush

I use this brush for my liquid foundation (I use Armani Luminous Silk) and its great! High quality, super smooth. This product is REAL hair, so it will not be suited for vegans.

Judith Bridgewater, SD

Quality brush!

This brush is wonderful! Its very firm and blends my foundation flawlessly! I wont be buying another foundation brush for a long time, I cant believe the price! Why do other companies charge so much if Shany can sell the same quality for the fraction of the price.

Jane White Bird, ID


This bruch very good to put on your foundation it puts on a thin layer and does not take up a lot of foundation. Very good

Katie Durham, ME


well put together the bristles do not shed and it applies foundation very well. After cleaning the brush stays in great condition.

Annie Jacksontown, OH

Great Quality!

Don’t waste your money on Mac, Shany’s brushes are just as good at a fraction of the price. I use this for my liquid foundation and I get a smooth air-brushed finish every time!

Christa Bandy, VA