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SHANY Cosmetics Fine Crystal Glass Nail File Buffer 9 Piece Assorted Sizes

SHANY Crystallized Glass Nail files come in Assorted sizes and colors, different textures and different buff power. The set comes in luxury black packaging. Each nail file has its own individual cover for easy protection. The set comes with 3 Large, 3 Medium and 3 Mini buffers.

Key features

  • 9 Assorted sizes, Colors, textures – 3 Large , 3 Medium, 3 Small
  • Crystalized glass – sanded to perfection, each comes with its own cover
  • Professional Nail buffer perfect for manicure and pedicure application
  • Elegant, Affordable set from trusted brand , high density glasses – tempered
  • Crystal glass nail buffer are from 3″ to 6″ long each, Assorted textures and sizes

Honest reviews



I have, in the past, bought even the smallest of these for $10.00 each! They are perfect and have their own plastic sheaths. Tiny ones to file pinkies to giant ones to file big toes! I buying sets for all my friends. You absolutely CANNOT beat this deal…hands down!And the thing is, these things last forever. You may never buy another file again….unless you lose them like I do.

Celina Ashcamp, KY

Love these Nail files, Assorted sizes and textures , money well spent so far

I got these on black Friday, assuming to get some random colors or sizes, but I actually got 9 pcs, assorted sizes, the small are great for my purse, but keep in mind each size has 3 different textures, I keep the pink in purse, since its smooth, and I used it a finishing file. Each file has its own pouch, all 9 came with a same size pouch. So far I have used most of them, the texture is pretty solid, doesn’t seem like the file need to be replaced soon, I already gave the blue and green of the big one to my mom and sister so when I hear from them I will update my post. I’m glad I made this purchase, there was many of them on Amazon, from many lovely brands, but since I bought everything from shany, I decide to give it a shot on this buffers too. Which turned out a good purchase, I actually think I made the best purchase, since I bought them at $10, and it almost cost me a $1 for each, I see all others are costing at least $2 each. I have started my DIY nails since last year, and the only thing was missing in my drawer was the glass nail file. Would recommend to friends.

Robyn Ocoee, TN

Super cute!

I love these nail files. They’re professional quality and come in great colors and sizes. I love that I can have a small one for my purse, a medium one to leave at work and a big size for my nail kit. They also each have their own protective cover so they’re great for traveling. There are so many of them too! The only reason I gave it a 4 is because they seem to dull pretty quickly and since they’re glass I don’t want to throw them out like I do with other files so I was hoping they would last a bit longer. But I could be using them wrong. I’m new to nail work (I hardly ever paint my nails) but am trying to get into it so my hands don’t look like giant unkempt man hands. I would buy them again.

Alisa Montvale, VA


Am so glad i bought this item along with their 6-piece manicure Tool Set.I have to admit i was a little nervous switch to glass knowing i can get 2 or 3 for a dollar that isn’t glass at the dollar store.Not to mention to the fact that you don’t have to worry about bending the cheap ones.Which was always one of my big concern hen i purchase from the dollar storeAlthough am happy that i switch not only do i get 9 i also get 3 of each in 3 different sizes and colors.Small on the go.Medium perhaps on the go as well.Then the big one for home use and for toes.I known longer have to worry about bending the cheap buffer’s

Brandy Everson, PA

great set for the price

Great set. I bought two. The rounded edge ones are perfect for flying. The smaller ones are perfect for my purse. For the price, you can’t beat these

Kerry Brooklyn, CT

A Pretty Good Nail File

This is by far a better nail file that I have used. It beats the ones sold in local drug stores where you pay about the same price, but only for one nail file. Each one is unique in color and size. There may even be a chance that you may not need to buy new ones for a while, unless you lost or broke them. I have use the the medium one with the point tip so far and it has work great. Filing with it takes little effort and there is no concern in the file concaving under the pressure like most sponge-filled files.My only qualm will be that if you choose to file under the nail, they are considerable thicker than the space between your nail and the skin, especially if you already have nails that are shorter.

Greta Birch Harbor, ME

Loved these

1) I got these cus I thought the different sizes will be perfect for home, hand bag and travel. The large ones are actually larger than usual file sizes (but not in a bad way). Not sure how often I will use them, but hey, sometimes you do need a large file for different shapping.2) The quality is pretty good and I love using the glass files. In fact, I stoped using other types since I started using the glass ones; I even take my own file with me when I go to do my nails in the saloon!3) The PRICE! You get 9 for this price and free shipping (I got this as an add-on from Amazon store).

Nannie Flanders, NJ

Very Good Nail Files

These Nail Files Are Very Good And Durable When in Pouches and they are in Different Colors and when they are together they look Like A Rainbow and They Do Work you just have to use the Files Like You Would A Regular File Just Don,t File Too Long or by the Time you Know it you Will have Very Short Nails

Jenna Flora Vista, NM


Just what I needed. So much better than other nail files. I have thin brittle nails that constantly chip and brake. These glass files are perfect to keep my nails smooth. The variety pack is nice cause the different size files fit in my purse, bookbag, kitchen drawer, pencil cup, and bathroom drawer.

Coleen Macungie, PA


I love my crystal nail files. My personal favorites are the tiny ones because they are not as thick, so I can maneuver them more easily than the large ones. However, they are all great, work so nicely, and last forever longer than traditional emery boards. And the price is great for a large set.

Dessie Sedalia, OH