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SHANY Cosmetics French Nail Set, 7 Ounce

This set has all you need for a complete DIY French Manicure. All the necessary accessories are included to make your nails look better than ever, easier than ever! With four different polishes, stick-on guides, separator, file, and nail art brush, you can get a gorgeous salon-quality manicure in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price. The French manicure is such a chic and classic look that this set could meet all your nail needs…until you run out!

Key features

  • Includes two different pink base coats, a white tip coat, and a clear top coat polish
  • Stick-on guides are so easy to use even the most inexperienced person can get a perfect manicure using them
  • Classic style and elegant presentation
  • Super high grade materials used during production to get the flawless application you’ll achieve
  • Works great with Shany nail art set, Nail brushes, Nail manicure pedicure accessories

Honest reviews


A great way to do a french manicure at home

I think that french manicures look great on a woman, especially on the toe nails. I will buy this set if I ever want to do a french manicure, or a pedicure, because this would be good value for the money, and because this set can be used over and over again to get the desired results. However, it does look like the purchaser can experiment with this set to get different looks each time.

Shelly Wauregan, CT

French fun

This is sooo cute! I think it’s perfect for creating the ultimate cute, yet classic french nail. Has to be one of my favorites.

Sofia Waycross, GA


I might actually purchase this myself and try it. I am a person who likes to do my nails especially french too and i wouldn’t want to waste so much money going to the nail salon. At the nail salon it cost like $20 and up and this only cost $12 so this is cheap !

Michaela Maple City, KS


I have never done a french manicure and i am so suprised at how much work it appears to be to do them. Base Coat,Top Coat and clear top coat. I like the nail file and the device to keep your toes apart that is neat. The price is just right as well.

Jennie Unity, IL

Nice set!

The polish stays on for a good 10days for me! I love the set because you have everything you need!

Ericka Scotland, PA

Amazing Product

I got this product so I could give myself a french manicure. I love the look of them, but the cost is normally to high. With this product I get the best of both worlds. I would recommend this product for anyone who loves the look of a french manicure but hates the price of one. It is so easy to use this product and it leaves your nails looking amazing.

Elma Cord, AR

Easy to use

This makes doing a french manicure so easy to use! It lays out everything for you and gives you all the tools you will need to achieve a perfect french manicure.

Fern Boalsburg, PA


I’ve been loving the french nail style lately and this set has everything you need! The angle brush is a great add!

Kellie Junction, UT

great set of colors

All you need for a good french tip, is all in this set. You got everything from basecoat to topcoat for your own french manicure. It comes with instruction on how to do a french manicure, so no worries for people who do not know how to do a french manicure. It really is super easy with this set.

Saundra Beetown, WI

Very classy and timeless!

The french manicure is a timeless classic and with this set it is super easy and affordable to do yourself and achieve that salon look for a fraction of the price!!

Dawn Paint Bank, VA


The french manicure look is so chic and will never get old! It’s all right in my kit when I need it! All of the colors look so nice together. They just flow

Hester Brooklyn, IN

Great set!

All you need for a good french tip, is all in this set. You got everything from basecoat to topcoat for your own french manicure. It comes with instruction on how to do a french manicure, so no worries for people who do not know how to do a french manicure. It really is super easy with this set.

Summer Chillicothe, TX

What I expected for the price

Its great for the price you pay. I normally try to spend more in nail polish because I like them when they last for about a week at least. This one will last about 2 days or so depending on how active you are with your hands washing and doing things like that. I am really active so it definitely didn’t work for me but for the price is something I was expecting.

Eunice Stratford, NY

love the set

Love that it comes with basically everything! and all the tools too great products and the price is awesome! shany products are always good quality and so i wouldn’t hesitate you should totally buy it!

Lori Wilton, WI

Not a quality product!

I purchased this product mainly due to positive reviews and also the price. I would have to say I’m not very impressed, the polishes are EXTREMELY thick in consistency (and that’s per botltle). It was impossible to get even consistent strokes when using this polish (even after shaking it up a few times), not worth me adding polish thinner to it, and why should I or anyone else have to do that? I’m thinking that this product is old and expired perhaps? Also I didn’t care for the base colors.

Celina Glen Alpine, NC

Pretty nails

I am sure I will get better at doing French manicures after a little more practice. My effort was pretty, but not as perfect as I wanted it to be. The Shany products are very nice and include all the tools and polishes you will need. All in all, I am happy with this purchase.

Isabel Truckee, CA

Great kit

I love bright funky nails but every now and then you can’t beat a professional looking french. This kit has all you need for that classic look!

Karen Middleton, WI

Pretty good

These little nail polishes are pretty good for the price. They are a little tacky and take a bit of extra drying time but overall they do the job and you can’t beat the price for the set.

Amie Seaside Heights, NJ

For A Great French Style!

For A Great French Style! I love this! I have always loved getting the french manicure but now I can do this at home and save more money! And some kits don’t even have a top coat! Great for the budget savvy Diva!

Celia Green Valley, WI

Subpar/ disappointing

Bought this since shany cosmetics has yet to disappoint me. However, this product has finally done it. The presentation is lovely ill give it that with lots of practical things like the toe seperators, tip guide stickers, nail file, and brush/tool combo. For that alone, it got 3 stars. It’s the nail polish I did not like at all. They went on streaky and thick as opposed to thin and able to be build up on. The beige and pink did the same effect. The white was good though, that went on correctly. The top coat should be labeled as a base coat bc it does not have a glossy finish. It’s matte at best. I think shany could of done better with this and I’m surprised because their products (at least the ones I’ve bought off amazon) are of top notch quality.- jill

Faye Huntsville, OH

Simple and Gorgeous

Shany cosmetic always supply’s quality in their nail polish! It always last and doesn’t chip. I can create the most professional look with these polishes and I am not that great at doing nails so I am glad there is a simple way to get excellent results!

Ramona Crestone, CO

French Nails!

With this kit, it take no time to do perfect french nails! I really loved it! The polishes were really easy to use and drys very quickly! This kit is a good investment! 🙂

Caroline Montague, MA