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SHANY Cosmetics Urban Gal Collection Brush Kit

Urban Gal collection is a new Line of Beauty Accessories by SHANY, made for Everyday life. They are Affordable, Durable design and High quality Brushes. Compare to department store price and quality, Urban Gal collection is a must have and much better than those on the shelves. All brushes in this collection are treated with heat and Anti-bacterial process, unlike all leading national brands. This collection features an easy to use, user friendly brush kits with a price that can’t even get you a single brush in stores. Most of brushes come in a tiny case, easy to carry and great when you are on the go. These brushes have all you need for flawless makeup application. Try them once and you will be in love for ever. In these collection you will find Large Face brushes, concealer brushes, foundation brushes, eye and lip brushes, angled brushes, fan brushes and more.

Key features

  • Mix of Goat, Sable, Synthetic bristles. Featuring: small & large Eye shadows brushes
  • Lip brushes, Angled brushes, Fan brushes, Premium Foundation Brush, and Detailing brush
  • Carry on case with zipper – great for travel makeup and on the go cosmetics application
  • Rinse with SHANY natural makeup brush cleanser before the first use, Brush instruction included.
  • Designed in USA with team of artists, Proud member of PETA and against animal cruelty.

Honest reviews


Great Brushes with great results

Though I haven’t bought any brushes from Shany, I am thinking of buying some, and if I do, I will get these brushes for sure. I know that the right brushes are the key to attaining the right looks, and the right style and beauty, especially when it comes to accentuating one’s own features of natural beauty.

Jewel Westville, OK


I think the Urban Gal Collection Brush Kit is awesome. I love that it’s vegan, travel sized, & it comes with the carry on case, making it soo much easier to keep them all in one place, and stay organized!

Fannie Volga, WV

Great brush set!

There vegan brushes and really wonderful to use! Feels nice on the face and eyes I did have alittle shedding in the beginning but I washed them and they were fine no shedding after that!

Johanna Martinsville, TX

Animal friendly

I love that these brushes are vegan, so at least you can have a clear mind that these do not contain anything animal in them. I also like the ease of travel with these. I notice that sometimes with my brush roll, a few of my brushes can become misshapen, so I like the container very very much.

Esperanza Zalma, MO

Love the case!

I am so glad I found these brushes. I love the fact that they’re vegan. I hate thinking about all the companies who test on animals. It makes me so sad, little animals shouldn’t suffer for our beauty :)Now on to the brushes, They are so soft and dense. They work so well. I love that they come in a structured case as well, I hate that with brush rolls after a while they get misshapen. This case keeps them so nice and safe! I love it.

Celina Grafton, WV


15 Piece Vegan Travel Brushes for a great price! They are vegan which is important to me, also love the carry case

Lenore Pawnee, OK

awesome brushes!

I’m in love with the case and the brushes! Super modern looking, not the same old pink stuff you see all the time. Great value for the price!

Lottie Fordville, ND

very convinient

these brushes are very high quality for being vegan! and the little pouch is so convenient to carry around in your purse or bag, i want to get one for my best friend as a gift!

Bonnie Bowie, AZ

amazing quality

good amount of brushes, and every brush can be used in your daily makeup routine. the brushes are really soft yet sturdy and they don’t break, their amazing!

Gayle Victor, ID



Lelia Union City, OH

Hit and miss

Some of the brushes in this collection are great, some are not. The kabuki type and powder brushes are just fine. The eyeshadow brushes are also good. Not in love with the fan type brushes.

Marcella Gilcrest, CO

This is THE set to own!!

This set of brushes rivals my more expensive sets. The quality is excellent and the set contains any and all brushes you could ever imaging needing!! Def try this set…you will not be disappointed.

Hillary Westfield, NC

Great little brush set

This brush set is great for traveling, or keeping in your purse. The case protects the brushes and keeps them together. I use brushes for applying my makeup and am lost without them so this set is great to have when I need to touch up or reapply my makeup. I think this is an absolute must have for today’s woman. The price is very reasonable. The brushes are natural hair, they hold and spread the makeup extremely well. Linda W.

Jaclyn Trujillo Alto, PR


I love these brushes! They are perfect set for traveling! They have the nicest brushes ever, I have a different set with more and it is amazing for applying eyeshadows. I usually have a hard time but this is great!

Karin Augusta, WV

Great brushes

These brushes have great pickup, are made nicely, and the case is perfect. It has enough room to add the brushes you already have too! I pursue makeup in my free time, so a professional set that didn’t break the bank was a necessity for me — and these brushes totally fit the bill! I highly recommend them!

Carrie Smoketown, PA

Really great for travel

I always had the problem of deciding which brushes to take with me, when travelling. Now I don’t have to with these brushes, I just take this case and I have everything I need. I love that it is also vegan, so I know it is safe for everyone.

Cora Conway, MI


a total of 15 brushes and a case for only 25$ ! pretty cheap. the case makes traveling a lot easier, you dont have to worry about damaging or loosing any brushes.

Jeanette Paulding, OH

great for travel

this brush kit set and carry on case is great for traveling!! just grab and go! and quality of the brushes is great! couldn’t ask for anything better from shany!

James El Dorado, AR

i love it!!!!!!

I use almost all of them when I makeup myself, each one of them is so usefull, specially the small ones for my eyes and eyebrows. I recommend them!

Bobby Wall, SD


very good quality brushes. the brushes are very soft like other shany brushes. I like the new look of the case.

Rachel Boothbay, ME

Great travel set!!

A friend at college has this set for use when doing perfprmances! Its so practical and its now made me want to buy a set for myself. If your unsure whether to get it i promise u wont be dissapointed!

Kathy Avon, CO

Perfect for traveling

these brushes are perfect quality! every size you’ll ever need! and it’s also the perfect case to carry these around for traveling (i tend to lose my brushes)

Sharron Wallington, NJ

Ehhhh, they’re ok, I guess

There are a couple of brushes from this set that I like and use, but for the most part, I don’t use them and wish I hadn’t ordered them. They aren’t that great

Yolanda Linden, WI

shany cosmetics urban gal collection brush kit review

This product is really great for traveling. All the brushes are very modern looking and it comes in a unique case that is small and very easy to just stick in your suit case. The price is great for very good quality brushes. Shany cosmetics never disappoints.

Lottie Reads Landing, MN

Great Brushes Great Case

the brushes are so good. the travel case is perfect if you want to carry them around. the quality of the brushes are amazing.

Jodi Fairbank, PA

Great for travel

You can’t beat the price for Shany’s brushes. I love this kit for travel and the roll keeps them in one place. I hate picking out all my day to day brushes when I pack so it’s nice to keep this one seperate to just grab and go.

Randi Little Lake, MI

Great Travel Product

This product is a great travel compact case for your brushes. A must for any beauty freak and so compact.Great style and price.

Deanna Windsor, NJ

loooove this

i love the case it comes in–obviously perfect for travel or for taking on jobs. you can use the case as a brush holder once you get to your destination. i also love that they’re vegan!

Kerri Dallas, NC


Since the price was so low I assumed that they would be falling apart and shedding like crazy but these brushes are amazing and VERY soft.

Jenna Mooreville, MS

A Hot Lil’ Number!

This is a great way to tote your makeup brushes around. The handy little zip-up bag is a plus! And the brushes have synthetic bristles so no allergy to animal hair to worry with. A great small kit to travel with.

Jeannine West Lebanon, PA