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SHANY Cosmetics All Black Light Weighted Makeup Train Case

Light weighted ABS plastic, with smooth surface bring luxurious and quality all in one. Shany Black makeup case is one of the best in its class with large dividers and adjustable grids. Easily move the grids based on your needs and store all your makeup accessories in one place. the case is about 14″ x 8″ x 7″ . great makeup case for pro artists.

Key features

  • Light weighted abs plastic
  • Premium quality, designed for pro makeup artists
  • Adjustable grids for easy storage of all your makeup
  • Comes with luck/key and shoulder strap for easy handling
  • Product of shany cosmetics

Honest reviews



First of all… look at the price! SO inexpensive, and yet your getting great quality in your product. It’s perfect for many different occasions. Whether you want it for traveling, or for your business, it’s perfect.

Tanisha Sumatra, FL

Great Case

This is a Fantastic little makeup case. My Daughter gave me this for Mothers day and I love it. I was using one of the bigger roll around cases for traveling and when going by car or bus it is great. But, with the mess at airport now, this case it perfect. I can carry everything I need. All of my cosmetics are organized and they don’t get all broken up. One trick I do use when traveling by airplane is pack your cosmetic sponges around your eyeshadows for extra padding, this helps ensure they don’t get totally ruined by the apes handling the luggage. This case has held up extremely well. I recommend it to everyone. Linda W

Terrie Kipling, OH

Love it!

Very durable when going to spend the night over someone house, And have a day spa. ;)Love the product and Love the professional look!!

Lorraine Midland, GA

Here I come!

I love this case. It’s lightweight with lots of storage. I feel awesome when getting to a small job with this because I look professional and organized. This is all u need!!

Dessie Bondurant, IA

worth it.

this thing is amazing! very light weight and you can put so much in it! I recommend if you don’t want to get a cheap one from those super stores. also if you are new to makeup and want one this should be your first! 😉

Kirsten Monroe, MI

Perfect size for a weekend getaway

As the title says, this is the perfect size for a weekend, or even week long, getaway. Plenty of compartments and you don’t have to worry about your brushes getting damaged.

Tracy Spruce, MI

love this case

This case is durable and great for traveling. It has a good deal of room for your makeup and makeup tools. I would reccomend this case for someone who likes to take their makeup with them. Professional or personal use. 🙂

Rosalie Georgetown, NY


I actually had to return this item. The quality was truly horrible. I would recommend spending a few extra dollars and getting a product that you can actually use without falling apart.

Sara Mapleton Depot, PA