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SHANY Cosmetics SHANY Masquerade Eyeliner Gel Color Smudge Proof Set, 12 count

SHANY Gel Eyeliner Set comes with 12 different colored gel eyeliners in individual containers. Each container is securely fastened with a screw-on lid and the jars can be taken separately in a group, so you can travel as lightly as you need. Made with materials imported from Luxembourg and Paris, these liners go on smooth and stay on for hours, a result of the high-quality ingredients used in production. The Shany Gel Eyeliner Set comes with 12 exclusive luxurious colors, SHANY gel Eyeliner perfectly created to achieve a smooth and perfect line. The exclusive formula allows you to blend the gel eyeliner for a rich and exotic Smokey look. Try combining with SHANY’s shimmer powders for a bold finish. Made with highest quality water resistance ingredients

Key features

  • 12 smudge proof geliner (eyeliner gel) with trendy colors
  • Super fine quality ingredients from Luxembourg and Paris
  • Variety of colors to suit every style and occasion anytime
  • Long-lasting gel liner colors that stays on for 12 hours or more
  • Wokrs same as SHANY liquid eyeliner , waterproof

Honest reviews


Poor quality, bad texture

I love gel liners……this was not one of them. The texture is thin and liner brush can not pick up the gel liner for application. The colors are matte and unappealing.

Beatriz Shoreham, NY

Good Quality & Versatile Product

This set is an excellent deal, as you get 12 eyeliner pots for the price you normally pay for one pot from other higher end brands like MAC. The consistency is nice – thick enough for you to be able to draw your line without being too watery or too thick and clumpy. The 12 shades are all good, and give you a nice selection of colors to work with. All of the colors have a matte application, but can easily be accented with glitter powders if you want a sparkling look.This product is also versatile in that it can be used in place of a creme shadow or as an eyeshadow base. If you want a really vivid, colorful look, or if you are doing a theatrical/drag look, you can use a white eyeshadow base followed by the gel color of your choice topped off with powder shadows for a really amazing color payoff without using a lot of product.My only complaint is that the bluish gray color and the mossy green don’t seem as useful as the other colors, especially as eyeliners, and the bluish gray color is actually fairly similar to the regular gray. It seems that those “spots” in the collection could have been filled with more useful colors (maybe a brown, bronze, or gold?) or even more interesting colors (bright yellow, bubblegum pink, fuchsia, etc.). This is only a minor complaint, however, and I still give this collection 5 stars for quality, affordability, and versatility.I applaud companies like SHANY that are showing that inexpensive makeup doesn’t have to mean bad makeup, and putting the gift of color into more hands! With prices like these, there is NO reason not to experiment and find the look that works for you!

Freda Menoken, ND

bought this a few days ago and..

I must best eye liner ever it went on like butter… and it last all day long. easy to remover with baby wipes. shipping only took two days. the only thing i did not like was that the containers were very small but other them that i loved it and i think you would to. 🙂

Rosemarie Sparta, GA

Beautiful Eyes

Makes my eyes look very dramatic and is so easy to apply once you buy the right brush. Once on stays put and not a lot of touch up required. Great makeup!!!!

Renee Neligh, NE

Extremely well made – wasn’t expecting this quality – wish it had a brush too

Whats good about this?Everything is perfect, the pigments are so smooth, and I love the colors, so far I have used blue, Navy, Black and purple and they look great on light skin, packaging was durable and shipping was fast too. I used my #F3 brush which I bought from Target, and applied very small amount of eyeliner on my eyes. First I assumed it will be too much, but actually it wasn’t. I don’t know either the eyeliner is perfect quality which it didn’t spread around, or my brush was awesome, or I just did it great. Either way, It was great.What is not good?Why only 1 black color? It’s the most useful one, shany should have put more black in the set, for example the light blue, I may use once in a while, but black is a everyday color, and I just wish there was more black in the box. I know it’s a set, but imagine if I run out of black and I have to buy the whole set again! Also, why no bush in it? Shany Is famous for its brushes, why not adding a brush in this set? Your 40 stack eye shadow set has a 2 free brush in the set, why no brush for the eyeliner gel set? If you guys could add a brush in this set, it would have been just great.Overall great item, it definitely is beyond my expectation on quality. Would buy again, if they are sold separately, so I can choose my own colors.

Kristen Chamberlain, SD

Great Stuff! A must try!

Love this linger! It stays on until you want it off! Highly recommend! Great colors too!

Lupe Fremont, WI

Just like M.A.C Fluidline

I love these eyeliners and I love the price of them even more. I think M.A.C fluid lines are about $15 or $20 for one pot and you get 12 of these for the price of one pot from Mac!! They’re just as good too. Smudge proof, water resistant (not water PROOF….I can sweat or tear up and it won’t run, but can still wash it off easily with water) and the variety of colors is awesome! I’ve also used a few colors as a cream eyeshadow and also an eyeshadow base and it lasted so long. Definitely purchase and save your money from M.A.C…they have some competition with this.

Chelsea Channahon, IL


I love trying new techniques with makeup, especially the use of colors. But I hate the idea of spending a lot of money to do so. The price for this set was perfect! The size of each eyeliner is a good size, and the eyeliner itself was easy to use and wore very nice. I will definitely be buying this again.

Roslyn Guaynabo, PR


I really had to apply several coats to get the effect that I wanted. The color seemed light after 3 coats.

Rowena Gladstone, NJ

Will order from this company and supplier again

Beautiful colors! A gel eyeliner that is easy to apply, not dried out, beautiful colors that once applied dry to a slightly more subtle color which is not a determent. The colors are really beautiful and an excellent quality.

Beverly Gilboa, WV

Great Products for a Great Price.

I love these gel liners because you can do so much with can use them as a base or liner. i usally do a natural look and use any colorgel liner. it really makes your natural eye shadow stand out. . i love these. they blue isreally pretty. as a matter of fact all the colors are pretty . .I would recommend this to someone else. (=

Marisol Warner Robins, GA

Great Gel

Product is fantastic. It applies well to the skin and creates fabulous look.

Karina Allerton, IL

Not a favorite but Nice

Some of the colors on the picture are not included in the set (or the colors shown are true to color) The picture shows a yellow which was not included but there was a light orange instead also the red color shown is more of a burnt orange.Some of the colors are darker than appears in the jar, the sliver color is more of a dark grey and the cobalt blue is more of a navy. They are super slick and apply easily. I use them more as a eye shadow base than as a eyeliner.

Flora Elmendorf Afb, AK

Love it….

I have been looking for eyeliner that does not smudge through out the day or wear off. I have found it! I had no problems with it smudging or coming off through out the day. It looked great all day long. I would recommend this product to everyone!!!

Carolyn Saint Michaels, AZ

The best ever!

Oh my. I’ve never had soft eyeliners in so many different colors I wear different color contacts now I can match them with all the colors now I feel like a pro puttin on my makeup so I thank you for selling such a awsome match of eyeliner colors so this product is the best!

Nellie Plantersville, TX



Melissa Estcourt Station, ME


I love the colors. Some come off lighter then I thought but they can become darker. They come in cute little jar’s. The jar’s have a lid and cap like seal that you can take on and off. I love it.

Cassie Loysburg, PA

Beautiful and smooth

I was so excited when I got them in the mail. Beautiful colors but I must admit, the pictures on this product aren’t as accurate as I had hoped. The orange is indeed orange. The color that looks like a burnt red is simple a chocolate brown. The royal blue def is rich royal color. two beautiful purples (a violet and a lilac), a forest green and an olive green. a black and a silver. As for the last 3, theres a BEAUTIFUL gorgeous rich blue, kinda like the Cerulean crayola crayon. my favorite color =] then theres a beautiful torquoise color. the last one is kinda like the Cornflower crayola crayon… its kinda like a light blue mixed with grey… a more subdued color as compared to the others… but can be complimented very nicely with the other colors. very smooth texture. and as always, use primer to make the colors pop out even more. i LOVE Shany products =]

Selena Maquoketa, IA

Bold Colors

I must say tried the SHANY Masquerade Eyeliner Gel Color Smudge Proof Set, 12…and simply loved them…Now I have to catch the Bold Eyeshows loose 40 from SHANY.

Lindsey San Jacinto, CA

A Real Joy in Gel Eyeshadow

These rich colors will highlight virtually anything you want. I have hazel eyes, and I tried on the color that I thought I would like least, a dark brown, only to find out when I applied it that it was a lighter color and that the appearance of my eye size had doubled. There are so many colors here (it seems more than 12) that just looking at them boosts your spirits. Just for the record, each little pot contains an ample amount of eyeshadow to use and play with!The only reason I gave this product 4 stars was that the openings of the containers are very small, about the size of your pinkie finger, and as the eyeshadow is depleted, it is difficult to get out. Use Q-Tips to apply eyeshadow!

Monika Hancock, MN


I dont write reviews unless I have something to say. This is a great deal as well as a great product! These gel liners are very pigmented and creamy. They go on so smoothly. I would recommend thesento my family and friends.

Miranda Crescent Lake, OR

Beautiful Colors, Long Lasting

I love doing winged liner on my eyes but wanted to jazz it up a bit with a some bold colors. Shany came throughwith another wonderful product. The price is right and the product is top notch. I have bought other shany products in the past and love everything from their makeup brushes to their cases and now I am in love with their makeup too. By the time I would have bought a few colors at my drugstore it would have cost as much as this whole set of 12. So this set is a bargain for those of us who love color. The gel is creamy, went on very well using a tiny thin liner brush and really stayed all day. It isn’t runny and sets quickly. I use NYX eye primer before applying anything to my lids to get maximum wearability out of all my products. Truly love these, would buy again.

Dee Chatsworth, GA

Great colors, rather easy to smear.

I wanted to love this because it had so many really great colors, but there were a couple of issues with it. The first is that the orange and the red orange are really similar colors. That was a pretty big disappointment for me. I thought they’d be different with the orange being a proper orange (yellow orange-y) and the red orange being a darker more copper colored look, but they’re both a really similar reddish orange, almost a vermillion.The second problem I have is that they don’t dry. Like at all. It was awful and I ended up looking like a raccoon after trying them out. A big blue faced raccoon. But in a pinch these guys aren’t bad, and they’re easy to do fun designs with because they’re so easy to move around!

Jeanette San Juan Bautista, CA

SHANY Cosmetics SHANY Masquerade Eyeliner Gel Color Smudge Proof Set, 12…

The colors are very pigmented, the only real complaint I would have is the tops once I opened one to see the color and consistency of one of them the black top wouldn’t screw back on correctly.

Luella Remsen, NY