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SHANY Cosmetics The Cosmopolitan Nail Polish Set

This 24 piece nail polish set has a wide variety of colors to choose from. Use separately or in layers to create different colors. Works great with the Shany 12 piece cracked nail polish set and or the 24 piece nail art set. The possibilities are endless with so many hues you cannot go wrong with this set. 1. Lime green (pearl) 2. Neon green 3. Yellow (matte) 4. Neon pink 5. Fuchsia (pearl) 6. Neon purple 7. Red (matte) 8. Neon yellow 9. White (matte) 10. Black (matte) 11. Silver (glitter) 12. Gold (glitter) 13. Pink (glitter) 14. Blue (glitter) 15. Green (glitter) 16. dark grey (matte) 17. Pink (matte) 18. Sky blue (matte) 19. Lavender (matte) 20. Brick (matte) 21. Navy (pearl) 22. Forest green (matte) 23. Orange (matte) 24. Purple (pearl)

Key features

  • 24 pieces DIY nail polish set, Full size Nail enamel glass bottles with nail brush
  • High quality, No crack Nail polish, Assorted colors nail lacquer, Affordable price
  • Special and exclusive wide lacquer Nail Brush bristle for complete coverage
  • No need UV lamp, LED lamp nail dryer, Quick dry formula, Use Top coat and base coat
  • Works great with Shany nail art set, Nail brushes, Nail manicure pedicure accessories

Honest reviews


Great value for the money

I found this set to be a really good value for the money. The quality isn’t superb, but much better than what I expected for about $1/bottle. I found the metallic colors to be amazing (work great with even one coat only), plain colors to be ok (needs 2-3 coats, and good collection of colors), and sparkly ones rather disappointing (not many sparkles, and the polish seems to be rather not liquid enough, hard to apply).

Shari Bay City, OR

Fun, not professional

Base and top coat used: OPII’m normally not a Shany nail polish user, but I’m taking a break from Gelish and thought I’d give it a try.Pro: the colors are awesome. The brights are gorgeous, and the darks are rich.The variety is pretty good. Maybe a couple too many pinks, but that could be a preference thing.Cons: The brushes suck. Seriously. I’ll post a picture of my nails, and on the orange, you can see a strand of the brush fell off onto my nail.There’s also no brush standard. They’re not all bad, but they’re not all good. Some are thicker than others, some are shaped differently.The nail polish peels and chips easily. Even with a good top coat AND using the Shany nail dryer, I have smudges and chips. :(Honestly, if you’re looking for some fun colors for a good price, and aren’t looking for salon quality, this will do it for you! 🙂

Lois Lamona, WA

Horrible polish!

The clumps were so bad, I had to start over multiple times, and then I just gave up and threw them out.

Arline Pickerington, OH

Gorgeous Colors!

I’m a sucker for nail polish, so of course I had to get these polishes. When I got my package I was amazed how neatly the polishes were wrapped in order to prevent any breakage. So I was pleased I didn’t receive any broken bottles. The colors are vivid and dry fairly quickly. I love the assortment of colors from soft pinks, purples, greens, and blues. Some are shimmery and other have a matte finish. Overall, you get a little bit of everything!

Evelyn Reidsville, NC

Nice colors but packaged poorly and cheap quality

I received my package today. One of the bottles was broken in half spilling all the polish everywhere. Not that big of a deal because it was the red color which I already have. It was annoying because the spilled polish caused some of the other bottles to be “glued” to the package. So it took a little bit of time to get the bottles out.That being said, I received my package in a timely fashion. The colors are beautiful and are what is in style right now. I painted my toes using the white and it took two coats which is pretty standard. It looks nice and shiny. If you’re looking for ok quality nail polish then this is a good set. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the packaging problem.Update 5/2/13I’ve been alternating between these polishes and some of my other brands and I even though I love the colors and the prices of the Shany, the quality is seriously lacking in comparison with Sally Hansen and the like. I had to take another staff off for that. When I use it to paint my toes, if you don’t look at them too closely they look fine. But then you get up close and you can see lines and cracks as if I didn’t wait enough time to let it dry even though I do. No matter how much fanatical care I take to ensure a perfect pedicure, this happens everytime. Again, from far away ok, but just don’t look at my feet close up. Still love the colors, just don’t love the quality. I wish I could give it a 2.5 stars, but oh well.

Miriam Porterville, CA


The packaging was nice. The colors are as vibrant in person as they look on the site; however, I haven’t used any of them and won’t do so until 45 days for my teen birthday party. I can’t speak of quality yet.

Kimberley La Pine, OR

gloppy, unimpressed

I eagerly awaited the arrival of these with great expectations-Was extremely disappointed. Tried one color and it was gloppy, did not brush on smoothly. Tried another with same results.The brush nor polish were good. Because of the shape of the brush, it caused polish to get on sides of skin and the polish was not smooth at all. Polishes sold in drug stores, even the most inexpensive brands were far better quality than these.This was a waste of money and grave disappointment. I would not purchase this again or recommend it. I purchased based on reviews, so perhaps I got a bad batch, but nevertheless, it’s a REALLY bad batch. Oh, and it’s non-returnable because it’s considered hazardous substance. Such a waste of money.

Lana Reamstown, PA


Wow these colors are Show Stoppers with Amazing Diva Appeal!! Now how can you beat the quality and value that your getting here with these polishes. I do own some of the Shany polishes and I love each one. Very strong and vibrant colors You owe It to your Inner Diva To let Her Shine!!Shany Cosmetics The Cosmopolitan Nail Polish Set (24 Colors Premium Quality and Quick Dry), 40 Fluid Ounce

Margie Skipwith, VA

Rainbow…of money.

Great quality, color variety, wonderful finish, and an affordable price. Quality: Put one coat and your done. Colors: Picture says it all. Finish: Not gloopy and fine smooth finish. Price: One bottle = $1.25 can’t beat that.

Emily Water Valley, KY

Nice colors

Colors look nice, however they are not thick, nail technician had to put something in it to give it a little body, however, they are not returnable, so will make the best of them. For the price it is good, just be prepared to use more than two coats

Helen North Palm Beach, FL

pretty colors

i love the all the different vibrant colors to choose from. the nail polish itself tends to clump and chips pretty easy. its not bad enough to where i dont use it. i really love this product.

Earline Minden, WV

Have to love it!

Oh my Gosh, you have to love this. Every color under the sun. Bright and Vibrant. Goes on Smooth, shines like crazy, and best of all Dries super fast. Whoo Hoo!

Keisha Shelbina, MO

Mediocre buy

Three of the bottles had leaked and spilled. It was not that big of a deal, given the number that you get for the price. I will say that it takes a long time to try and it stays tacky for a long while. The polish seems to dry like a film. If you do not seal it, you can simply peel it off your nails. In the end, you get a lot and if you use something like Seche Vete. You will be fine.

April Haverhill, OH

Would Not Buy Again

I would never buy these again. I’ll stick with China Glaze. Please note that this item in non-refundable. A few of my colors had faulty caps and dried out. Many other are too thick and goopy to apply properly. So in general the colors are gorgeous but most are impossible to use. I’ll stick with the higher grade polishes form now on.

Bonita Pataskala, OH

Great deal!

I don’t have these personally, but I have heard so many great things about them. Once again, you get a HUGE color selection for a WONDERFUL price. Check these out!

Wanda Nemours, WV

Great price

Such a great price for this Nail polish set. And at the same time, you are getting a great variety in colors to pick from.

Marion Madison, SD


I have all theses colors to choose from and it always seems every week I’m changing my nails so it works out great !

Milagros Ocracoke, NC


The bottles are the perfect size so you get a good amount of product, but theybarent so big that they clutter your vanity. The colors are beautiful and are great for those who love to experiment with with different designs in all different colors.

Reva Glade Valley, NC

SHANY Cosmetics Nail Lquer Set, Number 2, 24 Count

I bought this set and the other one they have and then I promptly proceeded to arrange them together and mix the colors up. I can tell you this much: you don’t need both, but it’s nice to have them. Lots of glitter colors (is glitter very popular suddenly?), lots of colors that are alike, but kind of different. A lot of dark colors. Nothing really light. Dark, rich and bright would be how I would describe them. Still totally worth it.

Esther Windsor, NJ

SO many fun colors!

I love all these fun colors. Its so much fun, I really like being able to change the colors and having such a wide variety of colors to use. I really like the pinks and reds they’re my favorites

Evangeline Los Molinos, CA

Great deal!

People should know that this is a really great deal!The colors are amazing!I really love the metallic ones 🙂

Odessa Ardmore, TN

Beautiful polish!!

and a great price! SO many different colors to keep you looking good all year long!! Especially for someone like me who changes nail color almost daily!!

Mamie Alzada, MT

Excellent quality at an excellent price.

I am really happy with this purchase – and never would have done it if I didn’t have a gift certificate, I just wouldn’t plunk down the cash for an unknown brand of this many polishes- but this is totally worth it. There is only one color I don’t like (the burnt orange) and even so, I think it will work for nail art at Halloween. The packaging was excellent – I can’t imagine how these could break. Only one of the bottles had leaked a bit and the polish thickened – but some nail polish thinner will straighten it out. I tested out all of these polishes on sample nails. Excellent coverage – the black and white, which is where most brands show their weak spots, are great quality. It has a little bit of everything: metallic shimmers, 5 glitters, some pastels, some creams, even a couple neons. I think these will even work for stamping.

Fay Haxtun, CO

Perfect For Nail ART

I love to paint my nails so when I saw this product I HAD to buy. It’s great quality and you won’t be disappointed.

Sadie Williams, OR

Great set for summer!

The best part of this set are the pinks and yellows!! perfect for summer!!! And will not harm your nails!!

Ladonna Pea Ridge, AR

pretty colors

Nail Polish Party! Haha 🙂 This set of nail polishes comes with a vareity of colors to choose from, dark, light, green, etc. These polishes are worth the price! They are amazing and easy to use! 🙂

Luz Creamery, PA

The good and the bad….

The product arrived on time and packaged well. I have not tried many of the colors yet as I don’t get to wear nail polish that often. All the bottles do seem to be in great shape and just fine. So for the cost I like it so far. The only bad I have found is that it is a real pain to get off your nails. It seemed like my nail polish remover hardly put a dent in the coat.

Betsy Jasper, IN

Shany Quick dry nail

I’m a girl who just can’t sit still to wait for her nails to dry. I love that this kit has a wide verity of color and it all drys fast!

Noreen New Tazewell, TN

great product

i love the different colors and the glittery ones also. the are bright and it has a beautiful rich texture to it. it also drys real quickly for those of you that are in a rush.

Alberta Carnegie, PA

great set

I really love this set. The colors are so bright and it pops! it may not be as shiny as other brands, but using a top coat definitely helps. For the price you pay, I think it is a great deal. The products doesn’t seem old as some may have experienced, or maybe i just got lucky. It also comes in a tray that holds all nail polishes which makes it look very organized; however, i have my own nail polish rack =)

Marcia Malcom, IA