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SHANY Cosmetics Feather Hair Extension Kit, 8 Ounce

100pc SHANY Feather Hair Extension. Shampoo it, Iron it, and even cut it. Synthetic feather extension. Complete kit that brings you all you need to get the job done. The set comes with 10 Grizzly strips at least 18″ long and up, mixed colors feather extension, 5 medium size one of a kind rooster feather in assorted colors and styles , and 5 fashion animal print feather extension just like picture, and additional 10 solid feather extension. You will also receive lots of beads in 4-5 colors and 1 hook. The starter kit is a great kit for feather lovers. All feathers are Keratin bonded and ready to use. Colors and styles as pictures, however no two feathers are alike, so there could be some differences in each order, however we have inspected each set to make sure they all look just like picture.

Key features

  • Studio quality Feathers by SHANY – 100pc set , great for starters
  • 10 Grizzly feathers – 18 inches and up – assorted colors – No repeat
  • 5 Rooster feather extension – synthetic feather medium to large – assorted styles
  • 10 Solid Colors Feather hair extensions + more than 70 beads and 1 Hook
  • Great for dance mom kits, dance makeup, costume parties, theatrical makeup

Honest reviews


I love it..

The feathers are so soft, flexible, and durable. beautiful colors. it has even a better quality than other expensive sets do in the market.

Carolyn Altamont, TN

Highly Recommended

They look perfect. I love them. very good color combination. good quality material and it looks very fancy on my hair.

Madeleine Park Hills, MO


I bought These because of the new trend of people having feathers in their hair and I LOVE them! There’s so much variety and the short ones are great for me because my hair is short and curly.

Fay Haines, AK



Elda Vida, OR


I’m in love with all the colors and different sizes it comes with. EVERYTHING is great and well worth the money! better then other brands out there. High recommend its in trend and any girl or guy would love a little pop in their hair.

Willa Johnson City, TX

So fun!!!

My daughter really only likes the long ones but her friends like the short ones too. Soooooo easy to put in and you can wash your hair, curl it, everything without worrying about ruining it. If you are careful when you remove the little metal things you can even use them again!

Cora Rupert, ID

Feather Hair Extension

I think the colors are beautiful and the quality is great. This would be cool for party’s and kids love it I bought these for there sleep over

Winifred Lakeville, MI

It’s ok

While they feathers are vibrant in color they weren’t as long as I expected for my hair. The feathers are soft yet 2 feathers tore pretty easily. Wish there was an assortment of colors for the beads, but the colors it came in fit perfectly for my dark brown/black hair

Cornelia Penn Yan, NY

Dye Bleeds! Useless if you ever wash your hair!

I can’t express how frustrated I am with this purchase. We have done feather extensions before. This set is pure GARBAGE. All bleed dye when wet. The long ones are synthetics that tangle like doll hair.The real feather ones come in 3 varieties: too short and poufy, too thin and nearly invisible, or bulky stiff feathers that feel like they came off a seagull tail. I made the mistake of promising my 7 yo daughter that if she got her hair cut I would replace her old feather extensions (which looked great after 6 months)with new ones. The old ones were removed, her hair was cut, and then I tried to insert these on the night before school starts. Needless to say there are many tears in my house tonight. I’m so aggravated. I would give this zero stars if I could.

Johanna Waterflow, NM

So 80’s

These feathers are such a blast form the past. These were popular in the 80’s and now back. You get alot of feathers for the price and think of all the different styles you could do.

Darcy Cochiti Lake, NM


I cannot stop raving about these! they are so cheap for so many! if you still feel these are out of your price range, you could easily split the price with your friends and split the feathers too!

Vicky Deltona, FL

Definitely amazing for the Teenage Girl

I am delighted with this product, not so much for myself but for my teenage daughter. These are easy for her to put in her hair and everything she needs is combined in the package. The feathers are in vibrant colors which stand out nicely in her dark hair and match almost anything she pulls out of her closet. I would recommend these for teens or younger women. I guess they would be ok for the wild older woman too!

Francine New Cumberland, PA


These hair extensions are so cute! They make your hair do that much more fun! You get such a variety to choose/switch it up.

Christina Fayetteville, TN


a cool way to add a colorful look to your hair, a little color would brighten your look and your day. A good buy for the price.

Winnie Tunbridge, VT

Very good!

Love the variety you get for the price and there cute to match-up with any outfit! I tried them out just to get a different look before putting actual colored streaks in my hair!

Mitzi Fritch, TX

Good product Bad Seller

I ordered this product and it showed up almost a week after it was supposed to. The feather were just stuck in plastic bags and started to tangle together. and the bag that held the beads ripped as soon as I opened them. If you want this product find a different seller

Shannon Chincoteague Island, VA

Christmas Stocking Stuffer

In my opinion, this feather and bead kit is okay — not great, not awful — for the amount that I spent on it. It has a lot of feathers and beads, and a hook, but I didn’t count the items in the package to verify the “100 Piece” claim due to the fact that our daughter ripped off the wrapping paper, screeched, and sprinted to the nearest mirror. She came back an hour or so later with approximately 100 feathers and beads in her hair, so I’m guessing it was pretty close.I agree with another reviewer who mentioned that these items aren’t salon quality (in case that is what anyone expects), but would like to add that our 11-yr-old really liked this kit.In all, I think that this product is pretty decent in quality and value.

Lacy Dandridge, TN


I love this product. It’s a great way to add a creative twist to your hair whether it be in bold ways or not. Very versatile.

Miriam Evans, WV

Great for the current trend 🙂

Update 10/1/12 I bought another one of these for me and I LOVE IT!! I have so much fun getting to put all these fun things in my hair. It really changes up my outfitI bought this for my cousin as she was really into the whole feather extensions thing and she loved it. Its so much more practical than having them put in at a salon. I’ll probably order more

Tonia Frazee, MN


Super cute! I love feathers and these are so much fun and Shany has some really great colors in this set!

Fannie Paterson, WA


I have been wearing feathers in my hair for awhile now. This is the best price I have found and great quality too!! Love this product!!

Phyllis Westland, PA

Add a splash of color to your hair-do!

The feathers are very good quality – soft, flexible so you can fold them as you please and they wont break! you can wash them aand teh colors wont run!!! Worth the proce as usual!

Therese Stanley, KY

so awesome!!!

these feather hair extensions are great. they are so comfortable and soft you can’t even tell that its in your hair. it works so well! I bought it for my friend and she said they were great so she let me try and i love em! i hope to buy some soon!

Marla Rives Junction, MI

Shany Cosmetic Feathers

I have yet to try this particular product, I do however have a friend who simply loves wearing feathers in her hair. I think you get a lot of product for your money and I have used other shany cosmetic products before and was very please with them. Another plus is that they do not test on animals!

Leila Point Hope, AK

great product

the feathers are very colorful and it is real easy to match everything that I wear. its great for everyday use when you dont feel like doing your hair.

Lawanda Orkney Springs, VA

Love Love Love this

This product is super cute and of the highest quality I have seen on the market. My daughter loved it and I have no complaints. Product is exactly as described and feathers are higher quality than I have seen from other companies!!

Rosemary Saint Louis, MI

Great kit

If you’re a stylistic and have a lot of teenage clients then you will love this kit. It will come in handy for the ones keeping up with the latest young adult celebrities.

Roxanne Hopland, CA


This product is simply adorable!!! The quality is much more than I ever expected and very vibrant colors. Very good gift idea…but I would def order 2 sets as you are going to want to keep one for yourself!!!

Gayla Mazie, KY

Really Pretty

I ordered these and gave them to my Daughter. She was buying feathers and other things like these and to be honest they just didn’t look as good as these did in the ad. I thought she would enjoy this set. She really liked this set very much. First it came with a tool which made it much easier to install the feathers. They last much better and look very good. Second theren was a lot of variety to choose from. She said she has recieved a lot of compliments on the set and she really likes the variety she got with it. So I would recommend this set. LINDA W

Jeannette Sturgis, SD

Fun Trend

We all know fads come and go. The feather in the hair trend is pretty big right now. This is an inexpensive way to try out the trend without gluing things in your hair thus damaging it and without breaking your bank. The colors are fun and you get different type feathers/sizes. It’s a great starter kit for those who like to rock a fun look.

Colleen Claire City, SD