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SHANY Eyeshadow Palette, Boutique, 40 Color

The SHANY Boutique Eye shadow Palette (Set of 40 Colors) offers a select assortment of key shades for both day and night. Individually hand-assembled, the 1/2-inch round eye shadow pan is neatly packaged in a slender compact that’s small enough to carry in your purse or gym bag. Made from a natural mineral oil base, the vivid colors of the eye shadow palette will last for hours–there’s no need to reapply.

Key features

  • 40 Bold and vivid volors, Great for creating dramatic or everyday look
  • Highly pigmented colors deliver a smooth finish that’s smudge resistant
  • Use SHANY Paraben free primer to get the best color out of this palette
  • Used by professional Makeup artists on fashion runway and theaters
  • Designed in USA with team of professional makeup artists. Proud member of PETA

Honest reviews


Email the seller with any questions before you order.

I did email first and was told the eyeshadow would look most like pictures 3 and 4. Each color is a little smaller than a US dime. The darker colors are great. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using an eyeshadow primer, such as Urban Decay Primer Potion, before applying these colors as it will make the colors stay on a lot long, appear more vibrant and you’ll be able to use less makeup for a brighter look. Trust me, girls, if you don’t have a primer, GET ONE! 🙂 I’ve added a picture of my actual set above, it closely resembles the sellers 4th picture. I like how it has a huge mirror in the case. I personally think this is a great deal for the money. I use a lot of MAC, Urban Decay and Smashbox eyeshadows, and I feel, if used with a primer, these colors will do just as well if you’re on a budget. Even though you don’t get a ton of each color, they’re more pigmented than drugstore brands, like Cover Girl, Wet n’ Wild, etc., so you need less when applying.

Dana Center City, MN

the best metalic color found on the NET!

beside the good price and good quality, I should say it has the best color ever. picture shows all the light color ,but i got all the hot colors, all metalic shades, kinda sexy tan shades, not so many pinks and yellows, it was mostly medium dark tan colors. I will buy more

Joann Ramona, KS

Rainbow of Colors

I would purchase this alone based off the array of colors in the palette, and the price point, if you were to get all these color from MAC would cost you way over $350. So if you are a beginner and just starting out and would like to experiment this would be great to have, get a color wheel learn about color theory and make yourself a true makeup artist, Nalo Jones professional makeup artist and beauty expert based in Los Angeles can view web site at […]

Erica Parker, SD


Very vibrant colors, highly recommend with a eye shadow primer like MAC, worth every it for its great price. Love the neutral colors.

Christie Paramount, CA

beautiful colors

I love this palette it being my first! I love the colors, the dark colors are extremely pigmented, a little goes a long way. The lighter colors are cute and soft might have to pack it on some but the end results are beautiful. I had no issues with delivery everything arrive on time I would Definitely recommend!

Sylvia Epworth, IA

Top of the line, The most beautiful Collection on Amazon

There is no question about this one, I really love this palette, Its almost my everyday palette, its so shimemry and shiny, besides It appears to be water proof

Opal Byron, NY

Don’t do it!

I own palettes by Nars, Sephora, Bareminerals and Lorac. Let’s just say that you get what you pay for and leave it at that. This does make a good gift for a child who likes to okay dress up though.

Gertrude Centerville, TX

Great gift idea

Im keep purchasing this item for gift purposes, and everyone is so happy with it, I tried it on my skin, and the color you see on the palette will be same as what you applied in your skin, pigments are from really good materials. they stick on your skin, I’m in love with this palette. Im planing to purchase some for christ mas gift for all my family. maybe one of the reason i keep buying is that seller is keep sending FREE gifts via this item. long story short, lovely kit.

Bessie Comfort, NC

Very disappointed in this product…

Im disappointed in SHANY cosmetics. Almost every eyeshadow I have bought have not been packaged correctly, leaving the shadows broken, and spilling on me after opening the palettes.It shows in one of the pictures that it has a brush, but I didn’t receive one. The colors are vibrant and beautiful,I just wish most were not broken!

Janette Mercersburg, PA

Gorgeous & Great Quality

love the price but the pigments are fabulous in quality! soooooo many fun colors to play with & great at blending

Geneva Hyannis, NE

unbelievable how affordable this brand is! good quality makeup here!

Ok this is my second time buying this palette! Shany is becoming one of my favorite makeup brands. I had purchased this first back in 2011 and everyone always complemented me on how lovely my eyeshadow was. After using it I played around with other brands and recently I made the mistake of purchasing another eyeshadow brand on Amazon. This palette looked just like the shany brand but wasn’t pigmented at all. I ended up throwing it away because if I buy colorful eyeshadow I expect it to show but instead was very bland!! Well a week later I decided to purchase this palette again. The packaging was newer and it was protected perfectly. I even purchased the fushia blush paletteSHANY Cosmetics Fuchsia 6 Color Blush Palette, 8 Ounceand I’m so happy I received them both. Shany is high quality and affordable. Before I go out I feel like a makeup artist. I will continue to support this brand and you wont be dissapointed.

Wendi Point Lookout, MO


I totally agree with previous reviews that a primer is a MUST!!! This is not MAC but if you use a primer first you will be much happier. I loved that all colors are represented (reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues,purples,pinks,silvers), lots of versatility. A great palette!

Beatrice Whitestone, NY

Cover all day

The eye shadow stays on all day, even under the hot lights of the stage, so I had to go and find more products from SHANY and give them a try.

Daisy Ackerman, MS

very pigmented

Im so glad i got this, they are cheap and really pigmented. I will be ordering more colors. Good product. 🙂

Briana Westlake, OH

high class shiet right here

im in lovenot only memy friends are loving it too:)))ya the black eyeshadow is just wat i use for eye lineryup i use the black shadow for eyelineryes, you can mix the colorsi received this little bunny in its safe packaging and im really happythe crazy thing about this pallet is that wat u see on the pallet is wat u get on ur skinget em they are gooooood

Hannah Fairfield, KY


got this today- very excited to use it- they colors were all intact, bright, perfect. good selection of eye shadow for a cheap price- definitely recommend this!

Mariana Converse, TX

Very Amazing.

I do not do my make up often but when i do I love to have the wow factor. There is so many colors and I love how it stays on. GREAT COMBO!

Alyson Arbuckle, CA

Nice colors, terrible packaging!

Unfortunately, the shipper needs to put more thought and care into the packaging because it arrived in a very thin cardboard box (almost exactly the size of the palette itself wit no Styrofoam or bubble wrap padding) and it was covered in what I thought was black soot. When I opened it I realized that the black soot was actually the black eye shadow that had cracked and spilled everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) onto all the other 39 colors and all over the kit itself. When I opened the palette there was a rectangular clear plastic sheet covering the palette (similar to the kind of transparency film teachers use with overhead projectors in classrooms) but it proved useless as it protected nothing. It took a good 45 minutes and an abundance of Q-tips to remove most of the black powder off of the other colors. Since the width of each color is only about the size of a dime, the process was very wasteful (not to mention half of the black eyeshadow is gone).Aside from this ordeal, I am satisfied and pleased with the overall quality of the palette. The pictures depicted here are pretty true to the palette in real life. The colors are matte and you’ll need to apply several layers with a patting (and not sweeping) motion if you want your eye shadow color to be as bright as they appear on the palette. I used these for Halloween to create a neon rainbow for a fairy look but it’s also great for everyday experimentation. The quality isn’t amazing or anything because I’ve used other eye shadows that blend more fluidly (like Lancome brand) but it’s good (especially for this price).The manufacturers of this product emphasize how each compact is carefully placed by hand into the palette (yadda yadda) but it’s all pointless if it arrives in broken powdery pieces. Shany really needs to make a clear plastic adhesive that sticks to the palette (i.e. a quality seal) to preserve and protect broken compacts from tainting other colors.If you’re lucky enough for it to arrive in prime condition, it’s a great deal!

Ma Red Level, AL

Not as bright as I thought

I bought this because the colors looked very bright but they are not. I bought a palette from Claire’s that doesn’t look as bright and is way brighter. I even used my NYX milk pencil to try to pack the colors in to make them pop and it didn’t work. I guess you live and you learn everything is not going to be what you expect. If you are expecting very vibrant bright colors like they look in the palette than you will be upset because they aren’t and if someone has a way to make them brighter that I don’t know about please feel free and comment and let me know, because I love bright eye shadow and this isn’t the one.

Evangeline Creighton, PA

awesome colors, unbeatable price

I love the colors on this pallet. For the price you really can not beat it. A little tip to consider is purchasing an eye shadow primer before using these colors, eye shadow primer will help keep you eyeshadow from creasing and helps the bold colors really stand out! This is still one of my favorite pallets and I got this a few years ago!

Earline Lebanon, MO

Good eyeshadow

For the price you cant beat this eyeshadow. The colors are very vibrant, especially if you use a primer before applying. I used two faced “shadow insurance” and the colors go on super pigmented and hold up all day. There are tons of great colors for summer and each one is about the size of a dime. There are so many colors to choose from that i’ve been able to do all kinds of different looks and have barely scratched the surface of the colors. I can see this pallet lasting a very long time if my toddler doesnt get to it. I dont think its fair to compare this shadow to high end shadows like MAC or Urban Decay. Like all things, you get what you pay for. The quality of these shadows are excellent for the price.

Sadie Payson, UT

Great buy!

I love the bright colors in this eyeshadow kit. the colors are true. They arrived in great condition. Very happy with this purchase.

Carla Clarendon, PA

I love the colors!

Colors are great, very soft & pigmented. Gave a set to my cousin, she loves it as well. these colors remind her of easter they’re so bright.

Sondra Wayside, TX



Jesse Howell, AR

Very nice and true to color.

Inexpensive but of good quality. If used with an eye primer, the color will stay true to color. It lasts for a really long time and doesn’t rub off easily.

Olive Frederika, IA

a fun palette

Lots of fun colors for bold eye shadow looks. It is long lasting and bright. Should be used with an eye shadow base, though, to enhance the color.

Nancy Haddam, CT

Colors have good pigment and ….

……they are nice but they so have a tendency to crack and break easily. But i do like the colors athey are vibrant and beautiful .

Corrine Middleburg, NC



Kathy Pleasanton, TX

Perfect For Experimenting With Color

This pallette is perfect for someone who wants to play around with makeup, try out new looks, and get used to working with colors. All of the shadows are good quality and highly pigmented, though like a lot of other reviewers I do recommend using an eyeshadow base to help get the most color payoff from the shadows. I recommend NYX Cosmetic’s white eyeshadow base to get the truest and most vivid color payoff (even better than skin tone primers) plus it is less than $10, much less than primers/bases like those by Urban Decay. The 40 colors are all very bright and there is enough variety to allow for a wide range of makeup looks. Used with a good base, these shadows will go a long way, and will give you lots of color to play around with if you are experimenting with new looks or unfamiliar techniques. And considering that this entire pallette is the same retail price that some companies charge for a single pressed shadow, it’s easy to see the value in this collection. Don’t fear: this isn’t the cheap, chalky powder you sometimes find in value kits (think of those gift sets you see around the holidays where you get a cute case and truly terrible makeup!) – these shadows are small but as good as other pricier brands. If you are just getting started, or need a cheap way to change up your look, this pallette will serve you well.

Angelina Cushing, TX


I recieved my order on time and in good condition. I was surprised when I opened the cover. These colors a very bright, which I seldom wear (out of shyness mostly). I experimented with these eyeshadows for a couple of days, and felt confident about wearing them. I recieved a lot of compliments. I suggest that anyone who orders this set be ready to experiment with it to get the best looks. If you are one of those women who only wear eyeshadow only one way then you may have a problem. These shadows are very pigmented, but blend wonderfully. I recommend these to everyone. I got past my fear, so if bright colors scare you order this and have fun.LINDA W

Antoinette Fort Ashby, WV