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SHANY Cosmetics NY Collection Pro Brush Kit, 13 Ounce

NY Collections by Shany, are another premium line of cosmetic brushes which was designed with professional makeup artists to satisfy the professional market. All brushes went through a professional rinse with nontoxic chemicals to make them anti-bacterial brushes, plus all brushes were treated with heat more than 3 times in 3 separate process to deliver a high quality hair brushes. NY collection is one of SHANY’s best collection, all the brush kits come with 22pc brushes and their differences are among their materials and pouches. Soft or firm, synthetic or natural and Travel pouch or home use, they got them all. Since all brushes are treated, fibers distribute just the right amount of pigment for a perfect result every time. All NY collection includes: LARGE POWDER BRUSH , Foundation brush, Large Due Fiber brushes, Concealer brush, small and large angled brush, angled eyeliner brush, Fan brush, Pencil brush, blending brushes, shade brush and liner brushes.

Key features

  • NY Collection by SHANY, All you need for a flawless look! Premium line of Brush kits
  • 22pc Goat & badger & Sable Bristles- This Set is mix of all the best , Firm, soft and semi firm
  • High quality cosmetics brush set with pouch , made from natural hair for best result
  • Rinse with SHANY natural makeup brush cleanser before the first use, Brush instruction included.
  • Designed in USA with team of artists, Proud member of PETA and against animal cruelty.

Honest reviews




Isabel Paulden, AZ

For great results, get these brushes

Though I don’t have these brushes, I was impressed by the image and description of the brushes. Different brush sets, in makeup, work for different people. In makeup, when it comes to accessories, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” formula, and this is the reason why this set of brushes would be perfect for certain people, and make up artists. Also, the case means that the brushes will last a long time! 🙂

Billie Wilmot, NH

great set!

Love this case and brush set! I’m not sure what some of them are for…but I’m sure I will figure it out. I do love that tthe bristles don’t fall out and stick to my face like the other brush set I have!

Sylvia Westfir, OR

Good for the Price

These brushes seem very good for the price. There was a plastic smell when I opened the bag, but it was not too strong and it should go away after airing the bag and washing the brushes. I bought this item as a gift, so I cannot give it five stars since I am not using it. I did, however, pull on the hairs and looked at the brushes; the hairs did not come off and the brushes were soft. Good quality for the price, I want to get a set for myself. The bag is a nice maroon color, it was a hit!

Lorna Kasson, MN

Cute, Convenient, and Quality

These brushes a well designed and their value is much more than its price! Not only are the brushes great but the case is well thought out too, it has a zippered pouch which is convienient for carry extra brushes or make up. Shany really did a good job on this one!

Emma Valliant, OK

would be a good buy!

For getting twenty-two pieces at this price, its perfect if you’re on a budget like many of us. The roll up case makes it that much better.

Jayne Kersey, CO

Good buy!

I have had these brushes for a while now and totally love them. I use them pretty much everyday and they are soft and feel nice on your skin and they also hold onto the product well. I have also washed them multiple times and layed them out to dry overnight. They wash really nicely and dry right back to their original shape. These are a must have for someone who doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for makeup brushes!

Francisca Sidman, PA


I personally don’t own this set but my friend owns them and I did test them out before going to purchase them in the near future. I have to say they are Great meaning soft and the handles are stirdy!

Trisha Baroda, MI

Must have

This brush set contains everything you would need to start building up your make up collection and it even comes in a stylish carrying case.

Josie Pollard, AR

Fine set

Fine set of brushes by Shany! I love the ruby red/purple case, really pretty! I would love to get more of their brushes!

Tanisha Alda, NE


it is such a great case. very very soft brushes but just because there soft doesn’t mean that they cant intensify your face!

Trudy Utica, MI

So many brushes!

The brushes all seem to be a good quality especially for the price. I mean I love how many different brushes it comes with and they all seem very sturdy. The case is kind of cheap but I still think it is so shiny and pretty.

Melody Furlong, PA

Love this set!

These brushes are of incredible quality. The bristles are baby soft and these do not shed at all. The case is excellent for travel to…just worth mentioning!

Nannie Fithian, IL

Budget Friendly

Great buy and budgetfriendly!! Excellent product and convenient case when traveling along with an excellent variety of brushes. Great for a gift.

Erika Jonesport, ME

My bestie raves about these!

I bought these for my best friend for her birthday, (last year I bought her shany eyeshadow palettes) and she won’t stop thanking me for them. It’s almost like she rubs it in my face lol I think her favorite part is getting them out and setting them all down right before she does her makeup in the morning. I’m so glad I bought these for her, I was nervous cause it’s purple and she likes blue, but to her it didn’t matter.

Alisa Dow City, IA

Super cute!

Great brushes, I love the brush roll, so unique with its purple faux crocodile, much nicer than the standard black brush rolls. All brushes you need are in this set.

Rosario Princeton, MO


It comes with 22 different brush and a purple crocodile case. the case is very pretty. also the brushes are very soft.

Darcy Cibola, AZ

good brushes.

these brushes are good! like that they are mixed. and so many brushes! and the case is very nice and colors are great! I would really recommend you get these its well worth the price!

Mina Penns Park, PA

Need a better foundation brush and glue

The handles come off easily. I’m not impressed. I’m going to have to find a new foundation brush. I do like that they number and tell you what each brush is for.

Elba Searsmont, ME

Pretty good

Pros:- They look very professional.- The face brushes are full and the perfect stiffness / softness combo for picking up powder- All brushes are soft- The case is convenient- The eye brushes pick up and apply product well with little to no fall outCons:- I’ve had them for a few days now, and the shedding is still slightly frustrating. Three or four strands out of each face brush every time I use them, even after washing. I’m hoping it’ll stop soon.- Not much variation in the eye brushes – it seems like there are five or six of the same brush in maybe a slightly different size, and another five or six the same in another style.Overall, if you’re willing to buy a few specialty eye brushes to go along with it, this is a nice beginner set. Better quality face brushes than I expected.

Marla Westfield, IL

love them

great quality, i use em like crazy… perfect for a girl that is a makeup junkie 🙂 really cute case as well

Lorna Nenzel, NE


This is the brush set every Starter to Pro needs!! Application of makeup is such a breeze and your given every brush you could ever need!! Very good quality and they come in this stylish Purple Faux Croc Case that fits in your bag so easily!! So dont wait get yours before they are gone!!Shany Cosmetics NY Collection Pro Brush Kit, 13 Ounce (22 Piece Mix Natural or Synthetic with Purple Faux Crocodile Case)

Julie Lookout Mountain, GA

okayy !!

I bought these brushes just to have a back up pair for my main brushes ! I use my brushes a lot on clients and what I did notice about these brushes was that it bristles tend to shed and get left on my clients face!! Same problem as I’m washing them. I wasn’t to happy about that but like I said their just my back set.So would I recommend them ?? Uuumm no not really plus now I’m more into the vegan set brushes idk if these are vegan (meaning no animal hair, cruelty free.) I never checked but hopefully they are :/

Hilda Purdum, NE

Wonderful brushes and cute clutch

This 22 piece brush set is truly gorgeous. Its like a clutch for your brushes which holds them neatly and in place. The purple crocodile case is beautiful and the brushes are great for creating the perfect look. The brushes are soft and have many bristles. You get a variety of brushes which come in use for different purposes. While a few shed it wasn’t too much to get mad over. Wash all your brushes before using it since it has a scent when you first open it.

Pamala Montville, NJ

Great for a bigger set!

I always need moremoremore brushes and so when I had to upgrade from a basic set, I turned to Shany for the good price/good quality combo. This set has everything I need and I love having a lot of shadow brushes so I don’t have to constantly clean/wipe off when playing with looks.

Deloris Dunbridge, OH

Cute Case

I love how you have so many brushes that are soft in such a stylish case. Fits in your purse or make up bag easily.

Millicent Hayti, MO

Too much shedding for my liking

I wanted so much to like these brushes!!! Price is right, shipping was fast, packaging was good and case is beautiful just what I was looking for……BUT DAMB those shedding brissels!! I must say they are dense, pickup color well and soft ebutUpon using I had hair all overmy makeup, face, and makeup pallet. I have to use the fan brush to whippe off. thats a big prob for me b/c thats an issue I never had before.I took another reviewers advise and washed them in gentle shampoo, the water was dirty and there was shedding but I pulled on the brissels to get any loose hair out. If this works I will be back on here to change my review and bump it up to 4 stars b/c other than the shedding I dont really have a prob with this product *UPDATE**UPDATE*8/6/1313I no longer use this set. They are just poor quality. I use elf brushes that i purchase at Target,they are sold separately and affordable ($1 a piece). The best part is i buy the ones i need. I also use the M.A.C blending brush (love this brush)You don’t get what you pay 10 yr old niece is experimenting with makeup so i will give this set to her.Hope this helps

Trina Rossville, IL

Totally Loveable!

This is a great kit! I love this set! I also like the mix of soft and firm hairs in the brushes. Pretty color says it’s purple but it looks burgunday to me. Nice touch the Crocodile Case.

Cara Artesia, MS

Love It!

I Love these brushes! They work great and the presentation was great for the price that I paid! They arrived on time and they were in perfect condition.

Helena Amidon, ND

Couldn’t be happier!

How cute are these?! I love that there is a mix of synthetic and natural hair brushes. I love the variety and how this has every brush I will ever need! I love how this rolls up into a neat little clutch that is just adorable! Overall, I love this product!

Leona Severna Park, MD