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SHANY COSMETICS Makeup Brush Set for Professionals

Now get all your brushes in one place and experience the difference with shany. the elegant brush apron comes with high quality brushes and you don’t have to buy any additional brushes. make sure to wash and rinse your brushes as soon as they arrive, dry them with dryer and they are ready to use and will last you a long time.

Key features

  • 18pc premium cosmetics brushes made for home use with quality of makeup artist brushes
  • Premium natural goat hair with an elegant reusable makeup artist brush belt (apron)
  • Adjustable makeup apron to any size, can hold up to 40 different sizes (set comes with 18pc)
  • Rinse with SHANY natural makeup brush cleanser before the first use, Brush instruction included.
  • Designed in USA with team of Makeup artists, Proud member of PETA and against animal cruelty.

Honest reviews



Honest this is like the best gift idea to give someone who is starting out in the whole makeup world, and loves makeup. it comes with so many different brushes and its very soft and nicely made. it comes with 18 brushes which is more than enough.

Lidia Webster, KY

Cute and Handy

This little kit is so cute and Handy. I just ADORE the makeup apron!Also super affordable for quality brushes.I have two types of brushes, awesome high end brushes and cheap as dirt Literally walmart brand brushes. This set is pretty much the price of the walmart brand with the quality of the high end stuff. Definite must buy.

Mari Wyatt, MO


These are real good brushes. They even had it at the recent imats in la. heard a lot about it. I only heard positive feedback with this so far and such a good variety of brushes 🙂

Madeline Nemacolin, PA

Great Brushes!

First off I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that Shany Cosmetics is a cruelty free company. I try really hard to pay attention to where the makeup products I buy come from. Poor little animals don’t need to suffer for our beauty!!!Ok now onto the brushes… I love the apron that comes with it and the brushes are all amazing quality! Who needs to pay an arm and an leg for high end brushes when these are amazing!

Carlene Kouts, IN

Cruelty Free!

First off thesebrushes are cruelty free meaning no animal were harmed in the making of this product, always important to look for! Another greatly priced item from Shany and it comes with brush carrier, makes you feel pro! : )

Jane Cedar Grove, NC

A great gift idea

I recently gifted this super affordable set to one of my MUA friends and she loved it. The brushes are soft yet firm and the apron is washable!!!

Madge Cambridge, NY


Overall this is a very good brush set! There are a few too many flat shader brushes, but I end up replacing that brush style the most often so no real complaints there! I love that they’re synthetic too.

Celia Experiment, GA

Sweet and easy handling!

I love this brush set, it’s perfect for when I do my friend’s makeup for weddings, dances, and events. I absolutely feel more confident when wearing it! The fact that it has a strap for your waist makes it feel more fun! Great brushes and great pouch

Ida Ninilchik, AK


Love it love it love it … HOWEVER .. There is no blending brush , but I already had one so it didn’t effect me. Very Soft eyeshadow brushes, but don’t pick up color as well as my rough ones. still very useful ! I just use all the other brushes more.( Lip brush , angled brush etc. )

Elinor Roundhill, KY


The “hair” of the brushes are soft. Comes with an apron that is adjustable. A plus that they are against animal cruelty !!

June Calhoun Falls, SC

Cruelty Free, and Great Quality!

Thank you Shany for being cruelty free! I have vegan friend who is into makeup but not into torturing animals for it, so I’ll definitely recommend this to her. The brushes were soft and hardly shed. I loved the apron and how convenient it was to reach down for a brush when doing makeup for another person or yourself. I recently used it to do all of my girlfriends’ makeup before a party and they kept commenting on how professional it made me seem. This set is a wonderful complement to an collection!

Dorothy Capitol, MT


these are nice brushes. great pouch to put it in. great to use and lots of brushes to choose from. great for someone starting out.

Edith Swift, MN

Pay more for a reputable brand. A waste of money.

Bad brushes, no blending brushes. Only any good to lay down colour and apply concealer. Brushes shed excessively very disappointed

Josefa Ben Lomond, AR

I love the brush set!

I love the brushes because they are soft and when i use it to apply my makeup or other people’s makeup, it looks so nice! The handle is also very nice and since these brushes comes with the brush belt, that’s a plus for it’s price!! I recommend 😀

Twila Brownsville, PA

What You See Is What You Get

I am fairly neutral on this product. The brushes are the same quality as their other brushes (which are good for what they are). I am not super impressed with the pouch it comes it. It’s just not as nice as there other ones because it’s so simple. Not saying this is a bad product, it is good. But I think Shany makes better if you are willing to spend a bit more.

Madge North Zulch, TX

Shany brushes

These brushes are soft and easy to use to apply on makeup. The brushes are greatly made and the brush belt is durable and sturdy. Its great for travel.

Pamela Balaton, MN

Feel like a PRO!

The set of brushes are very soft and compatible! The material that holds all of the brushes is very sturdy. I recommend these brushes if you are going into the beauty industry!

Leanne Lincoln, MT

Look like a pro!

I’m not going to lie… I totally feel like a pro when I use these brushes! Great quality, dense, soft brushes. Sturdy, sexy case. What more could you want?… oh yeah, cruelty free. Does it get any better?!

Janna Natural Bridge Station, VA