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SHANY Cosmetics Assorted Nail Buffer Files Blocks Cute Styles, 15 Count

All in one nail buffer set, set contains variety of top quality shapes, designs and textures. 4way buffer, shiner, polisher, 7 way buffer, 6 way buffer, different polishing shiners and more all in one box. The set comes with SHANY clear PVC box.

Key features

  • 15pcs variety pack, All in one set- high quality buffers, blocks, shiners, polishers and more
  • Assorted colors, Assorted shapes, Assorted filling power, Assorted sizes and textures
  • Professional Nail files, nail blocks, nail buffer for flawless manicure pedicure application
  • Why pay more for one piece, when you can have them all at fraction of the store prices
  • Comes inside an cosmetics storage box for keeping them neat and clean all the time

Honest reviews


Everything is pretty but only the buffers work – the files are junk

You get a nice variety in this kit and all are pretty and interesting. Unfortunately not a single nail file was usable. The files are over 1/4 inch thick 5/12 inch to be exact making them useless. Some had glitter on them which went all over the place when trying to use as a file. I wish this was returnable. Awful kit!

Corrine Bremond, TX

Can’t beat this deal

These are not as high quality (smooth filing) as some others I have purchased in the past, but I can’t believe the price on this. Definitely worth the $8 I paid. Not sure that all of them will be totally useful (don’t love the curved ones as much), but in general an amazing assortment, and I like the fact that they are labelled right on the items themselves, so you have a good idea what order to use them in. The buffers are better than the filers. Shipped out and received super fast, too.

Teresa Glasgow, PA

Great quality and quanity

If you bought all these in a store you would pay 10 times the amount and get half the quality. Thank you SHANY for making such great products

Nichole Mcloud, OK

Shany Cosmetics Assorted Nail Buffer Files Blocks Cute Styles, 15 Count

I like Shany, I do. I have ordered their polishes, and now their nail buffers and files. Great variety, something for everyone. A little of this, a little of that. Some of them are super adorable. My only issue is the way the products were presented in this plain, cheap plastic box thing. I would have loved a little case, or something. Also, no directions or even explanations as to what the items are, that would have been super nice. I will order again when needed, and hopefully they will have made some packaging and direction improvements.

Annmarie Hilmar, CA

Skip these or regret it later.

I am officially done with Shany products. I have a beauty channel on Youtube so I wanted get a set of files since I was nail designs on short nails. I ordered this product, it was delivered quickly, the nail files are pretty girly and cute, just how I like them. When it came time to use them, I realized that they sucked! They are the type files that can only be used a few times and then you have to throw them away. This is the third time I ordered Shany products and they all have sucks.

Gale Greenleaf, ID

Love it

many different styles of buffers and files like pictured. i got a twisted style one too was so excited when these came in i put my favorite one in my purse. and the purple block one is great for filing a lot of acrylic nails…

Louisa Fayette, UT


ALL of these are CHEAP!!! i was so excited to get these because there are so many!! but i have only had them for a few months and have already had to throw two away! i dont use them often, but after one use i had to throw away one of them because it just fell apart!!!!!! this set is definitely not worth the money! delivery was ok, and packaging was alright.. but i still would never buy again!

Debora Sterling, NE

Everything you need to keep your nails spiffy

All these buffers, files in great looks and different file grits will be a great gift for my granddaughter who is really into Doing her lovely finger and toe nails. In fact there are files in this kit that will be new to her and expand her capacity. The different designs are a plus. Down star for just a lack of quality to the product.

Kendra Bloomingdale, MI

Good value

I throw away and lose nail tools so for me these are perfect — they do the job and don’t cost a lot. I also can be generous giving them away to friends in need.

Cathryn Ashton, ID


I was skeptic at first now I can’t stop ordering. My clients love them!! Nothing to complain about. I’ve order six of these for myself and very satisfied. I’m glad to see they are selling more. I had to add to wishlist in order to see the availability. Thanks.

Clarissa Albany, WI

Great variety!

This was another good choice for me . . . there is enough variety to find just what one needs. This set added the finishing touch for what I need for nail care. As advertised and with a plastic container that keeps them neat. Yes, I do have a case that I prefer for regular use but I don’t need easy access to all of them! You’ll probably find your favorites in this assortment! Quality/cost efficient, recommended and granddaughter approved!I also ordered the ‘Girlie’ mini emery boards ( 12 in a pack) for an ‘anytime/any place’ quick fix. .

Lorena Manson, NC


This is a really awesome kit that I’m still using months later. It’s great for starters or just anyone who likes to do their nails at home, the quality is great and you get almost everything you need to do your nails!

Deirdre Chickasha, OK

You get what you pay for

I bought this pack because it was much cheaper than buying things piecemeal at any store, but I guess you get what you pay for. They’re really, really cheap and flimsy. As I was taking them out of the box, the glue on many of the pieces had not done its job of holding the abrasive side and the foam side together, so they’re falling apart. I guess for the price, I got a few files that will work, so in all, I made out better than paying $1+ per file like I would have at the store.

Vilma Bountiful, UT

How fun

My daughter and I like to do our toes on girls night. This came with a huge variety of different shapes, sizes and textures. And they are fun looking. Great gift for any teenage girl!

Etta Oklahoma City, OK

Thats great!!!

Now I have buffing equipment and files for a very long time. Very good quality.I love ii! Would highly recommend!

Ericka Catawba, SC

Leaves nothing lacking

This amount of files and buffers may be overkill to some people, but for someone like myself that tends to my nails carefully and often, this set is invaluable. It has everything I could ever want. Once again, I am happy with a Shany product. If you do your nails as much as I do (I have natural nails and can’t afford professional manicures, but I don’t need them as my nails grow well without stuff like Gel) then you will appreciate these items. Buffers wear out pretty quickly, but with this set I will not have to run out to purchase another, well at least for a VERY long time!

Clare Leesburg, IN

Nice product

I don’t think I’ll be needing nail files for a while. I love the variety, this is a good way to find out which nail file types works best for you.

Gwen Nowata, OK

I like this kit

I would have given it five stars but some of the items do not have a number nor a package label so I do not know what they are used for when doing my nails. The buffers give a high shine no need for clear nail polish.

Vanessa Evanston, IL

Shany Nail File Set

What a great set of nail files and buffers. Good quality at a very reasonable price. Would make an awesome gift for a tween or teen. I will buy again.

Katy Walla Walla, WA

Nail Assortment

This was such a good price, I was surprised by how many nail products were in this container! They range from buffers to files and blocks. They are brightly colored and come in many different forms. I’ve shared many with my daughter and mom. I would definitely buy this product again.

Lara Brandenburg, KY

Just ok…

I know this is a assortment of files but half of them have no file to them what so ever. Even if some are for buffing, I’m not really sure what such a smooth surface would buff??? They are cute and I do enjoy and use weekly the ones that are actually for filing.

Lori Atchison, KS

A file for any need.

What is really great is that I can use specific files for my both of my feet and not have to worry about transferring fungus. Even though I wash my files in soap and hot water, I was worried about transfer. You can’t go wrong with this purchase. You will have a file for every purse, bathroom and night table.I’ve never used the file blocks, so can’t comment as to their quality or effectiveness, but I will experiment with them. Who knows, I might like them.

Grace Enfield, NH