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SHANY Cosmetics Magnetic Nail Polish, Heavenly Colors, 1.8 Ounce

Want to try something different with your nails. If you feel it’s time to experiment with your manicure to switch up your look, then these polishes are for you. This set comes with 6 different colors, all metallic and glossy, and a magnetic stamp with 6 different designs. Made from materials imported from Paris, this magnetic manicure set is high quality, long-lasting, and gorgeous.

Key features

  • Set of 6 polishes, ingredients imported from Luxembourg and packaged in China
  • Includes all necessary nailart tools, such as nail magnetic stamps
  • Purple, blue, brown, green, orange, and red nail polishes
  • No need UV lamp, LED lamp nail dryer, Quick dry formula, Use Top coat and base coat
  • Works great with Shany nail art set, Nail brushes, Nail manicure pedicure accessories

Honest reviews


So fun

Magnetic nail polishes are so much fun, to begin with. And these colors are absolutely gorgeous! What a fun way to spice up plain ole’ nail polish! Great deal, and product.

Juliana Riddleton, TN


6 magnetic nail polish for $17, its almost like getting it for $1 which is superb. where else can you find nail polish with great quality for almost $1 ? such a great deal !

Sara Morristown, AZ


I really like the different colors of the nail polishes! Goes on well and stays on very a pretty long time! Easy to use!

Bernadine Elm Grove, WI

Simply didn’t work. Don’t waste your money.

I don’t know if I received a bad batch, but this magnetic nail polish kit doesn’t work. I tried shaking the bottle to ensure the magnetic particles were activated, but nothing happened. I also tried hovering the magnet over the nail in different positions and using some of the other colors, but it was useless. The magnetic effect wouldn’t materialize. I contacted Shany’s customer service department twice, but didn’t receive a response. Unfortunately, I can’t return these because Amazon does not accept returns on nail polish. I’m sticking to Sally Hansen’s Magnetic polishes. Those work without a hassle.

John Waynoka, OK

Love it

I love these colors and the fact that they are magnetic just adds to it. The designs when you use the magnet isn’t overly showable, but it’s a nice subtle design.

Tabitha Kimberly, WV

Cutest Set of Nail Polish!

Love magnetic nail polish as well as SHANY so this was a no brainer for me. Excellent quality and super cute colors. Def would recommend to everyone to try!

Sherrie Coldwater, KS

Loving magnetic nail polish

I have totally converted to magnetic nail polish, it is subtle but still noticeable. It is just amazing how much variety you can create using a magnete. All these different prints. It is super cool, and they come in such cute colors too. Colors that you can wear even without the magnet, colors for summer and winter!

Brandie Phenix, VA


these colors are heavenly! love them! and the magnetic designs it comes with are pretty cool! something different from other boring brands!

Callie Rockmart, GA

Unexpectedly good quality

As a nail polish junkie, I have tried all levels of brands from cheap to pricey. These polishes are way better than some that cost twice as much and better than a few that cost three times what these do.

Cortney Portland, IN

Maybe it’ll get better with practice

Maybe it’ll get better with practice, but I’m not sure the magnetic tops are all created equal. I seem to have better results with some pattern magnets I purchased separately.

Nadine Glendale, SC

easy professional nails

Most people don’t know how this works, what you do is paint your nails with the beautiful nail polish that is in the kit, then you hold the magnet of your choice over your nail an you get a gorgeous professional nail look! I really like this kit it works wonderfully and easily!

Bonnie White Haven, PA