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SHANY Cosmetics 3D Nail Art Decoration Mini Bottles with Nail Art Tweezer, 48 Count

Have more options for nail art than you know what to do with! With this set, you get 48 individual bottles of assorted nail art and decorations. The individual bottles keep the different decorations easily separate, with caps that fit tightly so your accessories stay where you want them to. Each bottle contains a different kind, shape, and color of nail art, ranging from glitter to sequins to rhinestones and more. The colors also run the gamut, with pearlescent, glittery, and neon colors. Using these decorations is super easy, no matter your level of experience. Just use top coat or nail glue to apply them to your nails at any stage in the manicure or pedicure process and voila – fabulous nails!

Key features

  • Set of 48 Mini Glass Bottles, each Glass bottle has 20 to 200 pieces inside
  • Individual bottles for easy portability – carry as many or as few as you need
  • Glitters, sequins, rhinestones , 3D nail art , powders and more included
  • Includes pearly, glittery, crushed shell, matte and neon colors in various shapes
  • Free cosmetics Tweezers included inside the box for easy nail art application

Honest reviews


Lovely designs, too cute to play with.

Ok, I spent $100 on shany nail accessories, and this one turned out to be my favorite. The bottles are very small, but super cute. I love the designs inside, beside the rhinestone and 3D shapes, the rest are mostly crushed shell, acrylic powders and small 3D stones.. some have only 3-4pcs inside a bottle, but the reality is, it wouldn’t fit more than 3-4 and you are not going to use that many at all. Free tweezer also grabbed my attention, one thing I didn’t like was, the tweezer in my package was black, but in picture they are showing a silver one. It’s not that big of a deal. I mixed some with my clear nail polish finish that I had and applied to my nails. It looks awesome, the best part was , I got creative with it and designed the back of my iphone with it, I used the orange 3D shapes and mixed them with Pink, and applied them on top of purple crushed shell. It looks fantastic, everyone is asking me where did I buy this case? Using this item now I have designer nails eventhough I am not a professional and I am not spending $100 dollars at a nail sallon. It is easy and I hope this was helpful. Loved the product, would buy it again.

Laurie Burlington, IA

Not bad

I was slightly disappointed when I got this. I was super excited when I ordered it and then it came in and the bottles were teeeeny tiny!!! That’s not to say it’s a bad product to order, the pictures just made them seem a lot bigger. I was also expecting them to have more product in them. A lot of them do, but there are about a handful of bottles that only have 3 or 4 pieces in it and the description says "each glass bottle has 200 to 2000 pieces inside" wrong. (Probably another reason why I thought the bottles would be bigger.) and since the bottles are so small, you really have to watch how much product you use, especially the glitter ones so you don’t use it all in one application.That being said, I do love how much variety I have with this set and they stay on pretty well. I used a clear top coat nail polish to keep the glitter on. It’s also such a steal and much cheaper if you think about how much you would spend at a craft store or a beauty supply store. I would probably order again. At least now I know what I would be getting.

Sonia Crowell, TX

Very Disappointed NOT AS DESCRIBED!

Shipped quickly but items were not as described. description says "each glass bottle has 200 to 2000 pieces inside" BULL! Dimensions of bottles should be disclosed (size of the top half of your pinky)as well as some of the vials only had a couple of stones in them. I cannot even do one hand much less all 10 fingers the same with half the products. Will never purchase something like this online again without exact counts per bottle & dimensions per bottle.

Marcella French Village, MO


Yes! I waited for this for some time bc it sold out so fast. I was excited to order when it came back in stock. I read all the reviews until then. I must agree with some of the reviews that there are only a few in some of the bottles. For me though, it’s ok, it will force me to be more creative and use those particular short handed ones for accent nails only. I don’t have a salon and just do them myself (like most of us) and this collection is still good. Once I’m done with the bottle, I can reuse it for some other nail accessory items that I buy that come in those cheap cellophane bags, so either way, it’s a win-win! Hope that helps!

Jayne Jackson, SC

A nice selection of designs to try

These bottles are tiny. Teeny tiny. But for $19 one should expect that. I was still a little blown away that every bottle was no more than an inch high. Despite that I am giving it 5 stars because it is an awesome selection. The photo is pretty accurate when it comes to how full the bottles are (but keep in mind their size) but the ones that look the least full actually have little hearts, stars etc in them so it makes sense. I will say that the tweezers are pretty cheap looking but I haven’t used them yet so they might work just fine.I got this for a birthday party for my daughter and I think it will work perfectly. I think its worth the money.

Ella Tipton, CA


These are tiny samples of each kind of nail art. All kinds of fun and pretty ways to decorate nails.

Marla Tomato, AR

Nail art

These were so cute it was hard to resist they will work great with my other nail art supplies.great job Amazon .

Jerry Irvington, KY

Great variety

These are wonderful for anyone that likes nail art and seeing what they can create. There are a number of different kinds of nail art decorations, from stars to glitter to beads and confetti, making the possible combinations endless. A must-have for anyone that enjoys creating new nail art

Teri Ransom, KS

Great purchase!

I love it! The tweezer are a great plus!! My favorite part of this product is that it comes seperated in bottles which help a lot! I bought it for personal use and it comes with many different styles!!

Ora Mc Intosh, SD

nice art

What you see is what you get the bottles are the size of the tip of your finger if you are the only one using these thats great. Unfortunately myself and my mom will be using so it wont last. Love the tweezers that came with them.

Becky Marathon, OH


I bought these for a girls summer camp. The girls had a blast with them. They are exactly as described.

Camille Marlin, WA


Do not recommend. There’s like literally nothing in the bottles. You could probably use one bottle up in one use. I think it is better if you just buy the glitter from craft stores and all other things, at least then you get what you paid for. Hate this. Oh and on top of that when I received mine many were broken. Don’t buy

Lisa Waterford, OH

Very pretty and quite a few to choose from

I got exactly what is pictured and almost everything is really pretty and usable. My favorites are these lovely mint/pale aqua stars.There’s quite a bit of glitter and foil shredded bits but they’re in really nice colors and all separated really well.My only complaint is similar to the others I have read. There are a few bottles without much in them (I think 6 is the lowest I can see). Those pieces are generally pretty large so they can be placed one per hand.Overall, great for at home when you want lots of options without taking up much space.

Edythe Varina, IA

Great item

I love the colors, the different designs and they amount of bottles, you can created many different looks with this nail art. :0)

Valerie Unionville, OH

Lots of selection

Bought these as part of a gift for my wife. She wanted those cool things her friends had. So after searching I found them here. This has everything you could want for nail decals. She has yet to use any of the nail decorating things I bought her including this but I looked at a few of the bottles and they look really thin and very small. The tweezers included are very much needed.

Margarita Edgar, NE

Good deal

Although some bottles were more filled then others, it is still a great deal for all the product and variety you get.

Samantha Jamesville, NY

Absolutely lovely!

Have different shapes, a lot of colors and comfortly packed, so the bottles are easy to open even with wet nails and the holder is good cause you can shake it, but the bottles stays on their places and the tweezers are pretty useful and comfortable, I never used ones before so cannot compare, but liked to use this ones.

Bethany Wrightwood, CA

Keep expectations low & you will be happy

As many other reviewers have noted, the bottles are extremely small — maybe 1/2 inch high and not filled completely. That being said, it’s a fun collection with a wide variety of nail decorations. It came promptly and in good condition, packaged in a box with all the bottles securely displayed in an insert. My only complaint was that one bottle of the collection was empty.

Bethany Wellston, MI

Small but worth it

Arrived well, smaller than expected with each bottle about 2cm and half full, like a good half so I’m not disappointed, not a fan of 1/4 of the stringy tinsel things but overall wonderful

Vonda Julian, NC

Product review

Great product. I think that I expected larger containers, but there is an ample supply of items in the mini bottles to do a lot of nail art.

Kaye Vanceboro, ME


This is extremely easy to work with, we started doing our own nail art and this set makes professional results even for me with no training I just watched videos online AND THIS SET ROCKS!!!

Patty Litchfield, CA

Great value

The only thing that would have made this perfect would be the addition of adhesive. There are literally hundreds of nail applications contained in these bottles. And the bottles are useful for keeping beads and jewelry fixings organized after the nail appliques are gone as my daughter does jewelry as well and often has a mess in the bottom of her jewelry making box.

Magdalena Alpena, SD

Very cute

48 or so itty bitty bottles of glitter, some shapes, hearts and stars in a number of colors. If you like adding decorations to your nails, this is a good set for the price

Allyson Hamburg, PA

nail lover!

This product is great. I liked the tool that came with it and the variety of the bottles. I would have given 5 stars if they would have put more hearts and stars then glitter, but I just like those more. Good product!

Ola Sanatorium, MS


A lot of the bottles where almost empty and two had nothing at all.. The bottles in my opinion are to small to be half empty. The size would be ok if they had a decent amount. Other than that I guess it’s ok.

Jane Milmay, NJ