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SHANY Cosmetics Professional Cotton Makeup Apron with Makeup Artist Brush Belt, Light Weight, 8 Ounce

Great for every day use, designed for professional users, can hold up to 28pcs, brushes, pencils, detailers and more. Small to big pockets, it got them all, shany apron can store all your brushes, and its foldable and comes with strap.

Key features

  • Can hold up to 25 cosmetics brushes , pencils or beauty accessories
  • Made of synthetic fabric (Cotton) with adjustable waist strap (belt)
  • Great for travel makeup storage, used as cosmetics organizer and bag
  • Perfect for professional makeup artists belt or everyday makeup
  • SHANY cosmetics is proud member of PETA and against animal cruelty.

Honest reviews


I should of read the description >.<

I was slightlu dissappointed at first when i bought is product- I still love it to hold my brushes except I clearly didn’t pay attention to detail. I though this included the brushes but its only the pouch. Didn’t matter though since I bought a set of shany brushes to go I to this pouch (even though that came with a roller pouch). Ya I probably spent a little too much on the pouch and on top of that a set of brushes to go I. It. It it didn’t matter. I did like this pouch. Makes it easier now for being more mobile too when I go to my friends houses and they ask me to do their makeup. It’s eliminates the clutter and scramble for looking for brushes. Use a brush, put it in the apron so it doesn’t get misplaced.I give it 5 stars because my stupidity shouldn’t deter anyone from buying this. I should of read what I was getting otherwise I would be owning this. I decided not to because I knew I could still use it. If I didn’t think I could of used this then ya I’d either gift it to a friend or get rid of it/get my money back. The quality is fine and I just did t read lol-jill

Sharon Garfield, GA

Great !

I bought this for my friend who is a makeup artist as a gift , and i thought it would be ridiculous cause you know shes a makeup artist i’m pretty sure she has something like this already,which she does. But she told me that she loves this and uses it everyday its so handle and easy with all the pockets and pouches , and it makes her life so much easy and it very light weight and fits alot of her brushes.

Cecelia Glens Falls, NY

Pretty stellar

My favorite things about this are the mesh pockets and the material. I love that you can put little things in the pockets and see them for easy access. Also, I tend to rub powder off of my brushes onto my apron (bad, I know) so I love that this fabric is easy to wash! Still suggest hand-washing though to keep any laundry soap perfumes from getting onto your brushes, don’t want any chemicals on clients!

Evangelina Petersburg, ND

A must have!

This is a must have brush set every kit should have. It includes your brush belt and some of your tiny detailed brushes that are sometimes hard to find in other brush kits. I recommend this set to anyone, especially freelance and beginners!

Lorna Mansfield, MO

These are SO cute

I cannot get enough of Shany’s Makeup Brushes with the Make up Apron.They are so cute and handy! Perfect for on the go or wannabe teen makeup artists like myself. The Apron is perfect, I feel so professional!

Emilia Bingham Canyon, UT


same as the picture….im satisfied with it and worth it ….holds everything nicely. truly does hold up to 25 brushes and more…love it:)

Justina Joelton, TN

Great tool belt!

I’m a makeup artist and I just needed a cheap tool belt to hold my brushes at work. I was pleasantly surprised by this one! The shipping was fast, the belt fits nicely, and it holds the brushes perfectly! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the quality is a little bit cheap, but for the price, it’s totally worth it!

Jeannie Creston, CA

Not the best but will work.

I bought this and it’s nice to put a good amount of makeup brushes in but mine actually tore on me. I believe of how I was taking it everywhere with me and it just got so worn-out but it’s good for starters!

Stella Northbrook, IL


Just another one of those amazing things to make doing freelance makeup just that much easier. Holds many brushes, keeping your hands and station free of clutter.

Stella New Freeport, PA

So helpful and handy!

This comes in so handy when I’m doing my friends make up. I have all the brushes at my finger tips when I need them. It’s come in handy so many times! I’ve been looking at higher priced ones but this is just great! Works really well for what I need it for.

Heidi Richburg, NY


Great set of brush with a price you can not bet! such a great apron also really comes in handy!

Ashleigh Estancia, NM

Not that good

When I ordered this product I thought I would be using it all the time. Since I got it I have used it only twice. There is not enough spots to hold brushes and the spots are too wide and either too shallow or too long. Not a good product at all

Luisa Etna, WY

You’re not a pro with out it

Just started cosmetology school and I love this Item! It makes getting to my brushes SO much easier. And it’s so funny to watch all the other girls going through jars to get to theirs.

Lauri Hamlin, WV

Lightweight yet holds a ton of stuff!!!

This belt has good sized pockets for most brushes and the little pockets are excellent for storing products!! Again, an ideal gift

Katie Englishtown, NJ

I Like this apron

because it reminds me alot of the mac apron it has so many pockets for brushes now I don’t have to search thru my case any mre for loose brushes.

Zelma Grand Tower, IL


This belt is great when working on a set for weddings, videos, photo shoots and etc. Great buy for make-up artist!!

Lana Inez, KY

SHANY Cosmetics Professional Vinyl Makeup Apron with Makeup Artist Brush

This is very handy. I didn’t realize that the brushes did not come with the makeup apron. Now I need to buy the brushes

Lily Kinderhook, IL

Many sized compartments

I love the fact that this makeup apron came with a zipper pouch! It’s perfect for tissues and q tips! The belt gives me easier access for somewhat hands free brush exchange! perfect for those who love their brushes like me! Also would be fun gift for any little girl!

Aimee Sun Valley, AZ

Wonderful apron

this apron is a must for all artist. It fits well and looks professional. Holds brushes securely. Made of sturdy material.

Bernice Eddyville, NE

Musthave for makeup artists

This is a musthave for makeup artists, great belt for all your brushes. Very convenient you can adjust the strap to size.

Alejandra Jim Falls, WI

A must-have if you do makeup!

I actually purchased this for a friend that is a makeup artist and she LOVES it. It holds so many brushes while still keeping them easily accessible. I would also recommend this to people that sell beauty line products, such as Mary Kay! Great product for a wonderful price!

Teri Kennedy, NY


It is adjustable which is a good thing as some people have bigger waist like me. Easy to use and it could hold up to 25 brushes. Makes my life more organize and neat.

Corrine Snowmass Village, CO

I’m Impressed!

I love these brushes and this apron! These are an excellent purchase and definitely worth the price. I bought this item mainly for the belt, but the brushes are quite nice and an excellent addition to my collection! The apron is easy to clean and I love that all of Shany’s products are PETA certified. Its really easy to reach for brushes when you’re doing your makeup, a definite must have for future makeup artists!

Eugenia Daykin, NE

very good.

the pouch is great. love that it has zip pouches. plenty of room for the other brushes that you should purchase from SHANY. I like the touch very nice. Highly recommend.

Faye Chase, LA

My First Apron

I do makeup at pageants every year and never had thought to buy an apron before this year. One of the mothers run a salon and told me I should get one. I am going to get this one and try it out because I’ve been nothing but satisfied with the Shany products I’ve bought. The only concern I would have is the durability because I have a feeling if I ever left it out my cat would destroy it. Other than that I find it perfect, it has plenty of pockets and it’s not too large or too small. I’m buying it this weekend, I can’t wait!

Stella Capitol Heights, MD

Amazing product

I am a beginner at doing makeup and I needed a nice makeup belt that can hold a lot of brushes and this one was perfect and professional looking which is a plus. The delivery was also very quick and made it in time for me to be able to use this product 😉

Vicky Springs, PA


This is the perfect size for a brush belt. It fits a lot of brushes, had little zipper compartments to put tools in and has an adjustable strap so you can fit it around your waist. Definitely recommend if you need a brush belt.

Shelby Cheshire, OR


Every Freelancer will benefit from this apron it’s a quality product at an affordable price!! I’m getting 2 because it’s always good to have a backup!!Shany Cosmetics Professional Vinyl Makeup Apron with Makeup Artist Brush Belt, Light Weight, 8 Ounce

Ola Winchester, TN

Brush belt

The Brush belt is made of nice soft and durable fabric that is easy to clean. Brush belt holds multiple brushes and extra pockets to store brushes.

Selma Stittville, NY

Got to have it!

I’d say this is one thing anyone with tons of brushes should have in there house and maybe even more then one because lets face it with so many brushes you always need extras to store them and carry them in. This apron with belt is great because it can be worn to match any outfit that you will wear since its a basic black. This fits a lot of brushes, I have to say its worth a go.

Clare Ridgway, PA