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SHANY Cosmetics Nail Art Manicure Fimo Canes, Sticks, and Rods Gel Tips with Cutter, 200 Count

With fimo nail art canes and rods, your manicure will never go undecorated again. These rods feature many shapes, colors, and themes, including faces, animals, holidays, food, flowers, signs and symbols, and more. With a free blade, you can easily cut slices from any rod you choose, making the slice as thick or as thin as you would like. The slices then attach easily to the nail with either top coat or nail glue, leaving you with a manicure that is out of this world. You don’t have to draw anything or deal with complicated and detailed instructions; simply slice and stick! This super easy application makes it possible for anyone to have salon quality nails at a fraction of the price.

Key features

  • 200 different pieces in assorted styles and colors
  • Completely customizable – cut them as thick or thin as you want
  • Bright colors and cool designs great for eye catching nails
  • Used as nail art, nail design, phone accessories, laptop design and more
  • Be aware to watch out for the Free Cutters that’s inside the Box

Honest reviews


never came in…

i purchsed these, was given a tracking number BUT they never arrived b/c the product was damaged in transit. notified amazon and they refunded my money. instead of buying a bundle, buy a small wheel from a beauty supply store first to give them a try then splurge for a bundle if you truly love them. i bought a small wheel and found that they are simply not my style of doing nail art.

Louella Greenwich, CT


Here is the issue…these are 1/2 fimos….very short like around and inch long…very misleading…and not worth the $. You can spend a few more dollars get full fimos and get more for your money…this was:200 mini fimos which in reality it was 100 fimos full size. I would NOT buy it again personally…

Claudia Dimock, SD

Small Sticks

Yes there are 200 different designs but they are half the length of most sticks. So in size wise you will only be getting 100 sticks but there are 200 designs. So you decide what you want. more different options or more of the same.

Magdalena Cockeysville, MD

Cute as can be…

This is going to be a christmas gift so I haven’t cut them yet so I hope that is easy to do. However, they are very cute and I am sure she will love them. I was expecting something more than just a razor blade to cut them but I guess it will work.

Sybil Protem, MO

Lots of variety

I’ve read some reviews complaining about eh size of these fimo canes, but in the product description it does say the canes are an inch long so you shoudn’t be surprised. When opening this product there is no organization its just a box of canes, not plastic or anything. Yes the blade is in there randomly but it is covered by a cardboard sheet. You wouldnt hurt yourself if you didn’t open the package so recklessly. I did not get all the images shown in the products pictures, i got some different ones but thats okay. I did get one pair of duplicates in this item. Something that made me have to give this product 4 stars was one of the canes i got was not even half an inch long . It was my strawberry fruit Fimo cane. sad. Other than those two disappointments this product is priced expensively in comparision to other fimo canes. Positves of this product is that there is lots of variety and anyone can have fun slicing fimo canes. Doing this is way more exciting (and sometimes cheaper) than buying the pre cut fimo! I will Post images of The box in comparision to my hand, what it looked like when opened and the half inch mishap.

Sheena Wewela, SD


I expected these rods to be much longer from the pictures. They’re about an inch or less long each. However it’s easy enough to cut and use with steady hands. I like 95% of the designs. Not all you see in the pictures are what you get. I ended converting the container they came in to organize them so it’d be easy to see them when I want to use them. I’ll upload pictures to give you all an idea.

Helga Stowell, TX

Shany Cosmerics(Fimo Sticks)

I like them there were tons of different designs in the box! The only thing I didnt like was the size of the sticks they were half the size of ones I had gotten somewhere else !

Janette Deerbrook, WI

Good variety – small canes

This is my third set of canes (will never use all of them, I know). Although this set had the most variety (200 canes, only three duplicates), the size of the canes were a little too small for my taste. The colors were good, but not quite as vibrant as the MASH canes (the “true” MASH canes). These canes did have Hello Kitty and all the Angry Birds in the set and many designs that I did not get in the previous two sets. If you’re looking for a good variety, then this set will satisfy your needs.

Francisca New Bloomington, OH


They work ok but you have to cut them really thin so they don’t stick up cuz they wont lay flat if you don’t. It does seem to work a lot better when acrylic is used with them instead of nail posh.

Lina Glen Cove, NY

not what’s in picture

but i did get some cute stuff, including lots of different flowers, which is what i wanted. i did not get alot of the sticks pictured, but i found the ones i did not get were the ones i wouldn’t have wanted anyway. as others have mentioned, these are very short. i got about 6 that were just tiny pieces less than 1/4" long. some of the images…i can’t even tell what they’re supposed to be. also, "cutting tool" or whatever they have listed as if it’s something special is just a razor blade you can buy anywhere. big deal. typical advertising to make something that isn’t seem special. mine did have the paper on it, though, so you don’t have just a bare, cute enough and i got enough different stuff that it was worth it.

Gretchen Twin Peaks, CA

No duplicates and tons of designs to chose from

There are so many designs to choose from in this set. There are no duplicates but there are designs that are the same but in different colors. Easy to cut and comes with a cutter that is just a plain razor blade. The designs are cute and colorful.

Manuela Riley, IN


Cute & easy to cute. To me they aren’t good enough for the serious type of nail artists. But if you like fun, cool & whimsical designs, these are for you.

Judy Gatlinburg, TN

It is what it said it is

Its my first time playing with fimo canes. My personal preference is for hand painted nail art, but these are cute and really detailed. As soon as you get the hang of cutting them they work well.

Vanessa Electric City, WA

Poor qualty, and small size.

I have ordered Fimo in the past, including other Shany Fimo’s (usually the 100pc bundles). These were not up to pare with what I have come to expect from Shany as well as other Fimo brands. I had not realized that they were half the size (1″) as most fimo sticks/brands. Even not considering that about half a dozen of my sticks are about a 1/4 or 1/2 an inch. On top of that I realized that many were deformed (about another 6-12 sticks), so that I would not be able to used the stick in its entirely or partially. Some you cannot even make out what the image is suppose to be. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed and will never order this again.

Susana Tidewater, OR

Good variety

The product had no repeats at all but had a lot of similar canes (different color cupcakes or flowers). The canes are a great size and it comes with a blade so they are easy to cut the way you want them to. They have great designs (though a few are rather odd and probably won’t be used). The item is great for this price.CAUTION: The blade comes in the bag with the canes so be careful when you pull them out of the bag so that you don’t cut your hand. My blade was in the middle of the canes and couldn’t be seen from the outside and I poked around and accidentally found it that way.

Celeste Marathon Shores, FL

As expected

I only got 2 repeats, 2 of one and 3 of another. There were angry birds, hello kitty, hearts, stars, peace signs, a playboy bunny, lots of flowers and foods. There are some words that aren’t English (2). And one was damaged. Overall, I don’t thing ill ever use them all. But I’m glad I purchased them!

Delia Weston, CT

Very easy

These are very easy to use with a big assortment of designs. They come in tiny 1 inch sticks in a box with a razor blade for cutting.

Jenna Pendergrass, GA


So many shapes! The sticks were shorter than anticipated but the product came early and was a great price. Blade in box was easy to cut with. I advise practicing slicing with a pattern you don’t like first.

Shawna Creston, NC

Great Detail

I was surprised at the detail of these canes. I did my grandaughters nails and they were adorable! So many uses for them!

Ava Taylorsville, CA

Shany Cosmetics Nail Art Manicure Fimo Canes, Sticks, and Rod Gel Tips

I Love my nail art manicure fimo canes sticks and rod gel tips. There so awesome to wear on fingernails and your toenails very easy to cut them i love to cut them thin . I receveid my order very early . I Do Thank You so much .

Carissa Hampton, NE

AMAZING! Defiantly buy!

Hey! I just got these today and sliced the most of them. At first i doubted them. THEN I sliced one and loved them! You get a lot. 1 was broken, and i think 2 were used.. But other than that there great! I’m doing my acrylics tomorrow and putting a cute blue flower! The blade is very sharp! slices smoothly and nice. Really recommend, although price is high. lower it down and it should be fine! But i loved the designs and you get at least 75 slices from one cane. or 100 if your good at slicing. I put them in stack-able containers. And love them! you should consider! there a little small the size of a toothpick but there cute! buy!!! there amazing

Beryl Bethera, SC