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SHANY Cosmetics Intense Eyes Palette 72 Color Eyeshadow Palette, 17 Ounce

Want the whole spectrum of color in one compact palette? Look no further! With 72 colors, a mirror, and three applicators all in a container small enough to fit in your purse, we’ve got you covered. The Shany Cosmetics Intense Eyes Palette features three levels of eye shadows, all shimmery and glittery, to help you create looks that are out of this world. The colors are all over the place, providing anyone, no matter their taste, occasion, or skin tone, all the colors they need to create fantastic looks. Shany Cosmetics eye shadows are also formulated to go on evenly and stay on for hours, so you don’t have to worry about looking less than fresh just a couple hours later. 72 colors were cherry picked by SHANY designers and all colors are the best seller colors from national brands. The palette comes with stunning packaging, Perfect for personal use or gifting.

Key features

  • 72 shadows stowed easily in a small container – Japanese applicators
  • Two sliding layers and a lower layer increase selection while decreasing space
  • Professional selection of shimmery and glittery colors for every person and situation
  • Highly pigmented colors, just use SHANY primer before applying
  • Designed in USA with team of professional makeup artists. Proud member of PETA

Honest reviews



This palette isn’t huge, but that makes it convenient and easy to use on the go if need be. The colors are amazing, and the pigment in them is to die for. I love this palette so much.

Kathleen Nordland, WA


I love Shany eye shadows, they always have a lot of pigment / shine and stay on for a long time!

Cecelia Sandy, TX

big variety

such a big selection of colors its so had to choose from in the morning. i love this pallet because it intensifies your eyes and it works for every skin type it works great!!

Hannah Durant, OK


This is one of the most versatile palettes I have owned. The colors are vibrant, richly pigmented and go on like silk. This would be a great addition to any makeup collection or the perfect start to a new one!

Saundra Cornelius, OR

Intense is the word for it

This eyeshadow palette has all the vibrant eyeshadows you will need to create very colorful looks. And the eyeshadows are so intense in color, the name of the palette really is correct. You also have more muted tones, so you can use those for more everyday or just to tone down the more colorful colors a little for an everyday look.

Julie Irving, NY

Intense is right!

I love a highly pigmented shadow and these don’t disappoint. Create intense, dramatic looks with awesome color payout. Plus the case is sleek and compact.

Marcella Capels, WV

A Great Eyeshadow Set!

A must for every diva! What more shadow looks could you want? This versatile kit is the bomb! As comparable to other cosmetic companies, but Shany is not animal tested. That is a great thing to know as I am a animal lover.

Kenya West Willow, PA

Great Eyeshadow palette! This is a great product

Though I have not bought this product, I really liked the look of the image of it. When I do run out of eyeshadow from Shany, I will buy this eyeshadow. In general, I am quite pleased with the eyeshadow from Shany, because they are affordable, and long lasting, and look great for any complexion and skin color. They are really a great deal for the price. I am a satisfied customer for Shany cosmetics.

Autumn North Houston, TX

Amazing Colors

This is an AWESOME palette! I love the colors. The bright and bold colors made my eyes pop. The palette offered a wide variety of colors that fit any occassion. I especially like the blues and greens, which are great for fall.

Shauna Wendell, MA

Bright and fun

This palette is awesome. It’s super bright, and you can create and have so many different fun looks with it! 72 colors to pick from is pretty awesome!

Jerri New Kingston, NY

Great colors

I love the bold colors of this palette and they stay on pretty well and also have really high pigment. The only downer for me is that EVERY shadow is shimmer/glittery! All 72 of them. I like shimmer, but I don’t like wearing ALL shimmer shadow. You need a matte shadow or 2 in order for your eye application to look nice and blended instead of a muddy, glittery mess. If you need some shimmer shadows, definitely get this, It’s a great price….but make sure you have a few matte shadows at home to blend in the crease with them. A good palette to have in Your collection, not the best to wear for every day or at the office daily.

Beverly Saint Gabriel, LA

Instence eyes is correct!

This is the go-to palette for bold eyes and a wide-range of looks that looks really great combine together! Really love this palette!

Socorro Ada, OK

love the colors

greatest eye make-up i have ever had. And the colors stay all day! you won’t regret buying it! will definitely buy more for sure!!

Grace Rayville, MO


These colors are my favorite colors that SHANY offers. I don’t have to put so many layers on, it just works. The mirror it comes with is nice because I’m always on the go so I don’t have to run to the bathroom to apply it. Very functional!

Sasha Midkiff, TX


72 different eyeshadow. the palette isn’t that big. the colors are very pigmented and also shimmery and glittery for people that doesnt like shimmery i wouldnt recommend but other than that it is a great product.

Melinda Dunkirk, IN

intense colors!

these colors are so intense especially the blues! as for me I love intense colors! they are super pigmented and would really recommend if your the type of girl that loves that POP of color on your lid! so many pretty colors to choose from

Elsie Wenona, IL

I was shocked by this!

Wasn’t expecting it to be that great for the price. With a primer the colors POP. A color for every outfit and with primer stays all day. It does crease a BIT but nothing awful. You don’t need a lot so just go light. Def worth the money.

Lourdes Chilmark, MA

Nice Selection

Look at all those wonderful colors and that mirror in the middle. Just think of all the fun you could have trying so many different color combinations.

Gena Norwich, ND

Not kidding when they say “Intense”

This palette is to die for!! Super bright and pigmented colors, Shany was right on in naming this Intense. I love how smooth the colors are, and with a little help from a primer, they last all day and into the night. I love love love this palette!

Angie Tallmadge, OH

The perfect pallet!

This is exactly what I needed I is light weight, easy to travel with, has a lot to choose from, quality, and a good price! There are colors from bright blue to bright red but there is also all the nude and natural colors. It also has a good size mirror. I really like this pallet!

Elvia Hutchins, TX


I love this palette! It comes with a great variety of different shades to pick from! Perfect for a smokey, natural or any other look! I love the beautiful colors in this palette! It’s amazing! 😀 Perfect for a gift!

Lorrie Creston, WV