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SHANY Cosmetics Nail Art Set, 24 Count

Have the ultimate choice for your manicure with this set of 24 thin, lipstick sized nail polishes. This chic set includes a plastic tray with slots for each polish, so you can keep the whole set organized and at hand. With an assortment of colors, including a mixture of matte, glittery, and shimmery, you can wear each color on its own or in combination with other colors in the set for a unique, customized look. Ranging from shimmery neutrals to matte pastels to glittery neon’s and more, your nails will never look better than they will after using this polish collection.

Key features

  • Works great with other shany nail art products, such as brush sets or cracked nail polishes
  • Quick-drying and long-lasting
  • Chip resistant formula
  • Ingredients of all shany nail collection are imported from Luxembourg and Paris
  • Made in factories which make high-end, luxury products

Honest reviews


pretty colors

These nail art were perfect to draw on my nails! I created stars, lines, strokes, and many more! They were very easy to use! It After applying the polish, it dried up very quickly! so that’s good! 🙂

Eleanor La Plata, PR

No Duplicate Colors

These come well packaged in a plastic divider keeping each polish upright and separate and was shrink wrapped. Needless to say they arrived in tact and unbroken.I got these for a gift and every polish is a different color, so no duplicates. They are bright and shiny and look to be of good quality.One thing is these are about 1/2 the size of a regular nail polish so be advised they are smaller.Since they are a gift, I’ll have to report back on how well they work.Overall I’m pleased, but I gave 4 stars for them not putting the size on in the description.Vidimo Se!

Stacy Broadview Heights, OH


This 24 set of nail art polishes is fabulous. You get such pretty colors to choose from, therefore giving you that many more nail designs you can create!

Irma Elgin, TX

Great Quality

These polishes are better than any name brand I’ve used. The price is such a steal and you get so many colors! I haven’t noticed any chipping yet, it’s been a few days so we’ll see. The colors are all super pretty and great variety. Just a warning to some people, I would probably buy a nail brush or clean an old nail polish applicator. The applicators on these are the long skinny ones (not a problem for me, I expected them to be like that since it said nail art set) for designs, so if you’re wanting a thicker applicator, you’ll have to get a separate one otherwise it will take you about 5-6 strokes to cover one nail.Again, very pretty colors ranging from glittery to pearl to flat. And they come in their own organizing stand. Love it.

Mari Gomer, OH

Great great all the way!

The colors are really nice and I like having a variety to choose from! Recommend it to anyone that’s into doing nails!

Shannon Monrovia, IN


I love their design kits. You get so many colors and so many odd colors that you can’t really find anywhere else for nail art. Pair this up with their 24 nail polish set and you have endless possibilities for designs.

Angel Brookline Village, MA

24 for 24

24 nail art colors for 24 dollars is amazing! The colors are so pretty as they always are from Shany cosmetics!

Consuelo Fayette, MO

Nice assortment

I bought this as a birthday present, so did not try the product personally, but the assortment provided was nice.

Ava Winchester, ID

Super Fun Set!

Nail Art is the all the rave right now and with this set you will be looking like a pro in no time. The colors are magnificent and the brushes are great quality which means the results will be perfect everytime!

Young Alger, MI


These are awesome! When I got them I bursted them open and started trying them out right away. They are so cool and now that there are websites with tutorials I can do so many un thinkable designs.

Elisha Wapello, IA

Great set great colors!

This set really is great when you first start nail art, it has all the colors you will need. And the colors are very vibrant, it is great value. And the bottles look super cute among the rest of my nail polish collection.

Elsa Lynchburg, MO


It comes with some many different colors, you could do a lot of designs with it because of the thin brush. The colors are great.

Beverley Palmetto, LA

great for fall time!

this set is so pretty and glittery! and some of the colors for the nail art set is great for fall! very dark colors for fall I love them! they work awesome! get themmm!

Isabella Dammeron Valley, UT

This is the second time I have bought this set

These are for fine detail decorating your nails. There are small fine brushes. The colors are great, and fun for drawing on your nails.

Nelda Grantsville, MD

I Like Them

I didnt get any repeat color and I use them all the time. Some of the colors need a second coat but I feel like that is normal for light colors.

Jordan Pe Ell, WA

Great product,beautiful colors

I really love this product. I wanted some nail art colors/ “pens”. But they seemed a little crazy for me wanting almost all the colors. This helped without my breaking my wallet,lol. They are very pigmented and gorgeous color. I am a cosmetology student and have worked with professional polish, These are great. As for anyone who ever complains about shany.You are wrong, if you use nail polish base and quality top coat you will have no problem with getting these to last like any other polish needs too! I love the display for these too, its easy to stay organized. This is the third product I’ve tried from Shany,and I still have not been disappointed. I highly recommend this cosmetic brand, especially these nail art set 🙂

Whitney Waunakee, WI


these were a gift to my daughter for Christmas. she is having so much fun making different designs on her nails!

Latanya Howell, AR

good Nail Art Nail Polishes

these nail art Polishes Are very Nice And Glittery and with dark and Some Neon Colors and the packageing was just right nothing was Broken and they work just fine

Geraldine Bude, MS

No yellow

Got my polish and only one red had a small leak where a few drops came out. There were also no yellow colors at all. Only one gold with glitter that hardly resembles yellow (more of a brownish). All of them have fine detail brush (striper) tips since this is a NAIL ART SET! Other than the lack of yellow, this is an amazing deal and I will buy a few more SHANY products to see what else is good. Now I just gotta hit Utube and check out professionalDQ to learn how to do the crazy unicorn stuff she does on her nails! Unicorn germs!

Jill Lecompton, KS

Lucious Colors

These Nail Art polishes are so great and so many colors to choose from. You could have a different color combination every day if you wanted to. The price of them makes them a measley dollar a piece. They case they come in makes them look so neat and tidey.

Dorthy New Paris, PA

Bright Happy Colors!

Bright Happy Colors! These are great since the drab Fall colors are coming! What a great set of polishes to have. You can create many good designs with this set. A mush have.

Nettie Corvallis, MT

Great deal for anyone who is crazy about nail polish

The sheer number of nail bottles will mean countless hours of fun experimenting with different designs, and colors. Now, women want to have different styles and different designs on their finger, and toe nails, because they want to create a different look for different days. If I was going to do an in-home manicure, and/or pedicure, this is the product that I would get.

Aurora Ross, ND

don’t waste your money

Almost all the brushes are in poor conditions. The bristles are different in sizes and not thin enough. Waste of money

Sherry Coopersburg, PA

Create any look you want

There are so many colors to choose from you can create any look you want. These are perfect for the beginner and the expert because they are so precise and easy to paint with but they are also great for painting detail on such a small surface. They are also chip resistant.

Milagros Merigold, MS

Perfectly Beautiful Shany

I just tried these out and they are wonderful. They are a great buy and I have many people who will enjoy what I can do with these. I look forward to doing a lot more business with Shany. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE COLORS. My granddaughter will have the most beautiful nails in her school as well as anyone else who will let me manicure them. The brushes were perfect and work very nicely. I can’t wait to add more of these beautiful colors to my collection. If you enjoy doing nail art like I do you must have these.

Emilie Sabine Pass, TX


These nail art were perfect to draw on my nails! I created stars, lines, strokes, and many more! They were very easy to use! It After applying the polish, it dried up very quickly! so that’s good! 🙂

Sarah Littlerock, CA

it pits

most was dry out what was going on with thisIt was a total rip off dont buy from them

Leeann Manhattan, IL


i love this product it makes painting my nails easy! its clear so i can see whats left in it and i love showing it off to other people i absolutely was bouncing up and down when the mail man came saying package for me! yayayay i love these polishes!

Marianne Monroe, MI

brushes have stray strands but otherwise great

The colors are awesome, good variety. My only complaint is that half of the nail polish brushes have stray strands, which isn’t good for nail art. I just took nail clippers and cut the end of the brushes just enough to make them straight. Works fine now. It’s fun and I’m finding tons of "how to" videos online showing how to do super cool nail art designs.

Cecilia Glen, WV