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SHANY Cosmetics SHANY Eyeshadow Palette, Bold and Bright Collection, 120 Vivid Color, 13 Ounce

The Shany Bold and Bright Collection Vivid Eye Shadow Palette (Set of 120 Colors) offers a complete assortment of eye shadows to suit both casual and formal attire. Including essential shades and trendy colors, the 1/2-inch square eye shadow pans are neatly assembled in a slender, double-layer compact that’s easy to toss into your tote or store in your vanity. Made from a natural mineral oil base, the vivid colors of the eye shadow palette will last for hours–there’s no need to reapply. Eye Shadow Palette with 120 Bold Colors. Whether you want a pink matte look for work or a shimmering, golden hue for going out on the town, the Vivid Eye Shadow Palette has shades for the occasion in one convenient kit. A range of bright, trendy colors and classic shades are included in this palette set. Just like a professional makeup artist, you’ll have a rainbow of blues, violets, greens, and other vibrant shades at your disposal. The Vivid Eye Shadow Palette Set also features baked colors that are a blend of two shades, heated together to create an entirely new look.

Key features

  • Pro eye shadow palette; double-layer
  • Long lasting vivid colors
  • Mineral oil used to make highly pigmented eye shadow
  • Slender, double-layer case for easy storage
  • Inspected twice for quality control and comes with frustration free packaging

Honest reviews


Bargain from Shany, will never buy high end makeup anymore!

I just dont know why you cant find these makeup kits in stores? this is just great, there are 120 colors, all bold with big pans, so far I have finished yellos and green, but it took me almost two month, with every day use, must re order soon.the quality is just great, honestly would recommend it to all my friends

Maria Greenville, KY

Bargain for your money

I was sceptical when I ordered this. I don’t usually buy palettes this big and definitely not from an unknown manufacturer. I am a label whore and can’t live without my palettes from Too Faced and Urban Decay. I liked that they were very highly pigmented, almost too pigmented (if that even makes any sense). It takes a very light hand to use these colors, being careful not to end up looking clownish. The only complaint I had was that they seem so brittle. One swipe with a brush or a applicator and they seem to disintergrate and you end up with eyeshadow powder everywhere. The colors do last long on (I use an eyeshadow primer) and look true till the end of the day. This is a great buy, very good deal for the price.

Arline Fabens, TX

too many repeating colors

As for me too many almost same colors, especially greens and yellows… and not even 1 of good deep brown. Whites are not as white as id like them to be, even with eye shadow primer cant get it to be really white.

Hilary Hartford, TN

Actually it’s okay product!

I’m excited to have it, and when i receive the product im’ very disappointed bcuz it’s broken!I wish they’re more careful in packaging and shipping it. But whats great about mine is it became MAC lol instead of Shany haha that’s great!!!keep up the good work!

Myrna Experiment, GA

Great Eyeshadow Horrible Packaging

Great Eyeshadow Horrible Packaging. The product its self is amazing it goes on really good great color. However, the packaging is horrible, i got the palette today and 4 of the colors were broken, they put these little air bags in the box but that was not enough to keep it from breaking. although the palette was covered in bubble wrap it still didn’t have enough support. so yeah the eyeshadow is great but packaging not so great. i would recommend this to anyone!

Stella Bricelyn, MN

Must have Pallete!

If you’re going to buy an eyeshadow pallete, this is the one to get. The pans are pretty deep and the size of a quarter, and the shadows are so pigmented..with those two qualities, the colors will last you for a long time. The pallete itself looks so impressive because of all the colors it has. I like that it has bright colors AND neutrals. It also has a combination of shimmers and mattes. Shipping was prompt and all the shadows were intact when I received it. Overall, a totally awesome investment.

Stella Greenville, MI

Havent used yet

I haven’t use the product yet .But the color are Bold & Beautiful .I haven’t tried on my skin tone..But seems to work on my daughter skin tone who is 3 shades light than me.Will Change the stars after I use it.If it better than the 3 stars that I rated it.

Rosalyn Kenesaw, NE

Awesome colors! Very Pigmented.

Wonderful Palette.. 120 colors for less than $17, what a bargain. Colors are highly pigmented. They do last really long..Packaging was good. All the colors were on place and no chip or break at all. I ordered two for my sisters but would also order 1 more for a friend.

Ruth Palm Springs, CA

Bargain for the money

colors stay on until you wash them, there are so many colors to choose from, you can even mix the color together

Tonya Goose Lake, IA

I love it

Gorgeous, i love it , nice colors, its so beautiful and cute, so great. (me encanta, , variedad de colores exacto al de la foto lo recomiendo)

Edna White Post, VA

Bad quality

Good color selection but some of the colors are too powdery. I had some bumps on my eye after applying it.

Dorothea Vanlue, OH

Incredible Price; Incredible Product

This eyeshadow palette is amazing. I bought it to supplement my daily Tarte Eye Couture Day to Night palette, for when I was feeling daring. It certainly is very, very bright, exactly what I was hoping for. The colors are much more wearable than you would think for being so bright. I’m very pleased, the quality is much better than I was expecting. The colors are long lasting and vibrant on the eyes (Just as good as the $44 Tarte palette). There is literally no fallout (Better than Tarte). The colors are not quite so complex as Tarte, but still beautiful.

Nona Castroville, CA

perfect condition wrapped like a mummy

ordered the 12th got on the was in a box with airplus bags and wrapped in 2bubble wraps. then in a shany box. inside the shany box was the palette wrapped in 2more bubble wrap. finally got the palette open and all shadows were perfect.. even had a piece of film on top of each one.. i would and will recommend to will be added!! colors were so pretty.. and show up so great

Gayla Biddle, MT



Grace Cassville, WI


Um…just purchase this amazing pallets. They shipped securely!!! Pallette in two bubble wrap bags and placed inside the beautiful box. The box was placed inside an even thicker bubble wrap bad.none of the colors were broken or shedding and were covered with a thin clear laminate covering. This is good if u don’t want to have to puchace trip, quad or sing shadows. The top palette houses colors of the rainbow starting from bottom to top. The bottom palette houses neutrals, highlights, and cousins to the top palette. The casing isn’t unbreakable but it works so take care not to drop or toss around. A thin mirror can be glued under the top covering of the inside case but not if it is to thick or heavy. I may try to glue one in.

Mavis Owensburg, IN

Love the colors and pigmentation, but …

I used two shadows of this palette, so far, and my eyes watered so bad it totally washed off the inner corners of my eyes. I had to keep reapplying throughout the day and eventually gave up. I’m not sure if the problem was the product, to which I seem to be sensitive to, or the eye primer I used with it. I’ll test this product again with different combinations of eye primer, including no eye primer at all, to see if I can identify the problem because I really, really love these shadows. They are very much pigmented, the colors are gorgeous and I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep using it, at least on my crease, brow bone and for under eye lining shadow. I love the product but I’m not ready to give 5 stars until I identify the source of the allergy I had. Therefore, for now is a 4 star product to me. I do love the colors and the pigmentation! But, it might irritate sensitive eyes.

Marva Lowmansville, KY

just what I was looking for

With 120 colors you’ll hardly need anything else. The colors are very pigmented and bright, but if you’re an olived toned (or medium) girl like me then you’ll need primer for BETTER color payoff.The colors are exactly as you see them in the photos. My only concern was the packaging because, one of my eyeshadows arrived broken, maybe if the box was slightly smaller or if the product had more bubble wrap, or maybe even if there was a Fragile sticker on the box (not the product inside) then it wouldn’t have broken. My palette arrived very fast, I ordered last friday afternoon and it arrived yesterday (tuesday) before the estimated time. It’s not that unconfortable for traveling, but don’t expect to take it with you in your purse. I would definitely recommend the product, I gave it 4 stars because of my broken eyeshadow.

Alejandra Delavan, WI

Not completely satisfied.

Its great to have all of these colors that way you will almost certainly be able to match with whatever you wear if your into that but I find the colors are not strong enough i have brown skin and it have to use a lot to make the colors visible when i’m applying them to my eyes at times I just give up. Its a great collection but very disappointing. This was my first eye shadow set and i don’t think I would buy another from Shany.

Mildred Ashville, AL

Worth It

I was really sketchy about how this would show on my skin I’m black and though the color pigment would not pop but i’m glad to say I was wrong. I got it for the bold colors and they look great and was well worth the cost i would recommend this pallet. It also came way before I thought it would nothing was broken and was well packaged.

Addie Jacumba, CA

Gorgeous colors!

I a m in love with this palette. I love the colors, I love that they don’t smell bad, I love how they look with or without primer. That being said, they are brittle. Have a light touch when using to avoid needing to vacuum up makeup crumbles!

Angela Heiskell, TN


All you need is a NYX WHITE base under this and it works wonders. Its minerally so when you are taking the product out it will flake a little bit but thats no trouble. MOST of the shadows are matte and only 3 or more less than 7 are shimmery

Lupe Paradise, MI

A great deal, WITH primer

You WILL need PRIMER! (Which is the only reason it is a 4 out of 5 star) But, other than that small detail, this product is great! This isn’t my first palette (I have Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2) But it is going to be a favorite. I wanted a vibrant color package, and I got it! You do need primer to help the colors from fading, but other than that, WOW!!!! A recommended purchase!

Katelyn Midland, MI

Avarage, not too pigmented

I bought this to have something to play around with and I like it. It is not great, but not bad either and I am sure that I will get a lot of great faces out of this.

Etta Minnie, KY

Love it

Amazing colors, lasts for hours. A little goes a long way. I am definitely planning to repurchase in the future.

Rosario Okay, OK

Love it!!

Better than I expected. Colors are amazing and beautiful and colors are very visible when putting it on. Mines came in wrapped up nicely and none of my palettes were broke 🙂 I am happy with this eyeshadow and hope it last me years, which I know it should.

Tonia Versailles, MO

Love this!!

For the price, this is the best eyeshadow palette you can buy! Especially because it is 120 colors too! I was so excited to get this in the mail today which was in excellent condition by the way. The seller really packaged it well so that nothing was damaged at all. The colors of the eyeshadow are highly pigmented which is hard to come by for the price you pay for this. All in all, I love it! And would highly recommend it to everyone!

Lea Glen Haven, CO

Another one of my best pellets by shany.

They just seems to amaze me in every thing they do. affordable, last a long time. great colors, the pigment is out standing loving the colors great for summer. 🙂

Bethany Volant, PA

Great Product, Great Price!!

I’m absolutely in love with this palette. I’ve got all the colours to match my clothes now. Although this palette got great reviews, I was still very skeptical about buying it, and I’m really glad I did. The colors are bright and beautiful and they last a long time even without eyeshadow primer. The shipping was excellent, I live in the Caribbean and I was extremely worried that the colours would be broken since the product had to be shipped and handled twice. I ordered two palettes and not a single colour was broken or cracked in either of them. 😀

Joni Gwinn, MI

No pigmentation!!!

I was so excited to receive my SHANY eyeshadow palettes because I had heard good things from my peers at work about them. I was definitely disappointed by this palette.I am currently going to beauty school and purchased this palette primarily for practicing with, however it is hard to practice when the colors have no pigmentation! These colors go on extremely lightly and fade within 3o-mins to an hour.On a mannequin where I can press harder to apply I am able to get a bit of a darker application, but not much. Using eyelid primer with this will also help a little bit, but not enough to make a significant difference.I ended up giving this to the little girl I babysit for her to play dress up with. I know that you really do end up with what you pay for, but I was hoping that because so many people were raving about this it would at least be adequate!The colors are fun and vibrant while still within the palette, but I do not recommend.

Kerry West Hills, CA

Perfect timing!

Having a halloween party tomorrow and I needed some quality eyeshadow at a low price. I’m not a crazy make up girl but I do wear it occasions inlay. And tomorrow I defiantly need it for my super cool costume. And it came just in time too. I received it today!! Can’t wait to try them out. They are extremely vivid and have great colors. None were broken.

Noemi Rockport, KY