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SHANY All In One Makeup Kit

This holiday exclusive works perfectly for makeup novices. This space effective make up kit houses three distinct layers of makeup. The top layer is filled with 45 pigmented matte and shimmer shades to create an everyday or a more formal look. The second layer is includes: 12 lip gloss pans, two lip gloss tubes, two eyeliners, one lipstick, and one mascara. This kit is great for light to medium complexions with: light and medium concealer, one highlight shade, three blushes, and two bronzers. This kit is also perfect for the little performers in your life. This item is part of the Dance collection, created for Dance moms and theatrical use. It’s also great for makeup beginners and everyday use. The elegant leather case is reusable and can be used as jewelry holder/organizer. Lets’ not forget to add the SHANY 13pc brush set to complete the look.

Key features

  • Dance Mom or Makeup Enthusiast; This Is The Starter kit for Makeup Newbies
  • Cosmetics included: Eye shadows, Blush, Powders, Nail polish, Pencils, Sharpener, Mirror
  • Pedicure and Manicure Accessories, Lip-gloss, Lipsticks, Brushes and Applicators
  • If You Are A Dance Mom, You Should Have One Of These For Your Little Performer
  • Not Tested On Animals, Proud Member of PETA , Designed in U.S.A

Honest reviews


Well worth the price, good for beginners

Got this as a gift for my cousin, I haven’t given it to her yet, but I opened it and played around with it, the eyeshadows are very pigmented and they have a really good quality, the best part about it Is the palettes are removable, so when the eye shadows are all gone I can remove the tray and just store my own makeup in it, unlike the picture, the exterior is crocodile Red, which is better than I expected. The case is small and it fits right on my dresser, now im thinking to keep this and get her another one.

Luz Manchester, MI

A lot for a little

There is nothing high quality here. You get the bare essentials(and a lot of them) for next to nothing. It makes a good starter kit and is worth the next to nothing paid for it. for starters the lipsticks that come with the kit are very hard(unlike My cover girl that goes on like butter) It’s like a crayola. The eye liner isn’t much different than a #2 pencil. I like the lipgloss and the sheer veriety of colors make this kit worth buying. I will stick with my Makeup This is good for the price. Belive me If you buy what I usually use you will spend a whole lot more for a whole lot less. just though i’d try something else and this is great for the price. I may give it to my neice to play with(After throwing away the eye liner).

Ingrid Marianna, WV

xmas gift 2-3 yrs ago, then & now

my mom had bought me this 2-3 years ago for xmas and it was my first time messing around with eyeshadow ever in my life I was 19 yrs old. That same xmas my dad had got me a sephora palette and so right off the back I had two very different palettes and of course the colors in this palette didn’t come close to how awesome the sephora palette is. so here’s my review on this item now that I’ve had it for close to 3 years.Eyeshadow: topFor some reason I have never been able to pick up the colors in this palette w/any eyeshadow brush! I tried countless brushes, i even tried the little eyeshadow applicators it came with and it just wasn’t working, I even tried applying them wet and I just got no progress, so the only way I had been able to use this product was by using the pads of my finger and rubbing as much color as I can onto my finger and padding it on. Idk I didn’t bother reading any other reviews on this product so idk what other ppl are saying maybe I just had a bad palette im not sure but application of these eyeshadows sucks in my personal opinion. Needless to say once u manage to actually get some on ur eyes it does look nice and wears well I just was never able to do a complete eyeshadow look using this palette alone, Only for the base color all over the lid.Lips: middleIve never been a fan of lipgloss type things bc they are thick and sticky and my hair just gets stuck and just yuck u get the picture so I never used any of these on myself but when I’ve done other peoples makeup I do use them and they do show up well they aren’t sheer.If I remember correctly eyeliners came in here too (I’ve lost them now lol) I think they were half colors like one was blue and brown another was black and something im not sure but those colors never really showed up when id line my waterlines so instead I use them as eyebrow fillers and it worked in that way for me and also to map out designs on my face for halloween but as far as wearing it as eyeliner, no… didn’t do its job.Blush/concealer/powder/bronzer: bottomTHIS IS THE ONLY PART I LIKE ABOUT THIS WHOLE MAKEUP KIT.Blush: There is a lot of different blushes and I’ve used them all and still do til this day and its great for different makeup looks, day or night.Concealer: two different shades. I personally don’t like this kind of concealer bc its a little tacky so I have to set it w/a setting powder but it did work for me n my under eye area. I also have used it as a highlight in my eyeshadow. This was the first thing to finish in my kit lol my friend has ap darker skin tone and I was able to use the dark concealer on her and it worked great, just the same as the light one that I had used up.Powder: I speak for myself when I say that the powder that came in this palette was my color so it worked for me and it was full coverage. (For me at least) I’ve always been the type of person to wear light foundation if not a bb cream and just put some translucent powder finish over it and I have a flawless face, so this powder was the first powder I’ve used and it worked great. Ive also run out of this, I used it more as an eyeshadow base when I did a pin up winged eyeliner look and not so much as the intended purpose as face powderbronzer: its a bronzer what can I say? I use it as an eyeshadow bc the shade of bronzer is the wrong shade for my skin tone it makes me look orange but this looks beautiful on my friend who has a darker skin tone. It brings a nice warmth to her face.All in all, about 3 years later. I still have this but I’ve taken it apart and cut out all the plastic and all I have are pretty much all the blushes and bronzer and I still use them and love them. The eyeshadows I also still have but never use them bc I have 3 other palettes that just work way better. same with the lip colors I was going to throw them away but I decided to hang on to them and let my little cousins use them since they are tweens and beginning to have an interest in makeup. In short I only used and loved 1/3 of this makeup kit and for the price I wouldn’t buy it, there’s so many great eyeshadow palettes here on amazon but this one definitely isn’t one of them sorry.

Angelique Kempton, IN

My sister Loves it

I bought this for my sister as a gift and she’s so in love with it. She took a trip just so she can carry this cute case with her. She says it has everything you need.

Georgia Eden, WI

Cute but has issues

First the good. The case is cute and sturdy. Has a lot of options. I love the lip stick and gloss it includes. The bad stuff. Case was not designed well at all trying to get to the product in it is a pain. The product it self seems good but the trays are very cheap.

Nell Pilot Station, AK


I ordered this and was so excited about getting it. When I opened the box it was beautiful, exactly what I wanted

Esperanza Dillon, CO

Nice colors

Very good selection of colors. The kit is small and very portable for taking on trips. The color lasts, don’t need to use a lot to get coverage.

Lelia Lakewood, WI


nice i like it alot reccomened by me so buy it bc i said so ok? ok. swag doe aye

Lauren Newark, NY