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SHANY Eyeshadow Kit, Metallic Runway, 96 Color

There are no machine made eye shadows in this collection; each single eye shadow has been put in a palette by hand, as you can see in the pictures. Color rainbow has been the best selling brand in department stores and major beauty salons! Shany’s products are beauty leaders in the market as their pigment quality is always top of the line. This particular eye shadow kit is made after 3 months of research on popular colors for cold and hot weather and day and night styles. What you see is a complete deluxe makeup kit that every woman must have. We take most pride in our product’s quality since each single eye shadow will be inspected twice, before packaging, and before shipment. The colors are long lasting and will not fade after couple of hours unlike the other brands out there. Once u apply Shany eye shadow there is no need for reapplying since the color will stay until you wash it away. The variety of colors will allow you to do any kind of look you desire such as cat eyes, smokey eyes, and bridal look and so on. Once you have this kit you can simply get rid of any other eye shadow kit that you have because you’ll get every color that you possibly need in this kit. This product will be the best gift for the woman you love the most.

Key features

  • 96 metallic colors
  • Shimmery and pearl colors only
  • Brushes and mirror included

Honest reviews


Bargain on the net, Colors are so vibrant

Its like a neon vibrant painting in front of you, you have so many to choose, and you can use it as blush too.

Dianna Jolon, CA

…so many colors!

I love most of your products. These are a great addition to any kit or collection. As a make up artist, you can never have too many eye shadows. These add just the right pop to a matte eye shadow!

Raquel Olean, NY

Love this Pallete!

My pallete arrived intact and I really love it. The colors are bright and shimmery (a lot of neutrals too though). These colors look really beautiful on all skin tones, but I love to use them on tanner skin because the colors really pop. The way the pallete folds into itself is great for storage and travel. I also like the fact that there is a little mirror on it. For 96 colors, its a great bargain.

Suzette Griffith, IN

Great colors, but many were broken

There are many colors to choose from, and I like that, but several of the colors were broken upon arival, and spread into the other colors, which has caused quite the mess. I still like them and use them, but I am disappointed that so many of the colors are unusable.

Twila Vaughn, MT


All I can say is, “Wow!”. These colors are fantastic. I love the little shimmer they have to them, making them great for a really glammed up look.

Agnes Minot, MA

Fun colors

I’m usually a neutral color kinda girl, but I love adding a little sparkle and “umph” to my night out look. With all these metallic shades its super easy to get a great night out look 🙂

June Wenona, IL

Great colors!

I have this and I really like it! the colors are great and it stayed on for most of the day, even without a lid primer!

Debbie Cushing, TX


Makeup arrived in one piece and in perfect condition, always love my shany makeup. Colors are vibrant and wear well.

Sofia Stamford, NY

definitely really pretty

the metallic shades in this kit are gorgeous i’m excited for all the pretty looks to be made! and the kit definitely gives off a professional vibe

Alyssa Hemlock, NY

superstar makeup

great colors great size great price the three top things your looking for in makeup just got a whole lot easier, with this makeup pallet, you’ll be sure to make a huge enterance

Elisha Valyermo, CA



Terry Laona, WI

Great Collection

Love the colors in this collection. The metalics really work well with my skin tones. Especially in the summer months. These colors are highly pigmented and last very well. I use brushes to apply my makeup and the colors spead very easily, evenly, and stay in place for a long time. Which means less touching up. All women can appreciate a makeup that cuts down on time touching up, especially if you are in the work place. The working woman knows how a day can suddenly go from good to long in a second. At least makeup isn’t a major worry if higher ups are around. This definately a good buy. Linda W.

Twila Stephenville, TX


I purchased this due to the cost and variety. I have had it for a few months and I still cant use every color so many amazing ones! They all have a faint shimmer but the quality is nice. I always use their base colors since there is more of a matte look. The blues/greens/purples/browns are my favorite and they really make your eyes pop. I could care less for the others but the amount of great ones more than pays for this. the reds are very red and prominent.

Tamara Franktown, VA

Just got it in the mail!

This product came so fast when I ordered it! I love it so much its so neat how it opens up and the colors are so perfect! My favorite part is how the pink and grey sit right next to each other! Easier access!

Nina New Bloomfield, MO

love it!

I have this eye shadow kit and i love it! so many shadows to choose from! I love the metallic shimmer that are on the colors!! I love the case its in! so pretty!

Vilma Scio, OR

Horrible in SO many ways!!!

Almost all of the colors look the same. Not that it matters, because half of them were broken when they arrived anyway. Horrible packaging. The METALLIC description is what I bought this for. That’s a total lie. There is a pearly sheen over each of the colors, but after using them once, there is no more sheen (or metallic-ness, for lack of a better word). It is just dull colors underneath. Absolute horrible purchase. Colors represented in picture are not truly comparative to what you actually get. Also, product is much smaller than it appears. Each of those circles of color are maybe the size of a dime. Yeah. Never again.

Beryl Birney, MT

Makeup broken

When I received this product all the make up was broken up and falling out. I called them and tried to get another one to replace it and I was told that it hadn’t looked like that when they shipped it. I was furious, because they didn’t pack it well enough to make the trip to my house in one piece.

Miranda New Manchester, WV

makeup is great BUT….

The shipping was not .. the eyeshadow stays on all day. That is nice in todays busy world. I don’t have time to touch up my makeup nor do I want too. I want it to stay. The eyeshadows do just that. But when I opened the box upon arrival, quite a few were broke. That isn’t what I wanted or expected to see. Especially when the colors that broke were 3 of the ones I really like. You win some you lose some.

Rowena Bromide, OK

6 of the eyeshadows were crushed on delivery

when I opened the package I was sadly disappointed because 6 of the eyeshadows were crumbled and crushed to a chunky powder…. One good thing though, these eyeshadows do go on softly, the pigments are very good and they stay very very well…. if the package didn’t come damaged, I would have given this product a 5 star rating… 🙁

Celeste Rembrandt, IA

Good Quality!

These eyeshaddows are really good quality for what your paying! I use them all the time, theres lots of shimmer shaddows which are perfect for nights out 🙂

Shari Glenn, MI

long lasting!

i love these long lasting bright colors! usualy when i put on eye shadow, i would need to carry some with me because they fade away, but these are just perfect all day long!

Melody Shelby, NC


These shadows is very beautiful and wonderful and beautiful colors seem obvious in useBut some colors do not look so good

Queen Jeffersonville, VT


This palette is awesome for shimmery bright looks! This isn’t for matte lovers! These colors really make your eyes sparkle and great color pay off.

Jodi Frametown, WV


I love how this kit is so small and can be fit in a purse or carry on bag for traveling. The price is just right for this product!

Tanya Offutt A F B, NE


so good for the shimmery eyeshadow lover. the individual colors look beautiful as an all over lid color for those lazy mornings an the lighter shades do amazingly at highlighting and brightening the eye area.

Mable Indianola, PA

The best

I love all of the Shanny cosmetics eye palettes but I think I love this one the most because all the colors are so vibrant and bright

Meghan Mapleton, IA

Bright and Light

Okay so this palette arrived with at least 6 of the total eye-shadows broken into unusable pieces. Most of the colors which were broken were on the bottom level of the kit. I still give this kit 4 stars (would have been a 5) because of the beauty of what remained. Many of these shades can be blended with heavier colors or worn alone for a shimmery effect. I only wish that the package had been well wrapped like other SHANY products- this is my third eye shadow kit from them and I also have two of their brush kits (glorious brushes I say again) which were well padded and double wrapped. This product came in an amazon box and the original package alone- no bubble wrap noted. Again I cannot rate this palette poorly- it is not bad at all- it is honestly very impressive. Would recommend easily to anyone.

Rosanne Deale, MD

metallic runway color

this was a lot of fun it took me a few minutes to figure out how to open it all and when i did i was in awe, such pretty colors and they go on nicely

Lynn Mc Bee, SC

Will Buy this product !

i will buy this product ! & yes must say so far there eye shadow is NOT BEATABLE! i like the colors of this! and the other ones i have like the NEON! 96 Palette is just perfect it has a Neon LIGHT color to this! and i like my BRIGHT NEON! and sometimes yes LIGHT Neon! i must say this product will be fun to use!

Clarice Darien, GA

eye shadow

Hellothis was an organized way to put in all the colorsit was a great casual way to do so96 colors are a lot!

Jill Crockett, KY