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SHANY Color Matters – Nail Accessories Organizer and Makeup Train Case – Black

With the help of our social media fans, we have created the SHANY Color Matters makeup cases. These cases can effectively store your nail polishes, nail tools, lipsticks, loose eye shadow, and many other individual makeup products. The first tier can is divided into 24 individual 1.5 in X 1.5 slots. The bottom compartment opens up and has an embedded pouch to help store makeup brushes, nail care items, and nail art products. It can also store other travel sized beauty tools. You won’t have to limit the use of the products to only makeup and nail art. This case can also be adapted for jewelry and accessory storage. Each individual case has an exterior made of matte faux leather. Its smooth texture and vibrant colors match the unique and individualistic personalities of our #SHANYnation. The interior is lined with a water and stain resistant linen. If a spill does occur, simply dampen a cloth and wipe the spillage. Our cases are best known to last a long time while turning heads. Now for the hard part, what color to chose? The SHANY Makeup Case Warranty extends to all SHANY cases. If your case arrives damaged during the shipping process or if the product if defective, we will gladly replace it. Please allow 1- 2 weeks for the replacement to arrive. SHANY is a member of PETA and all of our products are cruelty-free.

Key features

  • Fashionable faux leather exterior^Water-resistant and dust resistant interiors^24 1.5in X 1.5in dividers and embedded pouch^Effectively organize nail products and makeup products^SHANY is a member of PETA and all of our products are cruelty-free

Honest reviews


Keeps all my nail polish together and upright

I just got this today and love it. There are a few drawbacks but they are pretty minorPros:It feels very solidly built.The front/top clasps feel very sturdyThere is a variety of storage options (elastics in the lid, a pocket in the back, etc) without having so many that items could get lost or disorganized.Cons:The spring moves inside the lower center clasp so it makes a metal scraping "sprong" sound when I turn it.The box locks at the top. I don’t know why you’d lock the top of the box and not the bottom.The lock keys are just double prongs. Again, I don’t know why the locks are there at all if they’re not proper locks or even cover both sides of the box.Middle of the Road:The bottom doesn’t fit all my items (nor the top all of my nail polish bottles), but I still like the size of it. If it were any bigger I think the box would be too big and heavy. If you’re looking for a nice solution for most of your home use nail supplies this is a well thought out and good looking option.

Herminia Lock Springs, MO

Just what I needed for CND Shellac Polishes

Love this case!! I recently invested in shellac so I could do my nails myself and this case is perfect for all the necessities and more.Great quality! Very impressed, I look forward to showing it off when doing family and friends nails 🙂

Deanna Lovely, KY


It fits my needs and everything I need to put in it. It seems durable so far. It has really cool clips to open and close. The clips don’t hurt my hands and are not sharp like others are. Instead of 2 actions, they only require a quick and effortless flip up or down to open.

Stephanie Logan, KS


I bought this organizer because I had my make up kit everywhere so I needed an orgnizer. This make up case not just organize my make up kit, but also it keeps them ​in a beautiful shape.

Ana Danville, AL

Pink & Pink Sheek

I LOVE this so much. You are very organized with this and it helps so you don’t over buy in nail polish. It is the perfect size and great for traveling.

Bonnie Kearny, NJ


I love it. It is perfect in every way! I got nail polish and sunglasses as a gift for someone and everything fit perfect in this case. Super adorable, space conserving and styling. VERY HAPPY!

Lawanda Washington, MI

Very High Quality – But Smaller Than Described

I am very pleased with the quality of this case. It is well made of high quality materials – one can tell from the weight that it’s not cheap junk. And it is really beautiful.I am however disappointed in the size. The specifications state that the case is 12x10x10, but the shipping box is not even that large. I measured the case – it measures 9 inches across, 6 inches deep, 9 inches high. It won’t hold everything that I expected – because I expected it to be larger! But I can’t find any other case specifically made for nail polish and the like, so I will keep it. And I want to keep it just because it is so nice. I’ll just store my alcohol and acetone elsewhere, which is probably a good idea anyway to prevent staining from leaks.

Dona Bridgewater, SD

So glad I bought it

Taking out a shoe box every time I did my nails (weekly) is not fun, pretty or practical. This case is! It’s very well made and I love the fact that my polishes can stand up now and aren’t so hard to open from laying down. The drawer fits all my nails stuff easily as well. The ONLY downside to this case is that it only has 24 nail polish spaces. If you’re like me, you need more. I know the typical person doesn’t own more than 24 but I do….I am already looking at bigger options….

Rosa Wallowa, OR

Great organizer

It’s so great my daughter tried to take it. Pretty sturdy and compact to store all our polishes. It would make a great gift for any young lady.

Fanny Hendrix, OK

love it

its smaller then expected but does the job. I took the dividers out because it gives me 40% more room int he top. i have over 20 bottles and about 7-8 pens stored in the top. I ordered a tackle box for the rest of my supplied. If this product was less money i would have ordered a second or 3rd.

Hazel Hornitos, CA

love it!

I am not using this for a makeup case. I am using it for my gel polish. this makes it so easy to stay organized! this is a nicely made case and it has a good heft to it. I think it will last a long time.

Melba Valley City, OH

A great case with a couple minor flaws

Overall, I really really like this case. The upper portion of the case holds up to 24 bottles of nail polish. I am a fan of OPI and the bottles fit perfectly and don’t move around a lot so I feel that they are pretty secure in the case. The upper portion also includes slots to store some nail tools such as clippers, files, etc. There is a mirror there although it’s too small to really be of much use. The bottom part of the case comes out like a drawer and can hold a variety of items comfortably. I keep nail polish remover, toe separators, etc. in there. It’s actually a slightly awkward size. It’s too small to hold anything larger like a UV light, but it’s so big that nail polish remover and toe separators don’t take up that much room in it. It’d actually be better if the case was designed to have a smaller drawer and more slots to hold nail polish. However, the case in general is pretty awesome, and having the bulk of your nail stuff in a single, easily transferrable location is really cool.

Blanca Cedarville, CA

Nice nail polish kit box

Nice box, would like more nail polish cubes. The drawer space is nice, bit I would have liked there to be more compartments.

Ebony Grants Pass, OR

High quality product

I was looking for something to put my daughters nail polish and accessories in. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this one. High quality and exactly what I wanted:) I will definately check with Shany when purchasing again! I would also send to someone as a gift. I know it would be loved!

Maria Imler, PA


I love this, you get to put everything for your nails all in one and it fits all different bottles of nail polishes.I really love this. Easy to put away once your done and looks really good.Great way to organize your nail products. I think I might get another one.It came on time and I had no problems with this seller.

Lorna South New Berlin, NY

this is so AWESOME , even BETTER in person

i have never had organized nial polish , i am 32 years old and i am telling my husban i don’t believe i have lived this long with out this adorable organizer !!! i am so glad i got it !!! i think all women / girls should have one , it’s a nessesity !!!! thank u so much !1

Angel Covina, CA

so amazing!

this thing is beyond amazing! lately ive been on a shany cosmetic “kick”. never heard of the brand before and it started with their makeup brush set. their brushes are great quality and in a lovely package and the price tag had me sold already! so with that being said, i kept going to buy more and more stuff from this cosmetics line such as their nail polish, other brush sets (nail brushes), and i could continue to go on! but enough about my shopping habits, the point im trying to make is that i knew it would come to no shock that this would be great to organize all the stuff ive bought for my nails and boy did it ever! this case has room and then some! i thought it was awefully cleaver of them to have a 24 slot nail polish slot on top for their nail polish set to go in. i put all those on the top in numberical order. granted i have other polishes from OPI to Essie and yes, those fit just nicely too on top but i put all those down on the bottom draw.bottom line, this is an amazing case! i deff got the best bang for my buck and to make the situation better, my bf can stop “yelling” at me for leaving my cosmetics EVERYWHERE throughout the house and now all my stuff is in one beautiful case not scattered lol!would reccommend to anyone who wants to keep their stuff all together in a nice/stylish way!- jill

Matilda Dover, NH

Holds all my gel nail supplies!

I love this thing!! I keep all my nail supplies in this. I do my own gel nails at home so it is nice that it all fits in this handy case. The lock for it is a bonus as I have two little boys that want to try to get into my stuff all the time, I keeps them from destroying my polish!

Iva Sidon, MS

Worth the money

I bought this to hold my nail polish and it’s perfect. The top has individual compartments to hold compartments round polish bottles. The bottom has a large drawer that can hold almost anything. It’s a nice size and sturdy. Would definitely recommend.

Terri Scottdale, PA