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SHANY Deluxe Make up kit 44pc GIFT SET

Once you have this kit, you will no longer have to carry around a big, heavy make up bag with you. All you need is in one small kit that you can take with you everywhere. 34 colors of eyeshadow, 5 different and popular shades of lip color, 2 lip glosses,

Key features

  • Eyeshadow, Blusher, Press powder, lip glosses, and brushes with mirror
  • All you need in one elegant design box made out of top quality minerals
  • All you need in one elegant design box made out of top quality minerals
  • Mirror and brushes included

Honest reviews


not a good make up, not healthy

its quality is as cheap as the price. I do not recommend this to anyone, quality is very important for cosmetic goods, not only it is not healthy for face and skin but also in this quality it does not help you to look better (I mean this does not a good job in make up) .

Lenore Benjamin, TX

So sweet

Awe this is so sweet! Make up kits like these are so great to give and I just love the shape of this one, it looks like a tear drop!

Sarah Lostine, OR


I love the packaging so much! It’s adorable and perfect for a young girl just learning makeup. It has everything you need to start out and take with you on the go. Love it!

Chasity Holicong, PA

Really cute packaging!

I really like how portable and cute this is! I’ve bought a few for my cousins and I have a couple extras to give away as gifts. The quality is really amazing. Nothing is chalky. All the shadows are really smooth and blend really well. I’ve decided to keep one for myself because I like it so much!

Susana Cope, SC

So Cute!

The cutest compact on the market. Vibrant colors! and durable I’ve dropped it like 3 times since I’ve bought it and the shadow have broken yet.

Mavis Lake, WV

Cute set!

This set is adorable! It’s actually the perfect size for on the go! I love the colors they are very universal and are trendy too! It has many layers that you can vary depending on your makeup needs. It’s perfect for fixing or touching up your makeup after a long day.

Gina Mound City, KS

Cute and compact

This is a very compact, great for travelling and it looks super cute as well. There is everything you need for a complete makeup look except for maybe foundation. But then again foundation is a bit bulkier but this great, nice colors and everything.

Lynne Essex, MT

Great gift for the makeup lover in your life!!!

Who doesn’t love a great makeup gift?! I bought this for myself at first to try it out- love it! The quality and choices given in this set are extraordinary. I ended up buying 4 more to give as gifts to my friends. If you think you might like it, try it! I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Corinne Nanticoke, MD

Make up kit is cute and can be useful for quick fixes

I just bought the makeup kit and have been using it for a few days. I was in the market for a kit that organized everything into one neat package. In that respect, this kit does its job. Everything that it lists it has a nice supply of. Makeup should usually be thrown out every 6 months because of bacterial growth, so I found the price that I paid for it ($25) a deal. This kit was cheaply priced compared to what you would normally pay for each separate item (ex. eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc), which can normally run $7 a piece.I used this kit to put makeup on my little sister and myself. Last night, I used it for myself before going out for the night on the town. I’ve received compliments on the kit from my friends and also on the makeup job I was able to do with this tiny kit. (The kit is about the size of a spread out hand when the kit is opened to full bloom.The makeup is well organized and pretty much as pictured. You should look carefully at the colors because they are very bright and pastel. The lip colors were extremely bright and artifical looking. For work, I would probably buy higher end stuff that has longer lasting color and waterproof features.When I bought my kit, the price was only $25. The price seems to be increasing. I’m not sure if I would pay the current price $60 for it. The quality of the makeup is not super impressive but it’s not bad at all. It seems to be of decent quality. My skin type is normal and not particularly sensitive. I didn’t get any irritation from the powders or the makeup.The makeup dye colors last fairly long (barring weather). Mine stayed on the whole night, except for the eyeliner and mascara which started to run a little but that’s because I was out dancing and rubbed my eye.For normal use, this should be fine and dandy kit to serve party type activities (of a couple hours).I might buy other deluxe makeup sets from the same makers.

Beryl Waterfall, PA

great for on the go.

this deluxe makeup kit is amazing! especially if you’re on the go a lot and something this compact to take is great. the quality is great as always and the design is lovely would really recommend it

Jenifer North Hills, CA

This is Adorable!

A family friend’s daughter is getting interested in makeup and her mother doesn’t know a lot about makeup so she was asking me about stuff. I told her to start her out with something small and not too fancy. I didn’t want to overwhelm either of them. I think I’m going to tell her about this. Its perfect for a young person interested in makeup or when you have to pack ultra light.

Sydney Glenwood, MO


This kit was perfect for my niece this is her first experience with makeup. The quality of the makeup is good. The compact size is great for a girl on the go.

Darla Haleyville, AL

SHANY Deluxe Make up kit 44pc GIFT SET

This kit is so small and cute.It has everything in it.I love the size of it with 44 pieces.It’s the perfect size for traveling.

Alejandra Moreauville, LA

Very Pretty!

I’ve just used the eyeshadows and I like how it blends in and not too cakey. The lip glosses are cool too. The mini brushes needs some work! They’re pitiful! How can anyone use them when the hairs are stuck together? They were breakable and I couldn’t use them on the make up. The applicator tips broke off and I hadn’t used them in a full week. The blush brush feels awkward with the bristles on my skin. If you’re getting this set consider getting a make up brush set cause those things won’t help you.When the package came it was all intact. I liked this set so much I’ve put them in my beauty bag inside my purse. The colors are lovely. Worth the good price 🙂

Marian Fort Deposit, AL

Perfect starter

Perfect as a starter kit for a teen or just someone who likes to play with color. I can not stress enough that I love Shany’s color payoff. I’ve never been disappointed with the color of their products.

Yvette Ideal, SD

Cute little kit 🙂

This looks like a cute little kit for a tween or teenager just starting out. For the price and the products included, I would definitely purchase for any of my younger nieces!

Veronica Crabtree, PA

Neat Design

This product is designed in an round shape and it all fits together just so. So many ideas in this deluxe kit, the price is reasonalbe. Unsure if this product would with stand years of use though the way it fite together. Has 44 pieces for your imaganation.

Margie Wascott, WI

Rocking in beauty colelctions!!!

I cant believe the quality, if you try this once you will fall in love with it, the only bad thing is its not small, this one weight around a pound and is big for my purse. ubt colors and quality isa dorable.

Mary Pleasantville, NJ

Little one for samll girls – expensive

I bought this one as a gift to my niece. the design is adorable, size is compact. ONLY one lip gloss no lipsticks, considering the variety of shades and blushes the product is expensive. Guess the product it priced for the design not of content. Packing by Amazon was good so arrived in one peice. but if one is lookig for a better price and more variety of contents than the design this is not for them.

Renae Polo, IL

A great Little Kit!

I would give this as a Christmas gift. The design is great! The face powders may be too light for some though. Very neat little compact kit!

Janine Clitherall, MN

Allin one

I found all i need on this one, it has many thing in it.highly recommended

Francisca Honobia, OK

How cute!

What a great little set! I sent this to my friend for her birthday and she cannot stop raving about it. Perfect inexpensive, but very nice gift!

Reva Hillsdale, OK