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SHANY Cosmetics Desert Beauty Cracked Nail Polish Set

Cracked nail polish is the hottest trend in nail design. These colors can be worn alone or over the Shany 24 piece nail polish set to create numerous funky color combinations. At first, apply a base coat. Then apply one or two coats of a regular nail polish color that you want to show through the cracks or leave your nail bare. Then, apply one coat of Shany Cracked nail polish. Avoid layering, each stroke should not be doubled or polish will not properly crack. Let it dry. Finally, apply a top coat to set and shine.

Key features

  • 12 piece cracked nail polish, assorted colors, premium quality with wide brush
  • Works great over Shany cosmopolitan 24 color nail polish set
  • Durable design; Beautiful packaging; High quality materials
  • Comes with colors like black, orange, indigo blue, lime green, fuchsia, red, brown, bright yellow, taupe, violet, grey, white
  • Designed in USA and manufactured in a factory which makes high end cosmetics

Honest reviews


Crackle Crazed!

When all my friends had crackle nails I was so jealous. I wanted every single color that was out there! With this set, I can wear how ever many I want and they are in a set so I don’t have to worry about tracking down all the colors because they are all right here!FUN TIP: Paint each nail a diffrent color for summer, SUPER FUN!

Erica Upton, KY


Received this intact and boxed however, the chemical smell radiating from the sealed box was horrendous! Once opened they looked OK and worth a try. They ended up being completely dried and useless. Not returnable. All in all this was thrown away and not a great experience.

Lacy Gunlock, UT

Colors are nice!

The variety of colors you get is wonderful but the Price is a bit much and what I would pay for. But overall it’s nice to have if looking for a wide-range of colors!

Jesse Lexington, TN

Love the variety

I love all the different shades of crackle you can get in this set. I have not seen anything like it in my town and am excited to see that I can do my nails in all different base shades with all different shades of crackle making a unique look every time I go out.

Madeline Rochester, WA

Excellent price

It’s hard to find crackle polish in bright colors without spending alot of money. These go on great and are bold & bright. They wear well and are well-worth the money!

Bethany New Tripoli, PA


Get ready to have your nails look so cool and for a truly amazing price!! Your getting 12 amazing products that gives you summer in a bottle with these strong vivid colors!! So paint away and Have fun with it !!Shany Cosmetics Desert Beauty Cracked Nail Polish Set (12 Famouse Colors), 15 Fluid Ounce

Rowena Scotland, SD

Getting Cracked Crazy!

I’m so happy Shany has a variety of cracked colors! These are perfect for spring and summer! Don’t put too much nail polish on the brush because the cracked look won’t come out correctly. It works great but it won’t work on all your nail polishes. So I avoid putting it on my cheap nail polish. I have Shany nail polish and it works perfectly with those.

Cherie Elkwood, VA

Crackled nails!

I love the crackled look but hate the price of most! This set is pretty affordable and allows for a ton of color combinations!

Regina Athens, PA


Someone who knows how to do crackle in other colors besides black or white! And sooo cheap! I’ve actually paid 6 bucks for one crackle that didn’t even crackle! These are amazing alone or as a top coat. I love the variety of colors because most companies only have 2 or 3 shades! Thanks Shany!

Sondra West Lafayette, OH

One of the best cracked polishes!

I love this set of cracked polish from Shany! The price is so cheap compared to some of the other companies with the same kind of crackle polish. You get an entire set of 12 different colors in a big bottle! Lots of variety, and it cracks well. LOVE IT!

Dolly Chester Gap, VA

crackles that wont break your bank

these crackles are actually at a really good price, they come out to around $2 each which is not bad considering that at the drugstore one crackle alone would be at least $5. This set come with 12 colors, some bright and some dark. In all I think this buy would save money in the long run.

Angelina Metairie, LA