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SHANY Cosmetics Female Styrofoam Head, 12 Inches, 4 Ounce

This item is perfect to display items such as wigs, hats, caps, headwear, and etc. The SHANY foam head has a solid construction and is made for professional use. Makeup students and makeup enthusiast can use this head for practice, show casing the wigs, wig stand and etc. SHANY foam head is 12” tall and has a round base.

Key features

  • Styrofoam wig heads for lace wigs
  • Great for acupuncture students for point location
  • Great for styling wigs , Makeup practice and etc.
  • 12″ Female headfoam with round base for stability.
  • One Styrofoam head per box.

Honest reviews


Great price

This cosmetics female styro foam head is great for short to medium length hair wigs! And this is a really great price for one!

Lakesha La Verkin, UT


this styrofoam heads are pretty good size. i got them for a friend to use for his wigs. and he logs it. they hold up really well and its well worth the price I i would really recommend you get these for your wigs.

Ma Pemberton, NJ

Just what I needed

Needed something for styling/storing a wig for a costume and though this is smaller than an adult’s head it still does the job great. It holds my long wig fine without falling over even when propped up on something tall. Though it does piss my dogs off. Like a lot.Shipped in a box w/ air packets so it came mint, no dents or dings. Very satisfied!

Amie Rising Sun, MD

As ordered

Exactly as ordered. Looks great, nice packaging. Has the standard hole at the bottom so that you can attach it to a wig head clamp.

Hester New Holstein, WI

Very Affordable!

I bought a couple of these for some wigs I had ordered. For the most part, they work very well. However, I did run into a couple of problems. First of all, these heads are kind of slippery and I had some difficulty getting the wig on. I found that laying the head on a level surface made this easier. Also, it tends to fall over if a very long wig is placed on it, so I don’t recommend using it for wigs that are very long.

Beatriz Buckskin, IN

Love it.

I love using these things to put wigs on and try out new hair styles. Like for my halloween wigs, when I want to do something different with them, stick them on this head and i can see everything that I am doing to the hair.

Darcy Condon, MT

Great for wigs!

I have a friend who needed a few “heads” for wigs she was working on for different cosplay outfits and I picked up a couple of these for her. She LOVES them. They keep all her wigs so nice. She wants to order more!

Bianca Scipio, UT

Great for making wigs

I bought this to help hold the wig up while I style it and I must say it does it’s purpose. Also, the costumer service from this company is outstanding! When the one I have wears out i will definitely.will buying from this company again.

Nora Palatine, IL

Nice for you wigs

Product came fast and works well. I wish they included theBottom part (suction cup) with the head. Other wise you may need to rig something up yourself.

Carmela Chesterfield, NH

I love my foam head

I really like this foam head, she was essential to me and u-part wigs, I have put her through the ringer, but she is still hanging on, put clear tape around her head to help with measuring because this head is smaller than mine. I love it alot.

Angeline Buffalo Center, IA

Useful for placing wigs on

I tried to use this to make a wig, but was a bit disappointed. However, I’m not going to give up on it. The head is a bit on the smaller side, but if you use this just to hang wigs on it does the job.

Kelley Vera, OK

Great for any wigs

This styrofoam head is just what I need at my store! It’s great for personal use too. I know a lot of older ladies who use these for their wigs and it could be nice for someone who needs a wig young or small. Helps so you can style your wig before you but it on as well.

Tamera Worthington Springs, FL

Does what it needs to do

This basically does what it needs to do, holds your wigs. It holds my wigs perfectly instead of me stuffing it away somewhere and basically destroying the wig. Pretty nice styrofoam material too.

Mildred Newbury, VT

great item

Very nice item! I used this to style a wig and keep it in shape and it works well. Will be back for a few more.

Kristy Thurmond, NC

I made my friends day with this product!

I purchased this as a gift for my friend that is currently in hair school. I figured that she could use this at home with a wig to practice styling hair….and she loved it! This is also great for young girls that want to eventually do hair! Great price, great product – make someone’s day and purchase this awesome gift!

Freda Issue, MD

Exactly as described

sturdy and exactly what I expected. I was planning on putting a whole in the bottom to stick on poles, luckily it already had them so that was a plus for me. I had a little fun and drew eyes, brows, nostrils, and outlined the lips, and put them on the table waiting for my wigs to arrive, and about an hour later my dogs where going nuts barking furiously as I ran in to see it was the heads…..A great laugh!

Adrienne Lahoma, OK

Not Just for Wigs

This is a good sized head. It is styrofoam so sturdiness is questionable depending on where/how you set it. My sister uses this for paper mache masks and other art projects.

Gilda Comstock, NE

Take care of your head gear!

Great for wigs and hats if you want to sustain a good shape and extend the life of your wig or hat! 🙂

Olivia Colonial Heights, VA

Broken product poor shipping

The wig heads came to me falling apart. It appears they have had a previous life before reaching my home. Possibly old wig shop. Expected more from a shany product

Karen Cologne, MN

Love it

The Shany Cosmetics Female Styrofoam Head, 12 Inches, 4 Ounce is good for holding my wigs.It’s good quality.I love using it.

Gertrude Galena, IL

Shany Cosmetics Female Styrofoam Head, 12 Inches, 4 Ounce

The Shany Cosmetics Female Styrofoam Head, 12 Inches, 4 Ounce is good for holding my wigs.It’s good quality.I love using it.

Tabatha Roanoke, VA

Good for Halloween wig

Use to store my Halloween wig, just to keep it’s shape…have other wigs, that are worn full time, needed a cheepie to store my Halloween one…this fits the bill.

Kristie Fouke, AR

Perfect for the price

You can’t beat the price to hold a wig up… a friend recently went through chemo and this was the perfect place to set the wig. Lightweight and the right price.

Nadine Plover, WI

Test Face

This would be great to prefect your make up signature style and practicing the make up artist art form. This product is reasonalby priced and the ideas to prefect are endless.You could record,take pictures for your portfolio with this or if you are a buiness owner for your shop.

Tonya Cumberland, VA

Five Stars


Jillian Norfork, AR

Perfect for Wig Display

It holds up great and is perfect for wig display! I bought this to prevent my wig from getting messed up and it works great!

Reba Tyringham, MA

Great for Wig Storage or Styling!

This is perfect for the wig lover! The styrofoam head is great for wig storage or styling! It has a hole in the bottom for use of a wig head stand or clamp to hold it down so you can style the wig. Very useful!

Phyllis Mount Horeb, WI

Wigstand —- supportive and does the job…if you have use for a wigstand….this is the one to buy!

Wigstand strong support; great fitting!!! Does the job!!!!!!!! Buy it! Some wigstands topple over and become a pain in the neck.. This does not. Definitely worth the price for this solid "do the job" wigstand! Buy it if you have a wig or even some hats!!!!!!!!!!!

Leanna Teasdale, UT

Great head for hair extensions.

I will be using this to do some cutting of my new hair extensions. I saw a girl on YouTube using this and it seemed to work great. Delivery was great and so was the price.

Noreen Waterloo, IA

works will

it work will for the wig i have it is a good wig stand it is a great place to keeep the wig till it is need for use

Doretha Raleigh, WV