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Shany Cosmetics Shany Nailmaster 37 Piece Assorted Nail Brush Set with Carry On Case, Acrylic, UV Gel, Dotting and More

All in one Nail brush set in elegant purple case. Having all these brushes will be fun, imagine 37 different brushes, top quality hairs, with durable carry on case which can even fits more brushes. The set contains, nail polish brushes, painter, all acrylic brushes in assorted sizes, marbling and dotting brushes, doubled sided with assorted sizes, UV gel brushes with assorted hair styles and sizes. product of SHANY brand.

Key features

  • 37 Assorted sizes brushes, Mix of Natural and synthetic hair (kolinsky hair)
  • Acrylic brushes, assorted sizes , UV gel brushes, painting nail brushes, marbling and dotting brushes
  • Purple carry on case, can be used as a brush holder nad brush storage case, reusable case
  • Top quality Tools from trusted, affordable brand , SHANY Cosmetics
  • beyond salon quality, perfect for use at home or salons

Honest reviews


Extraordinary brushes , well designed, love the case, a lot of brushes -would recommend

As far as the pricing, I really can’t complain, because the similar brush case by itself is sold for $40 on Amazon, so for $25, I got the nice purple case with all the brushes.Whats good about it:37 nail brushes, (which you can use some for the eyeliner gel or lips too ), brush qualities are good, the kolinsky brushes are the best, I wasn’t expecting to have those in the box, since their picture wasn’t on the website. I don’t know how to use these brushes, since I have no idea about them, I do DIY nails at home for myself and my sisters, but I never thought you can have 37 brushes. 5 of them of course are for marbleizing, which are obvious to separate, but the rest are not as easy. Now my possibilities are endless. Since I don’t know what their uses, so I just pick them based on their size and brush angel. For the design I’m using all the smalls ones, and for polishing I use the big ones, I know its pretty obvious but, there isn’t any other way to figure this out, I also searched yotube and found out about some, but there are some crazy style brushes in here that I really need to ask a nail technician.Whats not good:The brushes are Black, and the case is purple, it would have been better if both were same colors. I know its not a big deal, but the company says in back of the box, please submit any useful feedback which can help you use our product easier. So this is why, I want to mention even smallest problems. The case came with no extra box, it was just a case with shrink wrap, I have more expectation from this brand now, I spend half of my bonus check on them, and I’m thrilled with their quality and service and variety of products, but now I expect a better packaging, all the items I bought from them came ina color box, (which is perfect when you give these as a gift) except this brush set, which came in a blank box, and wrapped. The logo and item # was on the box and everything, but no color box.

Elise Mc Cool Junction, NE

Very Surprised

I thought the cylinder case that case that came with this would be some cheap cardboard, but it is actually some sort of hard plastic wrapped in faux leather!!!! I’m a dork when it comes to packaging so I was super excited when this came in. Plus I’m a huge brush hoarder and it’s perfect to store all the brushes that come with it so I don’t lose them like I always do. One of the brushes I used with one of the SHANY nail polishes didn’t give me great color so I ended up having to use the skinny applicator that came in the bottle…but I’m definitely not a nail tech so I probably used the wrong brush for what I was needing. Either way, I absolutely LOVVVVE this brush set. It has every brush you can think of for any type of design you’re wanting and they are great quality! They seem just as high quality as professional salons and again, for the price it is such a steal. You get a million different brush styles and a great case to carry it in.

Maxine Recluse, WY

I Love this Nail Art Brush Set!!!

I absolutely love this Brush Set for Nail Art!!! It is well worth every penny and actually more!! There is a brush for every design you can think of along with the dotting pens included…I love the leather case it came in. The Brushes are of great quality and do a superb job of applying nail designs. I would recommend this product for anyone who is wanting to do Nail Art…from the Beginner to the Professional…Its Great!!!!

Brigitte Nobleton, FL

Good brushes

Good quality brushes, i recomand, you can do any art nails you need, it has every brush you can think of.

Goldie Buffalo, IN

Daughter Loves them

This was a Christmas gift for my 22 years daughter (who is in the cosmetology profession). She absolutely loves the brush set. She assumed I paid a couple hundred dollars for them… lol. The case was a very nice "bonus".

Josephine Polkville, NC

everything good

I had no problems with the product. lots of art brushes. was what I excepted from the order and was sent out fast

Jimmie Burlington, WI

Perfect set!

I got these to do nail art and they work perfectly. Theirs a variety of brushes I can pick. The case that it comes in is awesome especially to store them.

Maryellen Pataskala, OH

Great set for nails

This is a great set for beginners like me for your manis and nail art. A few of the brushes were not that great and a few fell off at the tip and a few had glue present around the ferrule. But for the most part it’s a good set for the price and you get so many. Package came quickly

Rhonda East Mc Keesport, PA


love these brushes! easy to use and its awesome to paint nails with!!! flawless nail art for pennies on the dollar!would recommend in a heart beat! love shany cosmetics! best accessories ever!- jill

Elsie Brielle, NJ

They are great!!

These are really great brushes! I ordered them mainly because they are Shany Cosmetics brushes. I have been buying and experimenting with different brushes lately and I Love a lot of these brushes BUT in my opinion the striping brush included could be better, actually I have one from a cheap set that definitely is better, that’s my only complaint, all the other brushes included are awesome and I LOVE the case that it comes with, in the pic it looks like a cheap case but it definintley isn’t, its some sort of hard plastic wrapped with leather

Zelma Stockton Springs, ME

Love, Love, LOVE!

There is literally NOTHING to not love here.The case is super sturdy purple leather. Removable snaps on the side keep it secure.Inside? TONS of brushes and tools for all sorts of application purposes. If you’re looking for a good assortment without breaking your piggy bank? This is a great place to start.Really, the sheer volume of brushes, the diversity of them, had my head reeling. Dotting tools galore, too. Just an all around lovely collection that doesn’t seem cheap or just tossed together. The brushes are holding up fabulously and I’m very pleased with my purchase!

Rosario Bremo Bluff, VA


Second time I bought these it was for a classmate she loved mine so had me buy her a set too!!!! Highly recommend these brushes and dotters. Alone the French brushes would cost you this amount!!!!

Caryn Mount Holly, NC

Great price for a great set

I have used these like crazy since getting them. They may not be the highest of quality brands but they have been fantastic for my nail art and you cannot beat the price. You truly get everything you need.

Erin Logan, AL