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SHANY Cosmetics Eyelash Extend Assorted Reusable Eyelashes Thick and Dramatic, 3.6 Ounce

Make a statement with your eyes! Don’t stop with gorgeous Top off SHANY looks with these super chic false eyelashes. With ten different sets to pick and choose from, you have unlimited possibilities to customize your look. Each set is individually packed in a double sided box with SHANY logo.

Key features

  • All black lashes for looks that range from subtle to overthetop
  • All sets are reusable and washable for ultimate value
  • 10 different styles, including a pack of individual lashes
  • Thicker designs for added drama
  • Not tested on animals, proud member of PETA

Honest reviews


Reusable eyelashes are a great idea

Though I do not have this product, I know that there are a lot of women out there who would want to use this product. Everyone craves eyelashes that are thick, soft and sexy, and false eyelashes are one way of getting these types of lashes. I would definately recommend this product to anyone who wants to enhance their lashes.

Jerri Mineral Point, PA

Fun But I Won’t Purchase Again

Fun party lashes but I don’t plan on buying them again. I don’t love all the colors and they are a little too wild for me

Beth Rossville, TN

I’m so Excited!

I’m so excited because I’ve been waiting for kits like these to come out! I’m extremely new to false eyelashes but the instructions are easy and the application isn’t bad. They look very good! I will be wearing the dramatic ones at a dance coming up!

Jacklyn Adrian, OR

very nice

are cute, chosen because I like good but two pairs are equal in the box are filled, the price was good I highly!

Malinda Mc Call Creek, MS


Well have not been a fan of those lashes prefer the individuals ,but I was curious about those because of the reviews,, now I looked at the reviews and thought they were all fake considering that most reviewers only reviewed shany products which I found so bogus,, anyway must say I am really impressed with the item and the packaging was great and great great value price etc , and the lashes look really awesome (dont care for the individuals in that set because they are tooooo short..) really nice will buy this again no doubt.. but I they are hard to come off the packaging onto your eyelids so hence the four stars and also I really have no worn them so perhaps I will come back and review once I finally get them on as I said I ruined one already it was so hard to come off…, so please work on making it easier to come off the package…

Mara West Newfield, ME

Can’t have enough lashes!

I have practically negative lash that no amount of miracle mascara helps. For special occasions especially when there will be photography, lashes are a must! This collection is perfect for opening my eyes and I love that I can reuse them!

Whitney Honaunau, HI

Excellent Falsies

I love these falsies…they look like real lashes! I will definitely purchase more and will recommend this product to others. Thanks for another great product at a super price!

Earnestine Williston, TN

Great variety and quality

I was pleasantly surprised how nice these lashes are. I’m used to the thicker bands, and I prefer them because you can get more uses from them (much more durable than the clear bands and human hair lashes.) do not pull any of the band off, I did that and I lost a lot of lash hairs when I removed them at night. I did have some trouble adhering them, I used Darkness lash adhesive but I made the mistake of not removing oil from my eyelids, (I remove my makeup and coat my lashes in virgin coconut oil before bed and it made them not want to stick.) If you have trouble adhering the lashes try swabbing your lash line with oil-free toner or rubbing alcohol first (which will make your eyes water, be warned). Keep your eyes closed until it dries. Use a liquid liner as opposed to a pencil, as most of them have oil in them. Bend the lash strip back and forth a lot–especially the ends–to make the bands more flexible and reduce the chance that the ends will pop up. I have better luck using a false eyelash tool to squeeze the lashes together with my own, you can find them here on Amazon for about a buck. With some practice these lashes are amazing, I will keep ordering them!

Constance Jericho, VT

Day and night!

These lashes are so awesome and cute! I love that you can have something simple for the day time, and then switch up for the evening, and make it more fun! Love that they are reusable!

Carole Liberty, MS

Great lashes

I haven’t seen lashes like this ever! The styles are super sexy and look like lashes Kim Kardashian would wear. The only downside is that the lash band is super thick! It makes them feel a little heavy to wear (and I wear all different types of lashes daily, so I’m used to them) otherwise it would get a 5 star from me. If you take care of them, you can reuse them for a while and you get 10 of them! It’s such a good deal. I absolutely love these and definitely recommend them.

Bettye Woodland, PA

Can’t even use half of them. Not flexible at all.

Most of these lashes are way too hard and almost impossible to even put on. I’m a makeup artist and I was really looking forward to use these on my clients, but there is no way that’s going to happen. I guess that’s what I get for going with the cheaper stuff.

Melissa Epes, AL

Not a fan

I really dislike this eyelash set. The bands are very stiff. Most of the lash sets look hideous once they are on. There were only 1 or 2 varieties in the set that I could actually wear. You’re better off just buying Ardell lashes at the drugstore. They look so much better and aren’t expensive. I threw this eyelash set in the trash because I was so aggravated with it.

Elaine Turney, MO

Very nice!

I live for thick and dramatic lashes! This was something I just had to get because there reusesble and they last depending on how you care for them!

Irene Dickerson Run, PA

Worst Lashes ever!!!!

I bought this lashes because i had bought the thin version before and i liked them but i wanted my eyes to look a little bit fuller so i decided to purchase these. The shipping was quick hence the two stars but the lashes were so uncomfortable! They hurt my eyes, i was scractching so much i irritated my eye and when you are trying to put them on its so hard because the lashes are so stiff! out of this whole box i only used one pair and the rest are sitting in my drawer. Dont buy unless your trying to waste money!!!

Nita Dewar, OK

Quality is excellent

The quality and price of this assortment cannot be beat. As an FYI, be careful when removing the eyelashes from the product as it can damage them. The colors are vibrant and true to advertised. A single pair of eyelashes can sell for this much if not more, and to get 10 pairs of eyelashes, along with individual tubes of glue and individual packaging… well, this is a deal that can’t be beat.

Cecile Gypsum, OH


These give a nice variety of falsie looks. At first I thought they were kind of over the top but the ones that are too wild can always be trimmed down a little.

Nell Ocean Park, WA


I like all the options you get with this kit. You can play it up and have really off the wall dramatic eyes if you wanted to, not many cosmetic companies make kits like that that are actually worth paying for.

Mona Cliffside Park, NJ

Super fun

Love colored false eye lashes! It can be hard to find really good set of some, these are amazing and fun!

Evangeline Maupin, OR


I’m usually a big fan of any Shany product. But these I wasn’t too happy with. At least three pair of the eyelashes just ripped apart when I was trying to pull them from the package, and very gently I might add. They were VERY plastic – and they poke your eyes. Dont fit correctly. I did find two pair that I managed to make work though. I hate to write a bad review because I love the company so much, but these lashes arent worth buying.

Rose Barco, NC

Love these

Something for every occasion or sharing with friends if some are aren’t your style. Bands are pliable and easy to apply. Great variety and a good value.

Marianne Kings Mountain, NC

great lashes

so many colors so choose from, and there all so big without being so heavy! it is such a great collection of lashes and so many sizes

Ava Mayville, WI

Excellent Value

It is rare to find a good quality set of false lashes but SHANY has truly delivered excellent quality for an exceptional price!! Love these and you will have endless hours of fun while using these!

Melisa Bartlett, OH

SHANY Does It Again: Great Value Without Sacrificing Quality

For the adventurous spirit, SHANY has put together a collection of really fun, colorful lashes that will add a touch of color to your Halloween costume, outrageous party makeup, or editorial look. The packaging is superb: each pair comes in its own plastic tray with a clear plastic cover piece to protect it while being stored in your kit. The box that the sets are packaged in is also sturdy and gorgeously designed, showing off the product very well. Each pair also comes with its own individual tube of adhesive, an even greater value for the price you pay. The lashes are very colorful and well made, the bands are flexible and remove easily from the tray and the lashes are light and don’t feel bulky on your lids. The fibers are soft; some of the colors look a little plasticy up close, but these lashes aren’t exactly “everyday wear” and they look great when worn.My one very minor complaint about the set is that the package of single lashes seems out of place in this particular collection. This collection is about wild, costumey looks while single lashes are usually for more realistic looks. Since the lash sets in this collection have very little black if any at all, these singles would be hard to use to enhance them. Considering that the whole set was less than $10, this is a minor complaint indeed, and you can always throw them into your kit to have around in case you need them but it might have been nice to have a tenth pair or fun, colorful lashes rather than the singles.SHANY is doing everything they can to prove to people that inexpensive makeup doesn’t have to be poorly made with sketchy performance. SHANY delivers pretty consistent high quality product and their prices allow you to get a variety of products into your kit without spending a ton of money. I did have some problems with their Smooch Collection lipsticks (you can read my review on the page, here:SHANY Cosmetics SHANY Cosmetics Smooch Collection Lipstick Set No.1, 6 Count) but otherwise I have been amazed by every product I have ordered from them. SHANY is truly an asset to makeup artists because of the value you get from their pallettes and collections, and they are a boon to makeup students who want to be able to experiment and play with products as they hone their skills. This company is definitely one to keep your eye on.

Carmella Arnold, MO

not the best assortment

most of them feel fake and plastic, out of the entire box, I was only able to use about 4 pair. too sad, very disappointed

Denice Rockbridge Baths, VA

Not bad

These lashes are definitely not quality but they are good for what you pay for. I have doubled two sets of these for concerts and they worked well. However, not all of these shapes and styles are particularly flattering. They are also plastic, so they’re shiny. My biggest peeve is the glue they are secured down to the case with. I ruined the first pair I tried to get out because of it. It is just much too strong; Unlike Mac, Ardell or Andrea lashes that are much easier to peel from the casing. Just be extra careful. In conclusion, I won’t be reordering.

Jo Seymour, TN

Amazing for Halloween & Carnaval!

I have always been a huge fan of dressing up for halloween and carnaval. I like to go all out, even with my eyes! So these lashes are great for that. I find them affordable and they go on great. They don’t bother me at all, considering they are quite big. But who doesn’t like big bold eyelashes.

Margarita Manor, GA

Very fun!

I love these lashes, lots of different styles to try- I like some better than others personally. The description "from subtle to overthetop" is very accurate. I would say the tend to lean a bit more toward overthetop however.When I first tried SHANY eyelashes they have a thicker base that I was used to, which took a bit getting used to the feel of. However it also makes them better for wearing multiple times.Make sure you have some eyelash glue separately though, because most of the mini glue containers that were packaged with the lashes either I couldn’t get any glue to come out of, or what did come out was slightly hardened and didn’t work at all.

Tara Matinicus, ME

buy it! now!

all the lashes are exactly the same as picture shown! i like them!! and their thick version (you can find from amazon too) is great!!! i love all of them!! plus a single digit cost you for 10pairs? why not! go for it!

Rosalyn Mc Afee, NJ


hmm. i never saw colored fake eyelashes. pretty interesting, might give it a try. It also has sparkles ! This would be fun to try out.

Elsie Parks, NE


color frenzy for sure! these are so awesome!! the colors just pop! would really recommend for this Halloween season if you want those last to be big and full of bright with color! and they are reusable!

Tamara Bernalillo, NM